by captainspud, Nov 15,2010
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Epic Tier Powers

Level 22, Utility

  • Crown of Flames (AP)- Take it. Love it. Hammer Rhythm is the reason why hammers are rated so well, so here's some miss damage for you- based on your primary attack stat. The only real downside is that it is stuck on fire damage.
  • Dragon Fear (PHB 2) - Quite good. Once an encounter you get to decide that no, that monster doesn't get to charge you, it gets to just sit in place. If you don't like the fire damage dealt by Crown of Flames, take this.
  • Flight of Dragons (AP) - Yeah, yeah, Sorcerers aren't leaders. But this is incredible. Sustainable flight for your entire party with no fear of crashing. It really hurts that this is a standard, but in that one encounter a day when it matters it will be well worth missing an attack turn.
  • Fool's Luck (D 385) - It's good. It really hurts that it is a daily, but not missing is a good thing. There are better powers at this level though.
  • Platinum Scales (PHB 2) - One of the most famous Sorcerer powers, but it is only worthwhile for Cosmic and Dragon Sorcerers. Absolutely incredible. You get to screw over the incoming attack, and make all of your defenses very good, if not nigh unhittable.
  • Savior Spirit (D 386)- Positioning is what makes most Familiar powers difficult to execute, but this one lets you easily drop your familiar wherever you want (and lets an ally tag along for part of the trip). Taking this bumps up your other familiar powers by half a rating.
  • Shared Sorcerery (PHB 2)- A daily, and not even Epic level resistance. By now if a PC wants resistance it has some. Use your powers to fulfill your role in the party, which is blowing up monsters.
  • Storm Body (AP)- Insubstantial flight every encounter is why this matters. The CHA mod damage isn't much, but taking half damage from the incoming attacks balances it out some. This is a good pick for Dragon Sorcerers as a way to stack more damage on when you get attacked. Note that there is a probable typo in the power; the effect of the power reads as though this should be a move action.
  • Ultimate Resistance (AP)- A solid pick. Your resistance is good enough to make you survivable in the encounters where it comes into play. This lets you ignore most of the incoming typed damage, all encounter.
  • Wind Shape (PHB 2) - If you want flight, Storm Body does it much better.

Level 23, Encounter

  • Black Breath (PHB 2) - It's a fine power, when used against ranged enemies or enemies that for whatever reason need to charge. You can skip this.
  • Chaos Orbs (PHB 2) - Everything that you want in a power- multiple targets, solid damage, attacks a low stat, and a good status effect.
  • "purple">Inferno Ring (D 386) [Familiar]- The only thing that saves this power is that the Familiar burst is separate from the target burst, letting you put all your static mods on at least a few of the targets twice. Tricky to execute, but that's great damage for an encounter power if you can pull it off consistently.
  • Iron Chains (PHB 2) - This isn't purple because it's situationally good, it's purple because it's just a bad power.
  • "red">Plates of Ice (PHB 2)- Just keep looking. For Wild Sorcerers, this is barely better.
  • Rumbling Storm Bolt (AP) - The status effects are pretty poor for this level, but you get to maybe hit two creatures and mess up their plans a little bit.
  • Shuffling Thunder (D 381)- Very mediocre. The fixed teleport isn't really that terrible, but 10 damage is pretty lame at Epic.
  • Storm Arc (AP)- This just isn't an Epic level power. Better for Storm Sorcerers.
  • Sun and Stars (AP) - It's only one target with a poor condition. But you get to attack the target twice with full mods, which'll end up being hilarious amounts of damage.
  • Windrift Burst (AP)- Close burst 3 that also hits allies is no good. This is a powerful spell, especially for Wild Sorcerers, but it is only situationally so because you need to find the right placing so that a close burst 3 is worthwhile and doesn't hit your whole party.
  • Wyrmblight (AP) - Not even a rider? And it hits allies? Sure it's blast 5, but this is Epic. Much better than the other close blast for this level.

Level 25, Daily

  • Acid Typhoon (AP) - Ongoing 10 is pretty weak for Epic, but this power still deals gobs of damage across a large area.
  • Cloak of the Winter Storm (AP) - Fantastic. Autohit for good damage and a synergistic effect across a large area. Worth spending some resources on things that either increase the size of this area and/or keep enemies within the area.
  • "purple">Chaotic Spray (D 386) [Familiar] - The damage is good for a burst, but not being party friendly hurts it. Also note that the Familiar rider affects your teammates, so don't use this in a melee-heavy party unless you want your Rogue to poke you in retaliation.
  • "black">Draconic Incarnation (PHB 2) - A fine power, even if it isn't quite worth being a level 25 daily. Variable damage means you won't run into it being useless for a particular combat, and the blast 5 is what you're looking for. Better for Dragon Sorcerers as that free slide will end up being very useful (e.g. set up a AoE, get an enemy off you or an ally, throw someone off a cliff etc...).
  • Force Storm (PHB 2)- Take Acid Typhoon instead.
  • "black">Fury of Dragotha (AP) - Draconic Incarnation is a little better. Except for Dragon Sorcerers, who will really enjoy the rider, even if the rider damage is very low. Still, Dragon Sorcerers get a blue rating for this.
  • Leaping Lightning (AP) - This takes a round to earn its money, but it's worth the wait. Unless the original target is killed before it gets a turn, this will mean at least two attacks. If you can, use this against the enemy that will take the longest to kill and has the worst chance to make the save.
  • Words of Chaos (PHB 2) - Potentially fantastic. However, you need to hit with the secondary attack, and there needs to be another target for the creature's attacks, and it needs to keep failing saves. There's alot of if in this power. Still, it can ruin a monster's day.
  • Wrathful Vapors (AP) - Sure it targets friendlies, but you can hit their high defense and hope you don't roll well. This has so much going for it- huge area, good damage, lots of keywords, control, and nice range.

Level 27, Encounter

  • "blue">Chaos Infusion (AP) - Yes please. Piercing a creatures resistance is nice, but with this you don't have to worry about that- it has so many disparate keywords you won't ever find something resistant to them all. The rider sucks, but that's okay because this covers a very large area. Fantastic for a Wild Sorcerer's set up round.
  • "gray">Lightning Backlash (D 386) [Familiar]- Good damage and the possibility of double modifiers on some targets, it destroys your Familiar. Best used by sorcs with only a minor investment in Familiar powers; if you're heavily invested, you'll obviously need to save this for the end of the encounter.
  • Lightning Eruption (PHB 2) - It gets by being a single target power because it causes good damage and has ally friendly splash damage.
  • Moonstruck (AP) - Not terribly interesting. It feels alot like a lower level power.
  • Mother Claw (AP) - You'd be hard pressed to find an out-of-turn attack that isn't worth while. And it's not like you'll be causing piddly amounts of damage on the enemy turn either, this is a respectable attack.
  • Overpowering Lightning (AP) - Yeah it's stun, but that's it. If it had something extra, or attacked other creature, maybe.
  • Poison Ward (PHB 2) - The power is most likely to be useful against melee monsters (typically brutes and soldiers) who typically have high FORT. Not worth your time.
  • Sorcerous Echo (D 381) - Not bad. You need to hit for this to be anything close to worth your time, but it's a respectable amount of auto damage.
  • Thunder Pulse (PHB 2) - Very nice. The push is going to be huge at this level, and then you get to knock prone. And you'll hit most, if not all, melee enemies with this power. If done right, you can make it so the enemies hit have to charge in order to attack, and have to provoke in order to charge.
  • Thunderous Might (AP) - A fine bit of battlefield control, but really underwhelming for the level.
  • Wildfire Curse (PHB 2) - Obviously this can really suck. But you can get an excellent to hit, and if you tell your leader you can hit every enemy on the board for buckets of damage you will get the attack bonuses you need.

Level 29, Daily

  • Cosmic Vengeance (AP) - Contender for the worst power by level of any class. Even a Cosmic Sorcerer is, at most, dealing 18 damage.
  • Doom of Chaos (AP) - This power's usefulness relies heavily upon your party. If your party can deal any of the provided vulnerabilities (they happen to be some of the most common damage types) this power will add damage measured in the triple digits. Not to mention the ongoing 5 (ongoing 20 in effect).
  • Endless Acid (PHB 2) - Seems much better than it is. If a target will last long enough to see every iteration of this ongoing damage, then the damage is unlikely to effect it too much. Would have been worth taking in late Paragon or early Epic.
  • Entropic Whirlwind (PHB 2) - Double dip damage, cover 121 squares, control your enemies, and place your allies where ever. You are unlikely to use this on your allies since it is an immediate action and you want to use that bit of damage on an enemy.
  • Hellish Firestorm (AP) - It deals good damage to a fair amount of creatures, but that's it. And the damage isn't so high as to make it worth being a level 29 pick. It is actually a downgraded version of Acid Typhoon (lower damage, and only one damage type), so don't retrain Acid Typhoon into this.
  • Mind Tide (AP) - Dominate. The power begins and ends there.
  • "blue">Necrotic Storm (D 386) [Familiar]- Good damage of an easily-resisted type, with a long stun attached. The familiar rider could occasionally swing a combat.
  • Prismatic Storm (PHB 2) - Very good power. The damage is solid, it covers a very large area, and all of the riders are absolutely fantastic, even for STR Sorcerers. The riders are so good that this power got rated down because you can REALLY screw your allies over with it.
  • Wyrm Form (AP) - A very good capstone power for Dragon Sorcerers (though anyone can use it), and easily one of the coolest powers available, for any class. It is unfortunate that the effect turns off when you become bloodied, and getting yourself into dangerous situations is the shtick of Dragon Sorcerers.