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Discussion Thread
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One quick note about the Rune feats. Early in your career, you need to decide whether you want to take all of them, or none. +1 temp hp or damage once per encounter doesn’t help much, but +4/6/8 helps a lot. The Rune of Eloquence and Rune of Zeal are the worst of these feats, but even they might be good just because they boost all your other Rune feats. At Epic, giving out 11 hp in a burst 15 3 times per encounter with your Rune of Mending is be great, as is granting a free melee basic with a +8 to attack and damage when you crit.
[sblock Rune Feats]

The ratings here assume you take most or all of the Rune feats.

Heroic Rune feats
  • Rune of Hope - granting 3-6 temps with your Rune of Mending makes it that much more effective, and you will probably be spamming it anyway to get the bonus to defenses or damage.
  • Rune of Vengeance - 1/encounter damage buff isn't much, but it does last for the entire turn.
  • Rune of Zeal - A decent buff to some useful skills.
  • Rune of Eloquence - Only useful for buffing other Rune feats.
Paragon Rune Feats
  • Rune of Escape - Hopefully you'll be keeping your allies alive so they won't need their second wind, but if you have a dwarf warden, this could be nice for them.
  • Rune of Torment - You don't have many (save ends) effects or ways to make them last longer, but extra damage is extra damage.
Epic Rune Feats
  • Rune of Battle - Makes your crits into something truly fearsome.
  • Rune of Health - Can be useful for getting unconscious allies off the ground.
  • Heavenly Halberdier - Proficency with 2 good weapons, but since it's a free action, it won't trigger most slide things, such as polearm momentum. Still, it's stictly superior to weapon proficency.
  • Scribe Sutra - Unless your in a race to make as many scrolls as possible. Take ritual casting instead and get access to all of the rituals.
  • Rune of Battle - This baby gets listed twice because it's worth taking even if you have no other Rune feats.
  • Rune of Health - Can be useful by itself for getting multiple unconscious allies off the ground.
I am only focusing on feats that are "okay" or better.
[sblock Dragonmark Feats]
  • Mark of healing - You get quite a few healing powers, and mass saving throws can save the party's bacon at times.
  • Mark of Warding - You aren’t going to be doing a lot of marking, but you do have a lot of powers that grant a bonus to a defense. This improves all of them by a good measure.

[sblock Multiclass]
  • Fighter - Awsome MC feat, Lot's of good weapon/shield feats, strong PP's and a no-brainier to qualify for.
    • Battle Awareness - Easy way to add some damage that's almost always going to come up.
    • Student of the Sword - Encourageing more attacks against you isn't a bad thing.
    • Wrathful Warrior - Con mod THP every battle isn't bad.
  • Cleric - A nice MC feat and some solid PP's.
    • Initiate of Faith - Always nice to have a backup heal, as well as opening up another item slot.
    • Divine Healer - You have no cleric powers to benefit from this.
  • Avenger - While a great MC feat, there's not much else for a runepriest.
    • Hero of Faith - Roll twice will help ensure you land your daily, though Disciple of Divine Wrath is generally better, and easier to qualify for.
    • Disciple of Divine Wrath - Even with redundant skill training, 2 turns of rolling twice makes this an easy feat.
  • Barbarian - While you have good stat synergy, most feats are about rages, and other class features you don't have.
    • Berserker's Fury - While a decent damage boost in low heroic, it fades fast.

[sblock Heroic Feats]
  • Weapon Expertise - Hard to argue with +1/2/3 to hit. You will get this eventually -- it's only a question of when.
  • "#00BFFF">Weapon Proficiency - Wrathful starts with decent weapons, and their stats support Bludgeon Mastery easily. However, this is a top priority for Defiant. Since your stats don't support any Mastery feats, getting a +3 prof weapon is an excellent idea; for two-handed use, I suggest the Fullblade (1d12 high crit) or Greatspear (1d10 reach). Shield users should look at the Triple-Headed Flail or Bastard Sword (both 1d10 versatile).
  • Armor Proficency - Wrathful will want the masterwork plate line that grants damage resist, given you're going to be on the front lines and benefit from getting hit. Defiant probably doesn't care so much.
  • Shield Proficency - Defiants will want the +1 AC and Ref, as they will need all the AC they can get so that they get missed more often and can get their damage bonus. Wrathful would rather get hit, so shields are counterproductive.
  • Hafted Defense - +1 AC/Ref when wielding a polearm. This is Defiant's excuse for choosing Greatspear.
  • Toughness - You're going to be on the front lines. More hp is good. (Remember that this also translates into more healing per surge).
  • Wintertouched - Frostcheese. Retrain into this at Paragon if you're interested.
  • Skill Power - Gain an extra utility power. Sure, why not? Sounds good to me.

[sblock Paragon Feats]
  • Hammer Rythm Hey, a consolation prize for missing! Wrathful qualifies without even thinking about it.
  • Defiant Light: Some common resist and a bonus to attack. Very nice if you can impose radiant vulnerability.
  • Wrath of Defeat: A free MBA sounds powerful, but you're the leader. You REALLY shouldn't be falling down.

[sblock Epic Feats]