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The world of Theoria has a long standing history of mystic forces working to both form and to shape it. This time a mystic force is aiming to end it...

History of the World

Before time began Moradin, the god of creation, longed to have his final creation last beyond the lifetime of the gods. he used his finest gold to forge the land and mountains, hammered silver to form the sun and moon, and his dowsing water to fill the chasms left by his deft hammer strikes to form the oceans. Feeling his death creeping closer he used his own lifeforce to form children to inhabit the world. After using his own life to form the Dwarves he dropped his hammer to this infantile world named Theoria, after the Dwarven word of paradise. The hammer sunk to the bottom of the ocean leaving only the handle breaching the surface. The Dwarves move their capital to the hammer's end and named their stronghold Hammerfell. After the creator of Theoria died the other gods decided to bless this world with their own children and some their own planes of existence such as the Shadowfell and the Feywilds. Despite being the firstborn of the world the Dwarves never sought to rule it, but rather the Humans took dominance of Theoria. The Humans built their capital on the Northern continent of Kal and named their capital, Kalimsha, after the land. The second most dominant of the races, the Dragonborn, settled on the island chain in the temperate southern ocean called the Isles of Scales. The Dragonborn capital of Fujaix, named after the most active volcano, was half buring in the volcano itself. Despite all the races being blessings at the outset of the world there is one race deemed an abomination and curse. The Tieflings, named after Tiefus the Arcane, are an unholy unity between Tiefus and a Succubbus named Linera. The children born of this unity were named Tieflings and were born with unholy powers. Seeing their own power over both the parent races they came from the Tiefling people took command of the Nine Hells and many are still operating cults in Theoria.

War of the Hammer

About 300 years after the birth of Theoria, the world faced its first war. The war of the Hammer was fought at Moradin's Hammer after Dwarven scholars found an artifact of godly power inside the hammer's handle. The Cube of Gears was thought to possese the ability to wield the Hammer itself to reforge the world as the user desired as well as the ability to read the inscriptions on the hammer to ascend to become one of the gods. Both the Dragonborn and the Humans seen this as an opportunity to push forward their own kingdom while crushing the other. The Human and Dragonborn fleets descended on the nigh invincible fortress of Hammerfell and both attempted to breach the walls. Seeing that even their best efforts didn't seem to bother the Dwarven kingdom the two enemies allied to build seige engines that would break the walls. However once the walls fell the Humans redacted their own peace accord and turned on the Dragonborns. Seeing their home being destroyed the two houses of Dwarves, the Steelbeards and Forgefires, decided to create immortal children in their own image much like their father created them. The Steelbeards melted down their swords, hammers, and armor to build the Warforged. Likewise the Forgefires smashed their orbs, crystals, and staffs to create the Shardmind. With both races created but without a lifespark the great King, Fyrax, rallied his people and used a powerful arcane spell to rend the life from the living dwarves and replant the life into the Warforged and Shardmind. When the Human champion, Halyn, and the dragonborn champion, Fuj, stormed the palace they found only the two infant races. Inscribed on the floor of the chamber was the incantation to bind the cube of gears to both races thus giving them a guarantee to survive. The Humans and Dragonborn came to a lifelong treaty their over the Dwarven corpses and they seperated the Warforged and Shardminds. The Humans took the Warforged and dropped them into the ocean while the Dragonborn cast a travel spell on the shardmind and isolated them in a vault in the Elemental Chaos. Seeing the chaos born from desiring the Hammer, the Humans and Dragonborn vowed that no race would inhabit the Hammer... This is the end of recorded history until the 7th Dynasty of the Human Empire (3rd Dynasty ofthe Dragonborn)

Human Rulers of Kalimsha and Significant events

First Dynasty
  1. Emperor Kalish I -First king of Kalimsha.
  2. Emperor Kalish III -Called for the construction of the ocean floors.
  3. Emperor Falisha - Known as the Sea King Falshia for his ocean travels.
  4. Empress Erathin - Named after the patron goddess Erathis. Her sons Palor and Laxin founded the kingdoms of Palor and Laxthos respectively.

Second Dynasty
  1. King Sharl -First explored the Feywilds garnering a treaty with the Elves and Eladrin.
  2. Queen Loregian - Only Half Elf queen to rule after the death of her Father and Mother (King Sharl and Queen Lania).
  3. Regent Lor - First ruler to build a mobile castle on the ocean It is unkown how he died or where the castle drifted to.

Third Dynasty
  1. Kings Xalin and Rajin - Brothers who served side by side. Both had wives but no offspring...Mysteries and rumors abound.

War of the Hammer breaks/ fourth-sixth Dynasty

  1. Commander Rel - First King Commander to set seige to Hammerfell.
  2. King Sharl II - Signed the treaty to partner with the Dragonborn to seige the walls as a join attack force.
  3. Emperor Kalish III - A fabled descendant of Emperor Kalish II. Broke the peace accord with the Dragonborn then later reformed it.

All Records are lost for this period of time

  1. King Eram -Current King