by DuelistDelSol, Nov 15,2010
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Paragon Tier Powers

Level 13, Encounter

  • Chains of Fire (PHB 2) - It'll take some work to get the extra damage off, but the teleport makes this a tempting power. But it targets two creatures, and that is what you want.
  • Chaos Poison Blast (D 386) [Familiar] - Single target, average damage. The Familiar rider is two effects that aren't very exciting anymore by Paragon, and the critical rider is going to happen once every two to three levels. So... yay?
  • Cyclone Pull (AP) - Don't think of this as a damage power, just think of it as a power that can set up other powers. Choosing 3 creatures, even if you can't see them, from a 7x7 cube is pretty nice.
  • Dazzling Starlight (AP) - The condition it imposes is quite good, but Sorcerers should stay away from single target attacks unless they are very good- this power is merely okay. For Cosmic Sorcerers it is better, but not so much as to earn a higher rating.
  • "purple">Downbeat of Wings (AP) - Another single target attack with a mediocre effect. Dragon Sorcerers get a little more mileage out of the spell, because movement is key. Dragonborn who picked up Draconic Arrogance can consider this blue.
  • Jaws of the Earth (PHB 2) - If at this level your allies look to you to let them move around the battlefield then something has gone wrong. It does let you move through creatures blocking a doorway, which can be useful.
  • Mind Hammer (PHB 2) - As an attack power, it is marginally better than Downbeat of Wings because it attacks WILL. Wild Sorcerers consider this black.
  • Moon Cage (AP) - Sorcerers really should be using powers that target multiple creatures. Cosmic Sorcerers will enjoy doubling up on STR damage, so they'll consider this black.
  • "blue">Primordial Storm (AP) - Wild and Storm Sorcerers treat this as blue. It's alright for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers, but not alot damage, and no real condition.

  • Thunder and Strike (D 381) - There's really nothing bad about this. When you're in a position you don't want to be in it gets the bad guys off your back, deals damage all over the place, and helps to stop the enemy from pursuing you. Sorcerers of all sorts can enjoy this.
  • Thunder Breath (PHB 2) - This power is already good enough for dazing in a close blast, but that it deals respectable damage is gravy.

Level 15, Daily

  • Day and Night (AP) - It only targets one creature, which isn't good, but the damage is through the roof (two full attacks means you get to stack all your mods), and it locks down the target something fierce.
  • Frost Eddies (PHB 2) - It's best used against solos, when the creature will last long enough for the effect to be noticed. Unfortunately solos are known for not being surrounded by lots of creatures who will be effected by this power. Pass.
  • Hostility Charm (PHB 2) - It's neat, but the damage from the monster's MBA is usually lower than you would get from using another power. It is very much situationally useful. Better for Wild Sorcerers.
  • Lightning Daggers (AP) - That this one made it to final print is ridiculous. A free, full static mod, attack every turn is leaps and bounds ahead of anything you've had access to up to this point.
  • Opportunistic Familiar (D 386) [Familiar] - Turns your familiar into a "proper" summon, but still a pretty mediocre one. Being able to attack at-will for 2d10 is pretty neat, and another source of OAs on the battlefield can make things more complicated for the enemies.
  • Prismatic Lightning (AP) - One of the 3 powers at this level that targets multiple creatures, and it covers a huge area. It does hit allies too, but you can choose to target their highest defense, which might save them. Fair competition for Lightning Daggers if you optimize for bursts, or any of the conditions this inflicts.
  • Scintillating Starburst (PHB 2) - A single target attack for low damage that applies a condition you've had plenty of access to? Pass.
  • Gale Burst (AP) - This builds on what many of your earlier powers do, which is get mooks off of you. Unfortunately this one also targets friendlies.
  • "blue">Spitfire Furnace (PHB 2) - A fine pick for anyone. High damage and a defensive bonus make for an excellent package. Dragon Sorcerers might want to seriously consider this over Lightning Daggers, and for them it is sky blue.

Level 16, Utility

  • Avatars of Chaos (AP) - Fantastic. If nothing else, it decreases the chance you'll be attacked and gives you more places from which to rain down destruction. And it doesn't need to be sustained. Get some practice, and make sure you plan this one out before you use it.
  • "purple">Breath of Potency (AP) - A pretty low benefit for a daily. High STR Sorcerers with plenty of close attacks will treat this as sky blue.
  • Breath of the Desert Dragon (PHB 2) - It is tempting to rate this lower, but there are times where you'll find a 7x7 cube with no enemies inside it.
  • Chaos Echoes (PHB 2) - As a daily it is rather unimpressive. But you could throw some damage back at a monster, or give it ongoing. Unfortunately most monsters who have typed damage resist that damage.
  • Chaos Sanctuary (PHB 2) - Trash. Unless you are a high DEX Sorcerer, in which case it is okay. There are enough ally friendly powers, or ways to get around attacking your allies, that you don't need this.
  • Comrades' Mantle (PHB 2) - Getting extra resist is not bad. Resist 5 at Paragon however, is bad.
  • Damage Gambit (AP)- If the triggering roll is low, the damage boost is very large. But you generally don't throw out so many dice that this is an overwhelming choice, and it is for just the one power. Use on bursts/blasts for best effect.
  • "turquoise">Dominant Winds (AP)- For Storm and Wild Sorcerers, it is full sky blue. But useless for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.
  • "blue">Draconic Majesty (PHB 2) - Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers should revel in one round of fantastic defenses and consider this blue. Storm and Wild Sorcerers need to stay away.
  • Rise, My Pet (D 386) [Familiar] - Brings your Familiar back to life once per day. Useful if you're heavily invested in Familiar powers.
  • Thunder Buffer (AP) - It's a daily, and the AC bonus isn't huge, but it is a solid power and the ability to toss monsters all over the battlefield is not to be underestimated. If it didn't take up you immediate actions to use the push, it'd be a better power.

Level 17, Encounter

  • "blue">Acid Shackles (AP) - Area bursts with a damaging lock down are perfect for you. Sky blue for Wild Sorcerers.
  • "red">Searing Radiance (AP) - It really has nothing you want at this level. Cosmic Sorcerers might want this if they don't have a leader.
  • Rolls of Thunder (D 386) [Familiar] - Solid damage, targets two creatures, and prone is never bad. The familiar rider push might be useful, and is more forgiving than most because the familiar doesn't have to be next to the target, just active somewhere.
  • Thunder Summons (PHB 2) - You need more powers that target 3 creatures for good damage with a great effect.
  • "gray">Thunderstroke (AP) - Pick Acid Shackles instead. Storm Sorcerers treat this as blue, and should pick whichever suits their fancy (if they can't control their damage type).
  • "blue">Azure Talons (AP) - Ally friendly bursts are definitely something you should be into. Ideally, you'll want to set this up so that the targets have to provoke in order to not take the extra damage. Sky blue for Dragon Sorcerers.
  • Breath of Winter (PHB 2) - At least it is a close blast.
  • Dragon Tail Meditation (PHB 2) - Solid power. Immediate action attacks are a sure fire way to get a damage boost.
  • Poisonous Evasion (PHB 2) - It doesn't get you out of the attack, but it is awesome.
  • Rippling Strike (D 381) - It's not a bad power. But there are better powers for killing minions and for firing while in melee.
  • Stalking Frost (AP) - If it didn't hit allies it'd be a good spell, because it covers such a huge area and is quite potent.

Level 19, Daily

  • Baleful Gaze of the Basilisk (PHB 2) - Stun is really, really, nice. But the damage is terrible. If you can't live without stun, or can impose heavy penalties to saves then feel free.
  • "purple">Blackfire Serpent (PHB 2) - For DEX based Sorcerers, this equates to one or two decent blasts. For STR based Sorcerers this is awesome. Feel free to hide in the back ranks and lob out spells while you use you move and minor to send your snake out to blast the enemies apart.
  • Prismatic Explosion (PHB 2)- Area burst is nice, but it hits allies. And the conditions are strong, but random, so you might end up with something useless.
  • Spiritual Venom (D 386) [Familiar] - The damage is really subpar at this point, and it requires familiar positioning to work. You have better options.
  • Aspect of the Dragon (AP) - A pure damage spell. But what a spell. Large, powerful, enemy only blasts. Good stuff.
  • Crashing Winds (AP) - Worthwhile at lower levels. Pass this by.
  • Primordial Slime (AP) - Really, not a great idea unless the rest of your party can't attack the target or burst/blast heavy.
  • Radiant Wings (AP) - It's alright. Getting a move action as a minor action is pretty nice, but it provokes so it isn't blue worthy. And the attack only targets on creature with no effect.
  • "gray">Split Strike (PHB 2) - It is alright for a power at this level, and for Wild Sorcerers it is even better. However the competition at this level is intense.