by duelistdelsol, Nov 14,2010
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Class Feats

Heroic Tier Feats

  • Arcane Spellfury (PHB 2) – If you have the feat slot for it, there isn’t any reason not to take Arcane Spellfury. It really helps build up novas, and if your at-will of choice is a blast/burst you’re going to be hitting quite often.
  • Armored Sorcerer (D 390) – The bonus is quite small and doesn't scale. Meh.
  • Beginner’s Luck (D 385) – The bonus is quite substantial, but it isn’t guaranteed, and if you are relying on succeeding an untrained skill check you aren’t doing it right.
  • Champion of the Bloody Circle (D 390) – *shrug*
  • Cosmic Blade Channeling (D 390) – The bonuses can actually be quite good.
  • Disciplined Wild Soul (PHB 2) – It make Wild Magic much better, but still random. Extra choices are always good though. It’s not a bad feat, but spending the feat slot on this is a bad idea.
  • Distracting Coincidences (D 385) – Wild Sorcerers get a lot of slides, and this is a nice benefit for your allies. But remember, you aren’t a leader, so don’t take this unless you happen to have an extra feat slot and nothing to spend it on.
  • Focusing Spellfury (AP) – Takes planning to get off, for a minor benefit.
  • Fortunate Resistance (D 385) – Rather than having just a 10% chance of getting the resistance you want you can spend a feat to get a whole 50% chance of getting the resistance you want. Not worth the feat.
  • Gambler’s Initiative (D 385) – Unfortunately it is a feat bonus. If you want to go first, pick up Improved Initiative. It is just as likely to be a completely useless feat as it is to grant a substantial bonus to initiative. If you like the randomness of Wild Magic don’t take this until your CHA mod is 6 or 7. Retrain to Superior Initiative at Epic.
  • Improved Dragon Soul (PHB 2) – If you have multiple resistances from Dragon Soul, or are going into a theme campaign that matches your Dragon Soul type, pick this up since it will come in handy. Better resistance means your piercing is better.
  • Lucky Shot (D 385) – Again, 50% chance of it being useless. But, the damage bonus is huge.
  • Mastery of Knives (D 390) – A giant trap. You cannot put Superior Implement properties on Kukris or Katars, which will drop your accuracy/damage output; meanwhile, the Kukri is even less accurate than the Dagger as a weapon, and the Katar, while not all that bad truth be told, just doesn't do enough as a weapon to consider for a class that would rather blast than do single-target attacks.
  • Rising Spellfury (AP) – The Arcane and Rising Spellfury combo means you’ll be fairly accurate. Individually, they are just mediocre feats.
  • Sorcerous Blade Channeling (PHB 2) – A fine feat. There are other ways to get around not provoking though, so it's not that necessary.
  • Storm Blade Channeling (D 390) – It has potential, letting you attack and then withdraw behind your party's defender to avoid retaliation.
  • Student of the Cosmos (AP) – Really, only the phase of the sun benefit is good for you, but your initiative is already not spectacular.
  • Tempest Magic (AP) – If you have the CON for it (get the CON for it) it is strictly superior to any of the other damage increasing feats for lightning and thunder. A Storm Sorcerer will always deal lightning or thunder damage as soon as magic items become available, and thus this feat will always kick in.
  • Wild Blade Channeling (D 390) – Marginal at best.

Paragon Tier Feats

  • Arcane Flexibility (PHB 2) - If you are worried about getting a particular damage type, you either carry a weapon that can change damage types, or you only pick powers with the right damage.
  • Blade Channeling Mastery (D 390) – Save penalties are never a bad thing. If you've focused on taking single-target powers with ongoing damage attached, this can be a great way to maximize their benefit.
  • Bloody Channeling (D 390) – Don't take this one without Blade Channeling Mastery unless you're in a party with lots of ongoing damage.
  • Cosmic Spellfury (AP) - It's a nice defensive benefit for using at-wills. If you are doing your job right you won't spend more than 1 or two rounds tossing out at-wills, so you won't get this to kick in that often. But if you are at-will focused (probably due to White Lotus cheese), it's a good choice.
  • Coincidental Success (D 385) - Only usable during a skill challenge, rather than working as a success (which would be more widely applicable). But, if you use it for a skill you are very good at it can generate an automatic success (i.e. if you roll 1-10 the feat gives you a success, and if you roll 11+ your skill bonus earns the success). Worth taking if your DM runs lots of skill challenges.
  • Draconic Spellfury (PHB 2) - Spending as much time on the front lines as you will be doing, you'll want the temps, and since Burning Spray is very much something you want to use often, you'll get the benefit often.
  • Opportune Chaos Burst (D 385) - Not worth the slot. What Chaos Burst gives you is usually enough, and it is still too random to spend a feat on.
  • Sorcerous Reserves (AP) - A nice incentive to not hoard your dailies. Really, if you never want to miss, you can make your Sorcerer at-wills incredibly accurate with enough easy to get bonuses.
  • Sorcerous Vision (AP) - This doesn't effect passive perception or passive insight, but it is still very good. In any circumstance it is a good pick, and if your party doesn't have a perception fiend you should pick this up soon.
  • Storm Spellfury (AP) - It makes you a little more mobile, but not so much that you need this feat right at Paragon, because fly 2 is just 2 squares that provoke. However, it does give you a move action when dazed, or an extra move after you stand up from prone, or just an extra move. And your athletics is likely to not be good, so it can get you up small ledges and the like.
  • Unlucky Teleport (D 385) - It only works for Sorcerer powers, which hurts the versatility of this feat, but it is a great damage boost. Wild Sorcerers can ensure that they can have 2/3 of their encounter powers at each level teleporting the target, and all of those powers are worth taking.
  • Wild Spellfury (PHB 2) - It is situational because, as a Wild Sorcerer, you don't want to be in melee. But the damage is hefty.

Epic Tier Feats

  • Explosive Spellcasting (AP) - Quite good. Often when attacking multiple creatures you'll hit your secondary target rather than the one you really want dead, and things like this help to put the damage on the creature you want. This also allows you to use a crit against a minion, or very low hp creature, to kill another creature. Becomes better with Sorcerous Flux and things that increase your crit range/damage.
  • Fury of the Storm (AP) - It's a ridiculous damage boost when you crit, and makes every item/feat that adds extra damage when you crit one color better. Take this with Sorcerer Implement Expertise and a Vicious/Bloodiron weapon.
  • Master of the Cosmic Cycle (AP) - It doesn't keep you in the phase you want, but picking is better than not picking.
  • Ruthless Spellfury (AP) - To use it you either need to have an at-will that can be used as a RBA, or be a Storm/Wild Sorcerer that wields a dagger. And it only triggers off of at-will attacks. But, free attacks are still great, so if you are one of the characters that can use this feat it is good.
  • Sorcerer Implement Expertise (AP)- Expanding you crit range is a beautiful thing, and this feat is usable with no opportunity cost (though it doesn't work on MBAs, unless you have Eldritch Strike).
  • Sorcerous Flux (PHB 2) - When you need this feat, you really need it. It keeps you from wasting crits on minions, or very low hp monsters, and it helps you hit the target you really want to hit.