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Racial Feats


  • Improved Razor Storm (MotP) – Spend a feat to make your racial power merely alright and inaccurate.


  • Shapeshifting Contortionist (EPG) – Escaping grabs as a minor is pretty sweet, if situational.
  • Fluid Anatomy (EPG) – At Epic, your DM is throwing out enough attacks to crit regularly. And getting critted can really ruin your day.


  • Ascendant Lineage (PHB 2) – You can get your racial power to add ridiculous bonuses, but sometimes nothing helps. No reason to waste your encounter powers if they don’t do anything. Taking this feat improves the rating of any Auspcious Lineage and Magic of the Ages.
  • Astral Renewal (PHB 2) – More bonuses to attack are always welcome. And given how fragile you are, this one is easy to get off.
  • Auspicious Lineage (PHB 2) – Your racial power is already quite good. How about making it awesome?
  • Immortal Prowess (D374) – Never be disappointed with Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes again.
  • Magic of the Ages (PHB 2) – Auspicious Lineage adds the same average, but doesn’t increase the minimum you can add.
  • Potent Rebirth (PHB 2) – Situational, but given how fragile you are it isn’t unheard of to fall unconscious every encounter.
  • Remembered Mother Tongue (D 374) – It’s a great out of combat feat.
  • Transcendent Lineage (PHB 2) – To top off the whole Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes feat combo, you get a reroll. Your daily will hit.
  • Upright Revival (D 374)– Given monsters’ focus on melee combat, if you fall unconscious you are likely in melee. Use this feat to get out of the trouble that put you down.


  • Adaptable Breath (PHR D) – Adding damage types is awesome. But Sorcerers have so many reasons to focus on one damage type that this feat can be passed up.
  • Ancient Soul (PHR D) – At the very least this adds a good amount of damage to your dragon breath. If your damage type is common enough, among both allies and enemies (and terrain effects), you could end up using dragon breath every turn during Heroic.
  • Bolstering Breath (PHR D) – Taking this feat would be nice of you.
  • Broken Shackles (FRPG) – A bonus to a non-AC defense is really nice during Heroic, but your WILL is already really high. The saving throw bonus is pretty minor, but you can get your save up to +8 with a couple feats, so that’s nice.
  • Brutal Teamwork (MP) – A nice damage boost. You plenty of reasons to be in melee, and reasons to have enough DEX to multiclass Rogue, so if you do then pick up this feat at some point.
  • Burning Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Unless you have a way to reliably recharge your dragon breath once or twice a combat, stay far away.
  • Concussive Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – A minor action that dazes? That you can potentially recharge? Awesome indeed.
  • Conflagration Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – It takes a feat to get here, but this is the sort of thing dreams are made of.
  • Corrosive Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Remember, you aren’t a leader. AC penalties don’t help you.
  • Critical Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Fairly nice. Make dragon breath an implement power, and you are throwing awesome on win.
  • Debilitating Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – Throwing out weakened as a minor is pretty nice. Just don’t hit your ranger who is about to nova.
  • Dissolving Breath (Epic) (PHR D) - -3 to all defenses helps set up you, so it’s worth taking.
  • Draconic Arrogance (Paragon) (MP) – All of those powers that push suddenly got 1 rating better. You need to multiclass Fighter to get it, which is fine because you have the STR, and the Fighter multiclass feats are all good. You have over 20 Sorcerer, and Sorcerer PP, powers that push or knock prone, and this doesn't require a damage roll to kick in, so it works for utilities that push/prone.
  • Draconic Restoration (Epic) (PHR D) – Given how awesome you can make dragon breath, this is a definite pick.
  • Draconic Spellcaster (AP) – The attack and damage bonus most characters spend 2 feats on. It would be rated higher if some monsters weren’t immune to your damage type.
  • Draconic Triumph (Epic) (PHR D) – You’re a striker, you’ll be killing enemies, and getting to reuse a minor action blast for doing your job is awesome.
  • Dragon Warrior (Epic) (MP) - If you have a way to get the CON, which isn’t likely, take this.
  • Dragonborn Frenzy (PHB) – Untyped damage bonus for achieving your racial attack bonus. Nice. Does not scale though.
  • Dragonborn Zeal (PHR D) – More attack bonuses are nice. The utility is pretty awesome.
  • Empowered Dragon Breath (Paragon) (PHB) - You’re into more damage, right?
  • Enlarged Dragon Breath (PHB) – If you take nothing else that makes your dragon breath better, take this. A blast 5 as a minor is very good, and gets better once you start recharging dragon breath.
  • Freezing Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – If you are down this chain, pick it up.
  • Frost Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Slowing your enemies is good for everone.
  • Hurl Breath (PHR D) – If nothing else, it allows you to attack a creature 12 squares away as a minor action.
  • Opportunity Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – You don’t always want to use dragon breath in this situation, and unlike Opportunity Gore you don’t get to keep your power, but it’s a neat trick.
  • Powerful Breath (PHR D) – If you intend to use dragon breath, take this.
  • Spirits of the Primal Dragon (PHR D) – Given your tendency to attack multiple creatures, adding 1d8 damage to ALL attacks is worth multiclassing into a primal class for.
  • Thundering Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – You CON mod is unlikely to be more than 1 as a Sorcerer, even at Paragon. But the push can get you out of trouble.
  • Toxic Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Weakened is a great thing to toss out.
  • True Dragon’s Soul (PHR D)– There is nothing not awesome about this feat. Nothing. By mid-Paragon every Dragonborn Dragon Sorcerer should have this feat.


  • Cloud of Poison (Paragon) (D 382) – The damage is minor at Paragon, but auto damage is nothing to scoff at.
  • Clutch of Darkness (FRPG) – Definitely seems better than it is. Burst 2 means you are quite likely to screw over at least one ally by using Cloud of Darkness.
  • Darkfire Implement (AP) – Darkfire is the poor, lesser known cousin of Clutch of Darkness, but this feat makes it actually worthwhile.
  • Eyedark Strike (Paragon) (D 373) – It’s good. You set up yourself and your allies for a round of awesome, and you don’t have to block up part of the map from your allies.
  • Knife in the Dark (D 382) – It’s a nice damage boost, but will come so rarely.
  • Lolth Blessed (Epic) (D 382)– Getting back awesome powers for being awesome is awesome.
  • Master of Fire and Darkness (Paragon) (FRPG) – Awesome. Getting an extra encounter power is worth a feat.
  • Merciless Killer (Paragon) (FRPG) – If combat advantage were readily available to you, this’d be better. As is, it is simply a good feat.
  • Sorcerous Assassin (AP) – Poison and psychic are hard keywords to get on every attack, and you need a way to get combat advantage for every attack to not have wasted this feat.
  • Venom Master (Paragon) (D382) – Poison is hard to get all the time, but till the end of encounter gives you lots of damage to tack on that extra damage.
  • Xen’drik Weapon Training (EPG) – You need Arcane Implement Proficiency to use this feat well, but +2 damage and a nice weapon to wield is worth the trouble.


  • Dwarven Weapon Training (PHB) – To make use of this feat, you need to pick up Arcane Implement Proficiency and a khopesh. If you play a Dwarf Sorcerer, it’s what you need to make up for a lack of CHA and STR/DEX.
  • Rune-Scribed Soul (AP) – Taking this feat eventually is a good idea. The attack bonus you’ll need, and the damage bonus will be slight, but is certainly welcome.


  • Eladrin Soldier (PHB) – For the damage bonus it’s worth going through Arcane Implement Proficiency to pick up.
  • Fey Escape (D 373) – Sorcerers are fragile, and the more ways they can get themselves out of trouble, the better.
  • Twist the Arcane Fabric (AP) – If you are about to blow up the world, it’d be nice of you to get an ally out of the way.
  • Winterkin Heritage (D 384)– If you go the cold route, it ups your resist/pierce by up to 5 and gives you another teleport, which is an alright package. Sorcerers who aren’t cold based get a little more benefit, because they get so much resistant cold.


  • Aerenal Arcanist (EPG) – Sorcerers have a lot of great utilities, but you will find that even when presented with options, you’ll always be memorizing the same utility.
  • Aerenal Half-Life (EPG) – If you have some way of getting permanent necrotic damage, go for it. Unfortunately, as a Sorcerer you get no benefit for the necrotic damage type (i.e. no resistance and no piercing).
  • Dusk Elf Weapon Training (D382) – You need to take a mediocre feat to get here, but +2 damage with you dagger is good.
  • Elven Arcane Precision (AP)– If you have any blasts/bursts, and you actually want them to hit, take this.
  • Elven Precision (PHB) – Just gorgeous. And it stacks with Elven Arcane Precision.
  • Wild Elf Luck (FRPG) – Not as wonderful as Elven Precision, but it stacks, and it is still great.


  • Double Manifestation (Epic) (FRPG) - Some of the manifestations are quite good, and make nice combos.
  • Earthshock Master (D 387) – The power is quite mediocre for you, and this doesn’t make it much better.
  • Elemental Echo (AP) – An untyped bonus to hit, and a decent damage boost for using a power you already wanted to use. Yes please.
  • "turquoise">Empty Mind (D 380) – It’d be gold if it was easier to hit your WILL. It won’t deal a lot of damage at once, but it is a reliable, constant source of damage.
  • Extra Manifestation (FRPG) – Without some sort of knowledge of what you will come up against, this feat doesn’t help you much. But it starts up a nice feat chain.
  • Eyes of Dying Light (D 380) – Very good. Darkvision is good enough that it is limited to 1 PC race, and a scant handful of items and rituals.
  • Fast Manifestation (D 367) – Take this if you want to make use of Extra Manifestation before Epic. Switching your manifestation can give you extra attack powers, and make for a nice nova round.
  • Firepulse Master (D 367) – Don’t spend the feat on it. Immediate action attacks are nice, but the damage is always slight, it is not accurate, and it doesn't help you nova.
  • Foul Torrent (D 380) – Acid Surge was already a good power, this just made it fantastic.
  • Genasi Fire Affinity (D 367) – For a Sorcerer, anything that increases your resistance is very valuable. The ongoing penalty is nice, but you have few sources of ongoing.
  • Genasi Cold Affinity (D 367) – This can give a Genasi Sorcerer resist 10 cold at first level, which is fantastic for hunting cold resistant creatures. And immunity to certain conditions on cold based powers? Icing on an already worthwhile feat.
  • Manifest Resistance (FRPG) – Remember how your ability to pierce a particular resistance is based on your own resistance? How about a substantial increase (possible 15 resist cold at 2nd level).
  • Primordial Surge (D 367) – Nice. You'll probably use the power every single combat, and get a solid amount of temps for it is good.
  • Shocking Flame (FRPG) – If you have Sorcerous Blade Channeling, and manifest both Firesoul and Stormsoul through Double Manifestation, this adds a big chunk of damage.
  • Stoneguard (FRPG) – It’s a fair feat. Not your first choice for added toughness, but not a bad choice.
  • Stormrider (Paragon) (FRPG) – More restrictive than Fleet of Foot, but the benefit is just a little bit better. Just.
  • Versatile Resistance (FRPG) – Nothing wrong with extra resistance.


  • Adamantine Mind (PHB3) (Epic) – The increase to your defenses is large, and at Epic you are likely to be attacked across multiple defenses in one round. A fine pick.
  • Alhahn’s Mindful Relocation (PHB 3) – Shift 3 is generally good enough to get you out of whatever trouble you got yourself in, so the bonus isn’t needed.
  • Dakshai’s Body Mind Union (PHB 3) – If a particularly nasty condition gets thrown your way (and it will) that the +2 bonus won’t protect you from (it’ll happen), this will save you. By mid to late-Heroic you should have this.
  • Energy Transference (D 378) (Paragon)– Resisting typed damage is pretty easy and common by the time Paragon rolls around, but resist whatever, every encounter, that’s rare. And good. But there is stiff competition, so wait till mid to late-Paragon.
  • Energy Transmutation (D 378) (Epic) – As a Sorcerer, you have plenty of reasons to stick to one damage type. Not worth the feat slot for you.
  • Githzerai Blade Master (D 378) – It takes Arcane Implement Proficiency to use right, but the damage bonus is great, and you get to wield some awesome melee weapons.
  • "turquoise">Miryath’s First Strike (PHB 3) – There is a good chance you’ll be going near the top of the initiative order, so you will often get this large damage boost. And with a Sorcerer’s proclivity towards attacking multiple creatures at once you’ll get your mileage from this feat. Not good for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.
  • Peerless Reaction (PHB 3) (Epic) – As good a reason as any not to use your Iron Mind right away. The goal of this is to use it to keep you from going unconscious.
  • Shared Danger Sense (PHB 3) (Paragon) – Initiative bonuses are what Warlords are for. Stay away. But it is a good feat.
  • Tempered Iron Mind (D 378) (Paragon) – Using Iron Mind as a free is why this feat is important.
  • Wind’s Fortune (PHB 3) (Paragon) – Can’t shift while prone, in difficult terrain, grabbed, or restrained. This’ll get you around all that junk.
  • Zuwoth’s Enlightened Step (PHB3) – You won’t often be in the situation where you have to, or want to, provoke in the first round of combat.


  • Swift Bite (D 367) (Paragon) – More damage as a no-action, that’s what you’re into, right?


  • Fade Ally (PHB 2) (Paragon) – It is a good feat, but you really aren’t a leader.
  • Magic of the Mists (AP) – It’s nice, but since the benefit is going away on your turn anyways, the benefit is marginal.
  • Shadow Skulk (PHB 2) – It’s good for those rare arcane thief style characters, but the benefit from being hidden while spellcasting is marginal.
  • Vanishing Act (PHB 2) (Epic) – This is how you get yourself out of a bad situation. A fine upgrade.


  • Goliath Great Weapon Prowess (PHB 2) – If you are playing a Goliath, you may as well take this with Arcane Implement Proficiency to get the damage boost.
  • Markings of the Blessed (PHB 2) – Bonus save is good.
  • Markings of the Victor (PHB 2) – You need to hit to cause damage. Pick this up if you feel like playing a Goliath Sorcerer.
  • Mountain Hammer Spellcasting (AP) – Pretty awesome.
  • Unyielding Stone (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Pretty meh for a Sorcerer. Temps are always good, but the amount isn’t amazingly huge.


  • Adept Dilettante (D 385) - Now you can poach powers from warlock, wizard, or swordmage and use Cha with them. This counts as a multiclass feat for the class you took the power from, so be careful about not multiclassing twice.
  • Versatile Master (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Versatility is very powerful.
  • Warding Soul (PHB 2) – It’s fair. You allies will be thankful to have your resistance applied to them. However, you aren’t a leader, and why are you clumping up with them? Either on the front lines or the back it’s not what you want to be doing.


  • Anger Unleashed (PHB 2) – An attack bonus is good. It is doubly good for characters who make lots of attack rolls.
  • Arcane Fury (AP) – If you play a Half-orc, you have this. No questions asked.
  • Ferocious Critical (PHB 2) (Epic) – You’ll of course want Melee Training, or high STR. You will almost never get to use this feat since only your MBAs will be melee weapon attacks, but the benefit is very good.
  • Savage Assault (PHB 2) – An okay feat that becomes better with Arcane Fury.
  • Strength from Pain (PHB 2) – Just fantastic. Since you specialize in dropping blasts and bursts across multiple enemies, that damage definitely won’t go to waste.
  • Thirst for Battle (PHB 2) – A fantastic package. Things you want, and need.
  • "blue">Unrelenting Assault (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Without Arcane Fury it is no good. With Arcane Fury, it’s a great combo.


  • Defensive Bluff (D 381) – You are a striker. As such, the only time you use your second wind is when you are getting hammered. This feat helps you get out of trouble, or recover and set up your revenge.
  • Halfling Agility (PHB) – Making your racial power a little better helps you out. If you haven’t already picked up Unarmored Agility/leather armor, pick one up before this.
  • Indomitable Halfling (D 381) – If you feel you need a better WILL defense, pick this up. The secondary effects are nice, but you shouldn’t be having so many save ends effects on you that you feel you need this feat.
  • Know When to Fold (D 381) – Not provoking from movement is a good thing. Keeps you from going all the way to unconscious, rather than just half way.
  • Nimble Spellcaster (AP) – Provoking sucks. But so does this feat. Shimmering Cloth armor and Sorcerous Blade Channeling are much better ways to get around provoking.
  • Rigged Chance (D 381) – If you find wasting your encounter power sucks, pick this up.
  • Talenta Weapon Training (EPG) – It takes a specific background, and you need Arcane Implement Proficiency, but it is a bigger damage bonus than you’ll find elsewhere.
  • Triggered Chaos (AP) – A random benefit based on several random rolls. Look elsewhere.
  • Underfoot (PHB) – You won’t get as much use out of it as your melee cousins, but it doesn’t necessarily suck for you.


  • Action Recovery (PHB) (Paragon) – Getting to make more saves is nice.
  • Action Surge (PHB) – One of the best reasons to play Human. You should have this by Paragon.
  • Arcane Reserves (AP) – Once you have a feat slot for it, this is a great choice to keep you competitive all encounter long. Unfortunately by the time you have feat slots you have 4 at-wills.
  • Die Hard (D 383) – It’ll keep you alive if your defender and leader can’t. Since it’ll come up every once in a blue moon it really isn’t a worthwhile feat.
  • Don’t Count Me Out (D 383) – A fair bonus to save against the conditions that’ll ruin your day the most. If you find you keep getting locked down with these conditions, take it.
  • Frantic Recovery (D 383) – This feat will see you actually using your second wind. A good feat to get after all the basic necessities.
  • Human Perseverance (PHB) – This is much better for defenders, who put themselves in situations where they need to make saves, than it is for a squishy ranged striker. Not the most useful feat for you.
  • Human Resolve (D 377) – Stack on enough stuff, and your action points can be game changing. It’s an alright choice.
  • Pain Doesn’t Hurt (D 383) (Paragon) – Situational, and again, you shouldn’t be getting so many save ends effects that you feel the need for this feat.
  • Perfect Recovery (D 383) (Epic) – A solid feat choice in mid to late-Epic.
  • Persistent Threat (D 383) (Paragon) – Not super useful to a ranged character.
  • Skill Swap (D 383) – Sorcerer at-wills aren’t so great that you need a lot of variation, and their utilities are pretty sweet. Always a good choice.
  • Stubborn Survivor (FRPG) – Another bonus to saves you just don’t need.


  • Quori Backlash (EPG) (Paragon) – Additional sources of damage, especially no action damage, are always nice.
  • Quori Desperation (EPG) (Epic) – If things are going well, you won’t have used your second wind before hitting 0. Anything that keeps you conscious without an action cost is a good thing.
  • Quori Shield (EPG) – The resist value is very good, but psychic is a very rare damage type. As such, it is campaign specific.


  • Beast Within (PHB 2) (Paragon) – To hit bonuses are good, especially for a race that doesn’t have racial CHA. Really, this is the only thing minotaurs are bringing to the table. Unfortunately you only get it while bloodied.


  • Dark Feasting (D 376) – A minor amount of temps. Taking damage isn’t your job, so don’t try to be better at it than you have to.
  • Death Scorned (D 376) (Paragon) – As a Revenant you are already very hard to kill. Also, you CON mod isn’t going to be more than +2, so you are only gaining the +1 bonus to death saves.
  • Death’s Blessing (D 376) – Campaign specific, and a minor benefit.
  • Death’s Quickening (D 376) – Sorcerers don’t get a lot of minor actions, so what would you use it for?
  • Double Reaping (D 376) (Paragon) – Causing damage to many creatures at one time is the Sorcerer’s shtick, so this is right up your alley.
  • Dragonborn Soul (D 376) – Dragon breath is a bit better than dark reaping, and this opens up all that dragon breath goodness.
  • Drow Soul (D 376) – The Lolthtouched powers are good, but combat advantage isn’t so important to you that spending a feat to get them is necessary.
  • Eerie Resurgence (D 376) (Epic) – Since your healing surge value is so low, the benefit of spending two surges, and standing, is actually quite good. But you need to find a way to reliably hit 18 on the roll.
  • Elf Soul (D 376) – Elven accuracy is such a good power that it makes Elves at least fair in any class. No reason not to take it at some point if you are a Revenant Elf.
  • Fierce Vitality (D 376) (Paragon) – Sometimes 2 extra rounds of life is all you need to end the encounter. You’d have to really be feat starved to not take this by mid-Paragon.
  • Ghostly Vitality (D 376) (Epic) – Until you get ways to keep yourself alive at 0 hp, you won’t need the extra actions. The insubstantial is nice though, since it means the enemy is going to have to try real hard to get you to negative bloodied. Note that as soon as you hit 0 you start halving damage, so this can save you from instant death.
  • Half-Orc Soul (D 376) – Furious assault is pretty nice, and it lets you pick up Arcane Fury.
  • Human Soul (D 376) – Extra NADs is a good thing.
  • Past Life Flashbacks (D 376) – Going last actually does suck quite a bit, but the bonus to hit will ensure you bring the pain.
  • Reaper’s Resistance (D 376) – Solid resist value without using up a magic item. Unfortunately it takes a mediocre feat to get.
  • Reaping Burst (D 376) (Paragon) – You give up a little bit of damage against one creature to deal a little bit less against multiple creatures, which is your thing as a Sorcerer.
  • Reaping Renewal (D 376) (Epic) – More damage is a good thing. You’ll use both uses every encounter.
  • Reaping Synergy (D 376) (Epic) – You don’t really deal necrotic damage. Once you combine this with one of the feats that adds a damage type to dark reaping and an item that changes the damage type on your powers, this becomes fine.
  • Resilience of Death (D 376) (Paragon) – Standard resist value, but poison isn’t that common, and diseases don’t come up so often that your healer’s heal check isn’t enough.
  • Restless Dead (D 380) – For most Revenant they will rarely use the attack bonus, since they’ll spend the action second winding. For those Revenant with Fierce Vitality, this becomes black.
  • Thin the Herd (D 376) – If nothing else, it gives you a chance to use dark reaping when fighting just one creature.
  • Unnatural Stamina (D 376) – If everyone is doing their job, you don’t have to spend many surges. But resist 10 to multiple types is just soild.


  • Darkwinter Wild Soul (DMA 2009) – Sorcerers are stronger when they can focus on, and support, one damage type, and this allows Wild Sorcerers to do so.
  • Deathly Disruption (DMA 2009) – Considering there is only a single Sorcerer power that deals necrotic damage, this is awful. However, if you can change damage types to necrotic and have Darkwinter Wild Soul, your ability to pierce necrotic resistance is incredible.
  • Life on the Edge (DMA 2009) – You have to wait until you are bloodied before novaing, but the bonus is well worth it if you are making many attacks.
  • Reaper’s Touch (DMA 2009) – A superior version of melee training. A very good feat to pick up.


  • Clarifying Presence (PHB 3) (Epic) – It is a very good feat, but isn’t better rated because you still aren’t a leader.

Shifter, Longtooth

  • Beasthide Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Resist all is pretty good, but at this level the value is minimal. It’s a better choice for tanks, which you definitely aren’t.
  • Burst of Savagery (PHB 2) (Epic) – You don’t really need the regeneration, but it is nice to have. And the damage boost is great for multiattackers like you. Giving up all that for a small (relatively- this is Epic after all) damage boost is not a deal that works in your favor.
  • Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Extra mobility is a great thing.
  • Fanged Magic (AP) – If only this was available to every Sorcerer. The damage isn’t amazing for any tier, but it adds up, and it auto kills minions. An excellent reason to play a Shifter Sorcerer.
  • Sturdy Shifter (EPG) – You don’t need the temps.

Shifter, Razorclaw

  • Beasthide Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Resist all is pretty good, but at this level the value is minimal. It’s a better choice for tanks, which you definitely aren’t.
  • Burst of Savagery (PHB 2) (Epic) – You don’t really need the regeneration, but it is nice to have. And the damage boost is great for blasters like you. Giving up all that for a small (relatively- this is Epic after all) damage boost is not a deal that works in your favor.
  • Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Extra mobility is a great thing.
  • Predatory Magic (AP) – Really, really mediocre. And often the shift will not do anything for you.


  • Diabolic Soul (D 381) – If infernal wrath wasn’t so good for Sorcerers this’d be a better feat. As is, it is very, very good for the rating.
  • Fiery Rebuke (PHB) (Paragon) – This adds quite a bit of damage, making your infernal wrath a thing of beauty.
  • Hellfire Arcanist (D 381) – It’s a Wizard feat, but well worth multiclassing for.
  • Hellfire Blood (PHB) – Since it is limited to fire and fear it can’t be rated higher. But, if you play a fire based Tielfing Sorcerer, you are taking this.
  • Hellfire Master (D 381) – Again, a Wizard feat, but well worth multiclassing for and picking up powers that have save end effects.
  • Imperious Majesty (D 381) – Going early is always a good thing, and the secondary effect is nice.
  • Scion of the Gods (FRPG) – Strictly worse than Improved Defenses.


  • Secret of Enduring Vigor (PHB 3) (Epic) – If your healing surge value weren’t so miserable, this’d be better.