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The Lands of Emira

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The Island of Stohana

The Island of Stohana is separated from the main land by a long crumbling stone bridge. While still strong and sturdy, the bridge shows massive signs of disrepair. The Kingdoms on the main land have pulled all their forces back off the bridge since the last War of the Kingdoms but have not placed any back since.
Stohana has always had problems with monsters and strange occurrences. So much that through the middle of the island is [[dnd:The Great Wall|the Great Wall]] which separates the civilised East side from the more chaotic West. The West is rumoured to be a place of Monsters and foul things.
Guarding [[dnd:The Great Wall|the Great Wall]] is [[dnd:Black Mesa|Black Mesa]], an army of people who chose to defend the Eastern side from the horrors that may try to get past the Great Wall. While [[dnd:Black Mesa|Black Mesa]] is able to keep most monsters from getting across some still manage to get through. The closer you get to the Wall the more monsters and strange happenings People encounter.
Stohana is one of the largest Islands in the world taking 7-10 days to ride across. The town of [[Dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] is the first town adventurers come to once they have travelled across the Stone Bridge. Most come to visit the city of [[dnd:Glimmergaunt|Glimmergaunt]], located in the middle of the Eastern lands, 2 days travel from [[Dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] and 3 days from [[dnd:The Great Wall|the wall]].
The Island is home to many different groups. Some like the [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|Zanfalcon Dissent]] rampage across the civilised Eastern lands since the Ruling class of [[dnd:Glimmergaunt|Glimmergaunt]] drew their armies back into and around their main cities. This has happened in the past 10 years. While other groups like [[dnd:The Cult of Sapphiredge|the Cult of Sapphiredge]] have been working in the shadows for 1000's of years.
Natural animals are rarely seen on Stohana due to [[dnd:The Great Wall|the Great Wall]]. Natural animals that are brought to the island either attempt to flee or kill themselves.

Known Groups:

  • [[dnd:Black Mesa|Black Mesa]]
  • [[dnd:Zanfalcon Dissent|Zanfalcon Dissent]]
  • [[dnd:The followers of Urafan|The followers of Urafan]]
  • [[dnd:Empress Trisatris's forces|Empress Trisatris's forces]]
  • [[dnd:The Ruling Class of Glimmergaunt|The Ruling Class of Glimmergaunt]]
  • [[dnd:The Cult of Sapphiredge|The Cult of Sapphiredge]]

Known People:

  • [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster Urthadar]]
  • [[dnd:Empress Trisatris|Empress Trisatris]]
  • [[dnd:Urafan|Urafan]]
  • [[dnd:Spindletop|Spindletop]] ***UPDATED***
  • [[dnd:Traveous Lorearthen|Traveous Lorearthen]]
  • [[dnd:D'Cain Carter|D'Cain Carter]]
  • [[dnd:Kaisaris|Kaisaris]]
  • [[dnd:Farallax the Purple Dragon|Farallax the Purple Dragon]] - Deceased
  • [[dnd:Buckle the Artificer|Buckle the Artificer]]
  • [[dnd:Norkas Iceblood|Norkas Iceblood]]
  • [[dnd:Milleryne|Milleryne]]
  • [[dnd:Bejik Vuthaner|Bejik Vuthaner]] ***NEW***