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You and your companions have successfully completed your first adventure together. you are in the Blue Moon Alehouse celebrating. Some more than others. You funds are starting to get low and it is time to look for more work.
As luck would have it, you didn't have to look long.....You didn't even have to look, a job found you. An old man of about 50 approaches your party. He is wearing what look to be nice robes, but are road worn and have seen a little action.
He tells you his name is Theterous, and he is in the employ of Lord Padraig of Winterhaven. He tells you that his town suffers greatly from it's location and he was sent to find a fabled rod, the Rod of Dovache. The road is beleived to give the weilder great powers of defense.
He tells you the last known location of the the Rod is somewhere in the Harken Forest along the King's Road. He will pay you 100gp for bringing him the rod. He also will give you 50gp extra now to prepare for your travel. The old tower where the rod is believed to be also is supposed to have the wealth of Dovache within it somewhere.
You have decided to accept this quest and as you prepare for your journey you learn that it is beleived that there are many magical items and treasure hidden in the old tower. The problem is finding the treasure, no one has found the tower in the last 500 years.



Theirastra is and Eladrin Warlock (Hexblade). She like the others joined forces to retreive Traevus skull. The quest brought you and your companions together.
Theirastra has a long slightly square face and angular jaw. She has almond shaped steel blue eyes, with pale gold hair. He skin pale with an almost pinkish hue. She moves with grace both in and out of combat.
She has a razor sharp wit and is very laid back. She always has a smile. She enjoys life, and she enjoys combat even more. She welcomes companionship and seeks adventure. She is down to earth and acts that way contrary to her race. She has taken to Max like a big sister. Even though the Dwarf follows her like a puppy dog, she has no romantic interest in him.

Abraxus "Abe"

Abe is a Drgaonborn Paladin
Abraxus is average in Dragonborn appearance, his eyes are a golden color with a peaceful appearance. His face is slightly narrow but well defined. He appears friendly and is well mannered and nice. He is a gentle giant that has a delicate touch.
Abe is strong and charismatic, he can be nice or intimidate depending on the need at the time. He is very honor bound and has pledged his honor to his new companions. He will help them if they are in need. He is a very detail oriented individual. He is fond his Teifling companion and is her consience when the darkness of her heritage begins to rise. he does not partake in illicit things, though he doesn't stop his companions. His philosophy is that each must tread thier own path.


Rieta is a Tiefling Wizard.
Rieta has a slightly rounded face with soft silver eyes and a mane of roan hair. He skin is is a pale red like a slight sunburn. Her horns are large, and curl around appearing like earrings with an almost purple hue. She looks 16 rather than 20. She wears fashionable clothing in bright natural colors that accent her own colors. Her style will vary depending on her mood and desires.
Rieta is a good natured person, but this hides the danger that lurks deep within. She does good and looks to have fun. She can be a little cruel as she will play "harmless" jokes on unsuspecting people. though she does not do these jokes on her companions. During combat her darkside will emerge and her cruelty towards her enemy is readily apparent. She will just as easily torture an enemy as kill them. She has attached herself to Abe, who has become her consience. At the end of combat his touch is the only thing that will instantly bring her back to her bubbly self. She made a blood oath, though none of her companions know this, to never do harm to them as long as they are together.

Phineous "Finn" Allor

Finn is a Warpriest.
Finn is short only 5'5" tall He is strong though not huge. He has an angular babyface with bright green eyes that hide his true age. His nose is slightly wide, but fits his features. His hands are rough from years of labor. He keeps his hair short.
Finn is kind and helpful, his charm and good cheer is infectious. He abhours killing, but strives to bring all around him peace of heart, mind and spirit. He bears no grudge against any including his enemies and understands the world around him. He cares deeply for life, though will defend himself if needed. He carries more healing supplies and potions than anything else with him. He is also an excellent cook and knows many dishes of many races and is more than willing to cook.

Sydira "Cindy" Faerwind

Cindy is a Drow Rogue
Cindy is an atypical Drow, She is lithe and thin, easily mistaken for a young girl. Her lavender eyes sparkle with mischief and humor. She wears colorful clothes and uses colorful objects in her hair. Her youthful appearance belies her cunning. She is not shy, and friendly.
Cindy is abnormally happy. She is also a clepto, she will steal the shirt off your back just for fun. She will not steal from a friend, but all else are fair game. She loves a good puzzle and will study traps just to learn everything about them. She loves a good party is a drinking partner of Max.

Maximillian "Max" Miniumus

Max is a Dwarven Fighter
Max is strong in body, vacant of mind. He knows he isn't smart, he can neither read nor write. He is handsome for a dwarf. His light brown skin, raven hair, which is braided neatly. He is very clean as well. Acts 12 and shy with those he desires.
Max is an outgoing dwarf, he is this way to hide his lack of brains. He is shy around strangers, loves games of strength and drink. Brave and faithful to a fault. He will attack those who insult his friends. He really likes elves of both sexes. He admires all his companions, especially Theirastra, who he will follow anywhere.


These descriptions are the foundation for each of the characters, if you have questions feel free to ask.

Rod of Dovache: Act 1

Our heroes left the safety of Fallcrest and traveled along the King's Road towards Harkenwold. After traveling for three days their spirits started to falter. On the fourth day, they came upon the remains of a traveling caravan.
They found three survivors, a Dwarven arms smith named Asgerand Hammerton, a minor lord Oren Ederton and his daughter Anara. They were all that remained of a caravan heading towards Fallcrest. They found a surviving guard that told them of the fierce attack by the orcs. The attack was organized as he died in the arms of our Drow hero Cindy, a loud explosion and a screech sound. They realized that the explosion came from the north and the screech was from a scared owlbear.
Before they could find out too much an Owlbear and three orcs set them up. The battle was fierce and orc pyromaniac escaped during the battle. The two other orcs were slain in short order. Afterwards, Finn provided aid to his injured comrades and healed those who needed healing.
Asgerand lost his sample weapons that he uses to get sales. His weapons were of high quality and worth a fortune. His offer to our heroes to retrieve them was six Astral gems, an extremely high price for such wares, even high quality ones. Is there more to these weapons than meets the eye, were they meant for someone special or dangerous. Our heroes readily accepted his offer.
Lord Ederton explained to the heroes that he and his daughter were heading to meet her fiancé with her dowry. They begged the heroes to bring it back to them so they may continue on their journey. The offer of 100 gp was enough to convince our heroes to take on this quest. Our heroes followed the northerly trail left from the escaping orc.
Our heroes found several orcs guarding a concealed entrance to an underground location. Is this the secret entrance to Dovache's hidden laboratory? Our heroes would soon find out. They faced their foes with determination, they dispatched all resistance and followed steps down.
At the bottom of the steps, they found two more orcs and eliminated them with easy. They found the orcs cache of stolen goods. They searched the goods and the large room. In the pile, they found the dwarven weapons they were to retrieve and supplies including several healing potions. They found a hallway to the east. They could go back up the stairs or face danger and follow the hallway. Our heroes mustered their courage, taking the dwarven weapons went down the hallway, they still had not found the dowry. What dangers lie in wait for them.
As they traveled down the hall, they stumbled on their first challenge, a trap of vicious spinning blades that spring out of the wall and then back again. Our fearless thief Cindy made her first attempt at disarming the trap, only to be injured and nearly killed by the wicked blades. Our heroes mustered their courage and helped their friend. Who made a second attempt, with acrobatic flair made it through the trap, and disabled it for her friends.
Our heroes passed their first test. As they traveled on, they followed some stairs down and were faced with a long cavernous pit with almost no way across. In the middle of the pit high above was a stone beam. It was itself almost fifty feet away and 20 feet high, would they be able to reach it with a rope and swing across the cavern. They realized that there was more to this puzzle. Using a staff they checked the edge of the cavern for anything useful and found a possible path, but the path could not be seen and there was no way to know where it went. A bag of grain was retrieved from the orcs stash and handfuls were thrown over the void revealing a hidden path.
Once again, our heroes successfully passed the test. At the end of this pit was solid ground of tiled stone. They could go south along another hallway or in addition, the west was great double doors. Our heroes first ventured to the doors and found them locked, after ten minutes of trying they realized the complicated lock would take a long time to crack and so they continued their journey south.
There they found a door that opened in to a room. In the room were a set of double doors to the south and north and a set of stairs across from where they came in. Our heroes slowly and quietly entered the room. They could hear movement up the stairs. Theirastra and Cindy stealthily moved towards the stairs and easily dispatched two orcs guarding the landing. They can see light filtering in from the late afternoon sun. They slowly make their way up the stairs and surprise four orcs. An orc witch doctor, a bolt thrower and two orc drudges. They press their advantage and attack. The four orcs fell easily to their onslaught. Tired and weary from the day’s adventure they rest and make camp.
What will the next day bring, will they survive? What was behind the door they did not open. They rest satisfied with their accomplishments and prepare for what tomorrow might bring.