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Pennyfort is a fortified town in Steel Hills, protecting the local populace and the important nearby iron mines.
Population: ~4300, with another 1400 or so living around and working Minetown. Mostly humans, with a smattering of dwarves and half elves.
Governor: Captain Amsara Borden was posted here a few years ago, but her husband Garron Borden joined her only after a year.
Defense: 113 permament troops. Pennyfort is a defensible town with a strong wall, easy access to the valuable mines nearby, and a strong keep at the center. The outer keep was built after the discovery of the iron ore, while the inner keep is more of a large home and was built before that time. All defense is run by Captain Borden from the keep.
Inns: There are many inns, but a couple of note. Ekart gets the party’s cart set up at the Penny Dispensary, a caravanserai owned by an ex-soldier with a discount for military men. It’s clean and efficient as run by Marken Odenin.
Cat Nap is a short distance into the city. It’s fancier but doesn’t have any room for a wagon – they get horses and carts set up at a near place. Ilya Stonefield owns and operates.
Taverns: The Iron Ale brews and sells miner’s drink. It’s near the east side of town (nearer Minetown) and caters to those miners who have enough money to come into town proper but don’t have the class for most of the town proper. Brawls are common.
Panbrosia serves very important visitors to the city of all stripes. Merchant princes, dignitaries, et cetera. It’s one of the few places most eladrin consider to serve fit drink.
The Back Room is an average tavern in the front, but it also has many rooms of varying degrees of privacy. It’s said to have rooms actively enchanted to be proof against spying.
Supplies: Miner’s Cache, on the eastside, supports the people who live in Minetown.
Jeordin Magan has criers around town advertising the Allweather Pack, which caters to travelers.
Temples: Home to the Traveler, a temple to Avandra, has two branches, one at the west gate and one at the east. The bigger temple is adjacent to the keep for easy access to the barracks – it’s the Sword of Heaven, a temple to Kord run by Welchik Hardhand. The local temple to Erathis is in the keep itself, with a satellite temple in town.

Rumors in Pennyfort

Seawall has been smuggling a lot lately, which is why the customs has been stepped up.
Greensea is descending into chaos following the silence from Caval City. The Duchess has been killed, kidnapped, or imprisoned in a magical gem.
Welchik Hardhand smuggles weapons.
Welchik Hardhand is an agent for Caval City.
Captain Borden got her position through sexual favors. This rumor earns jeers from those who overhear it, because most people resped her.
Captain Borden performs secret experiments on children. This rumor is as shouted down as the previous.
Duke Steel Hills is under the influence of some terrifying magical creature.
There’s a secret trade in children to be trained as slaves in the region, and has been for the last year.
Caval City was completely wiped from the face of the earth in some sort of explosion.
There are creature in the mines that the military cannot find or defeat, but the guards at Minetown prevent word from getting out.