by cmarshall87, Mar 19,2013

Episode S101 - The Beginning

Our Initial Cast of characters come together and begin their journey of the Nentir Vale riding on a merchant's cart to the nearby town. Along the way, the cart is attacked by some goblins, and a mysterious rider makes off with a box of grave importance to the merchant. After they dispatch of the goblins, the group is requested to seek out the box and the mysterious rider. What awaits at the lair of the goblins? Who is the mysterious black hooded rider? What is important about this box?


Horatio (played by BJ) is the halfling rogue, SlickRick (played by Andy)is the human cleric, Carlos (played by Alyssa) is the dwarf fighter, Lether (played by Kate) is the elf mage, and Rage D (played by Senad) is the human fighter.