by swmabie, Jan 1,2013

Dark Sun-specific House Rules

In addition to [[Dnd:Swmabie/House_Rules | my regular House Rules]], the following rules apply to any Dark Sun games I might be running. These supercede the standard ones, when there are any differences.

Item Breakage

Weapons: Weapon breakage rules are in effect. You may risk breakage of your weapon or implement if you roll a 1 in order to re-roll your attack.

Armor: Anyone who is hit by a critical hit who is wearing armor (exception mundane cloth armor) may sacrifice their armor for a reroll, much like someone can sacrifice their weapon to reroll a 1, using the same exact mechanic to check for armor breakage.


For the purposes of Fluff & Roleplay, here are the Coins of the Realm, and their value in terms of game mechanics:
Common Coins:
  • • 1 ceramic piece = 1 gp
  • • 1 ceramic bit = 1 sp
Rare Coins:
  • • 1 platinum coin = 1000 gp
  • • 1 gold coin = 10 gp
  • • 1 silver coin = 1 gp
  • • 1 copper coin

    .1 gp

    1 sp

Each city has their own mint marks for ceramic coins. Officially, a coin has no value outside of it's city. Unofficially, it depends upon how earnestly the local powers that be enforce the treasury laws. Barter is also a common form of exchange, though far more fluid in terms of value.

Character Creation

Wild Talents: The player may choose their wild talent, or may choose to have none.

Equipment at Higher Levels:
• A character built at Level 2 or above may get 1 common magic item of their level or lower, and the value of a Level-1 item in gp to purchase any other common non-mundane items they wish, pending DM approval; the remainder of this coin will not be kept, so there's no reason to save it. Alternative Rewards (such as Boons) may be so purchased (again, pending DM approval). The DM reserves the right to refuse any otherwise legitimate item for his own reasons.
• A character may get any number of mundane items below the "major purchase" value of their level (see the chart from Mordenkainen's Magical Emporium).
• After selection of equipment, a character will have money equal to the "pocket change" value of their level (see the same chart).

Re-Fluffing of Races/Classes/Themes

Over time, I have become more and more convinced that players should be allowed to play what they want to play. Especially with 4th Edition, it is easy to separate the mechanics from the fluff, and vice versa, and to re-fluff something from one thing to another.

To that end, I will allow any supported race (or subrace), class, and theme that the player wishes, provided that an adequate refluffing of the "illicit" aspect is handled.

The only limitations, therefore, are one's own imagination. (Well, that and still no Vampire class, but see the standard house rules for that one.)

Yes, this means that any divine class/multiclass would be a legal class. However, they would not be "divinely powered," per se; they will be one of the other sources (martial, primal, psionic, shadow, arcane), albeit still following the mechanics. Instead of choosing a Deity, a player can select three Domains to qualify for feats and such. As an example, a Runepriest could be refluffed as a Runic Arcanist, using the arcane power of runes to power their spells. A second option for that sort of thing might be to treat "divine" source as coming from living vortices or something similar (a la the Sorcerer Kings). (Though note that holy symbols and the like? Pretty non-existent....)

Themes which are specific to other settings can be similarly handled. Harper, for example, can be a specialized branch of the Veiled Alliance. Purple Dragons can be a military group. And so on.

As for races.... A lot has been done with "alternative races" on Athas. Yes, several races have been exterminated from the planet in the past; but that doesn't mean that something similar can't be used; for example, Silt Runners instead of Kobolds.

A simple search of the internet can turn up some interesting Athasian racial refluffs. In particular, I recommend two blogs: I've made my own list of suggestions (incorporating those two sources, some others, and my own research and imagination). These are listed in the table below. If one can come up with other plausible ideas, or whatever, they are more than welcome to do so. Racial Re-Fluffing Table "center" border"1">Race selectionRefluffed asComments
Common/Civilized Races Dwarf—Standard option • Gold DwarfDwarfCommon racial variation • Shield DwarfDwarfCommon racial variation EladrinElfUncommon racial variation • Llewyrr ElfElfCommon racial variation • Moon ElfElfCommon racial variation • Sun ElfElfCommon racial variation Elf—Standard option • Wild ElfElfCommon racial variation • Wood ElfElfCommon racial variation GoliathHalf-GiantStandard option Half-Elf—Standard option Human—Standard option Mul—Standard option Uncommon/Uncivilized Races DragonbornDrayUsually Dragon Breath —PterranOne of the racial variations —SsurranUsually Dragonfear GenasiParamentalCommon forms are Fire, Wind, Earth, Ember, Magma, Sand, Sun GithyankiGithOne of the racial variations GithzeraiGithOne of the racial variations Half-OrcTarek HalflingRhul-thaun KalashtarVillichi KenkuAarakocraNon-flying —PterranOne of the racial variations KoboldSilt Runner MinotaurHalf-GiantRacial variation: Beast-headed ShifterSun-WarpedEither Longtooth or Razorclaw Thri-Kreen— TieflingSun-Warped Rare/Unusual Races BullywugAnakoreWith swamp walk instead of earth walk/burrowing. Changeling— DevaPyreen DrowSolar ElvesA la The Amber Enchantress DuergarSun-WarpedSun-Warped Dwarves, that is GnomeHejkinOne of the racial variations HamadryadSand Bride PixieKestrekelFey racial variation RevenantUndeadSee here for types SatyrBelgoiA racial variation Shadar-kaiShadow peopleNatives of Kalidnay or the Gray ShadeUndeadSee here for types —Shadow peopleNatives of Kalidnay or the Gray ShardmindGolem SvirfneblinHejkinA racial variation VrylokaBelgoiNon-fey racial variation —Sun-WarpedClose to Wretched, anyway WarforgedGolem WildenTreant

For the record, here are the races that were exterminated during the Cleansing Wars and would not appear unfluffed somehow (also when & which Champion eliminated them, though it's not common knowledge):
  • • Gnomes (160th KA Ral's Reverence: Gallard aka Nibenay)
  • • Goblins (155th KA Ral's Defiance: Daskinor Goblin Death)
  • • Kobolds (147th KA King's Slumber: Sacha of Arala)
  • • Ogres (160th KA Guthay's Defiance: Kalak)
  • • Orcs (156th KA Friend's Contemplation: Uyness of Waverly)
  • • Pixies (147th KA Ral's Slumber: Wyan of Bodach)
  • • Trolls (164th KA Friend's Contemplation: Hamanu)
  • • Wemics (162nd KA Wind's Slumber: Tectuktitlay)