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World of Emira: Team Fenris

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Played by: Lauren Phillips
XP to date: 3672

Taral is a Half-Elf Rogue who enjoys her alcohol more then anything.
Taral grew up in the the town of Fallcrest with her Twin Brother Toran. She is able to trace her Elven Heritage back to [[dnd:The Ravaella Nation of Elves|the Ravaella Nation of Elves]].
Taral and Toran do not know what happened to their parents. It seemed that one day they were there then the next had just disappeared without a trace. Having no one to look after them, they were taken in by the Drows who lived under Fallcrest at a very young age. It was through here that they learnt of the Janusz Syndicate.

From this time on Taral and her brother worked for the Janusz Syndicate, learning the trade of a rogue and becoming proficient members of the Syndicate.
Then came a job like no other, Taral and Toran were hired by a young Drow woman. This woman never gave up her name but had Taral head off to steal an artifact from a wealthy noble.
The job for Taral proved to be quite difficult at someone had told the guards that she would be there to steal the object. Barely managing to escape Taral returned back to the woman's house to find it abandoned. She checked around the house and eventually found a hidden door that led downstairs.
Down here she found an altar with the markings of the Raven Queen. Ontop of this altar was Toran, dead and drained of all his blood. In the corner she saw the woman as she was pouring Toran's blood over her. A big flash of light appeared around the woman. She turned around to see Taral standing there. The woman flung Taral through the roof.
Taral woke just as the town guards got to the place. Seeing no sign of the woman and having no other options Taral ran and left Fallcrest. She has been running since trying to escape everything that happened in Fallcrest. She eventually found herself at Arborshate and has been there since drinking.
Taral recently found out that the woman who killed her brother was [[dnd:Milleryne|Milleryne]].

[[dnd:Amadi Prailer|Amadi Prailer]] recently told Taral that he may know a way to bring back her Brother [[dnd:Toran|Toran]].