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Cavaliss is a theocracy large in area and influence on the continent. Since its metamorphosis from a monarchy over 150 years ago, it has exerted a calming influence on its neighbors. The Council of Erathans have ruled it since its last king, Caval, abdicated in favor of a government devoted to the ideal of civilization in Erathis's name.
From the central capital of Caval City, the Council of Erathans runs the nation. Its primary administrative units are the same duchies that existed centuries ago when the Council was formed. Roughly northmost to southmost, they are: Greensea, Sweetwater, Seawall, Steel Hills, Bluespear, Koninland, Longmarch, Goldwater, Jhansi, and Sangokhera. Caval City itself rests in its own administrative zone.
Cavaliss shares a border with the dragonborn empire of Arkhosia to the north and claims only a small part of the Godsreach Range to the east. It is bounded by the Isian Sea to the west and Meanin River to the south, which it shares with the southern nations of Murau, Shasa, and Imago Tol. Most of the continent trades with or through Cavaliss, feeding wealth into the nation despite low tariffs.