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The Prophecy of Eight

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The world of Urxia consists of one known super-continent, also called Urxia.
According to legend the Eight Gods wrestled the fledgling world from the hands of the chaotic Primordials and evil Gods. Upon securing victory they looked over at their lifeless world and were disheartened that so many battles had been waged over a small speck such as this. And so they banished all chaotic arcane magic from their realm and populated their world with life. The Eight created Humans, Halflings, Elves and Dwarves to care for their world.
For over a thousand years the world was in a Golden Age, god walked side-by-side with their worshipers, teaching as well as learning. But there was a man, his name is forgotten to time and he is known only as the Channeler. Some stories tell he was a king, divinely touched. Other say he was a beggar, who cursed the god to their faces. Whoever he was, he became the first mortal on Urxia to be able to touch and control the Arcane ether. Upon touching this power he challenged the Gods and their very right to rule. He traveled the land, preaching about the fallibility of the Gods and gathering supporters, who he taught the Arcane arts. The Eight, in perhaps their biggest failing, simply watched as this happened. They had given mortals the ability of free-will, and they could not compel their creations to turn their backs on the Channeler.
The Channeler soon waged a full war against the Eight and those loyal to them. He pulled his monstrous army from other planes of existence by planar Rifts. Not all races he pulled to him were loyal however. Eladrin archmages swore loyalty to the Channeler only long enough to learn his rituals of planar portals and then retreated to their own plane. The Rift War was came to an end on a small island in the East. There the final remnants of the Eight's army met the Channeler's own Dark Horde. During this battle eight heroes engaged the Channeler in combat, distracting him long enough for his forces to break. The Channeler slew the heroes, only to himself be killed by the Eight. The gods had put an end to what would become a cosmic threat. But they were shaken, their world lay in ruin and many of their once stalwart followers had willingly turned to arcane arts. Saddened by the fickleness of the mortal races, the Eight retreated to their domains, vowing to stay out of the realm forever.
Two thousand years have passed.

The Empire of the Eight

After the Eight vanished their followers founded the Empire of Eight, an empire dedicated to holding back the arcane powers infiltrating their world. They built a great Wall as a physical show of their power and intolerance of magic. The Empire is the largest nation on Urxia. It contains all the land south of the Wall with the exceptions of the Dwarves volcanic islands to the south and the Halfling stronghold Esemet to the West. Within the Empire the Octate is the undisputed ruling body. They govern from Deria, the City of Heaven. They rarely leave their island city and instead rule via poxy by appointed Archpriests. Every kingdom or barony within the Empire has a Archpriest acting as vizers and advisors to the actual rulers. The relationship between ruler and Archpriest vary from government to government.
Within the borders of the Empire arcanists are officially not tolerated. Dogmatic law states that anyone found participating in “occult arts” be tried by a Archpriest for hearsay. The only group of arcane users that have circumvented this law is the Order of the White Flame. All other magic users (referred to as hedge mages) are ostracized by the people of the Empire, and often killed by mobs of otherwise reasonable people.
Trade in the Empire is often found in large caravans traveling either the Divine Road running north to south, or the Trade Road running east to west. Towns along this road prosper from not only the merchants walking it but the caravan guards who can often be persuaded to pick up some extra coin as a town guard for a time. The Nanhauir river serves as a lumber road, timber shipped from the Ember Sea to the south. Air galleys are also sometimes used as trade, most often by Halflings (many times however Feywild Gnomes that have crossed over choose to pilot the ships)and many in the Empire view the air ships as suspect or “devil's work” and are hesitant to trade with those who command them.

Green Corner

Founded by Sir Kiven Decdan while the Wall was being built in the area. It was also the location that a group of mages settled, wanting to ally themselves with the Empire. Kiven was gracious to the Brotherhood of White Flames and eventually befriended him. It was the Brotherhood that he went to when he started to have visions prophesying the return of the Channeler and the Eight Heroes who would stand against him.
Sir Kiven was killed when a large force of Orcs circumvented the Wall and approached the village from the rear. Kiven gave his life to stop them during the battle. Later his tomb was constructed under Hilt Hill by the Brotherhood, they built a monument to their friend, and vowed to spread the word of his visions.
After the death of Kiven his sons settled down, intent on carrying on Kiven’s mission. They were not as friendly to the mages as their father and eventually drove them out of town. The Sons started building a keep from materials left over from the Wall. Families of the wall builders joined them, and Green Corner was made into a true village. Today it is temporary home for many travelers heading up the Divine Road, it also serves as a head of the Trade road. Timber getting loaded off the Nanhauir river and shipped to the West. Bands of half-elves stop by regularly to trade with the populace.



Burned Forest

Ember Sea


Far North


Inthri Desert


The Night Swamp

Black Woods


Organizations and Governments

These are the various governments and organizations that hold power in Urxia.
  • The Octate
  • The Moon Sword Trading Company
  • Order of the White Flame
  • Destroying Eye Cabal
  • Dwarven University


Character Races