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[sblock Weapons] Since Defiant only start with simple weapons, it's pretty much a given that one of there first feats will be to pick up a superior one. Wrathfull can make due fine with hammers, though upgrading isn't a bad choice.
1-handed Hammers: Can be considered for Wrathfull who are on the front lines without a defender, or are otherwise often targeted.
'blue'>2-handed Hammers: Mauls are the default for Wrathfull. They should have enough Con to get all the good hammer feats (hammer rhythm, bludgeoning mastery). There's no for Defiants to use them (well, perhaps dwarfs).
1-handed Swords: The default for defiants, who generally will spring for a bastard sword right away. They have accuracy which is important since runepriest powers do virtually nothing on a miss. Wrathfull like accuracy too, but generally will go more offensive.
2-handed swords: Fullblade is high damage, and high accuracy. An good option for wrathfull, and a ok choice for defiant.
'blue'>Polearms: Greatspear is good, accurate option for defiants, who already have Str and Wis, and only need to invest in some Dex, which would help Init and Ref anyways. They also help reduce the mobility issue runepriest have. While there are very few runepriest powers that move people, it's possible to add it other ways, which can easily make this weapon worth while. Wrathfull may still want to consider getting reach, though they shouldn't spare the stats for the feats. [/sblock]
[sblock armor] Scale: Scale provides a solid AC and you can happily live your entire career in it.
Resist Plate: For wrathfull, this is the prime choice, since you gain bonus damage when hit, but you still don't want to be hurt.
AC Plate: More AC would be good for defiant, however, it's going to cost some stats, and it's generally better to upgrade to a heavy shield first.
Light Shield: Since there is little reason to go 2-weapon, weather you use one or not depends on what weapon you choose.
Heavy Shield: Defiant will likely pick this up. [/sblock]