by bonhomme, Aug 29,2009

RandomEncounter_Tavern_High Heroic

Encounter Level Difficulty: Hard (3000) 5 PCs Party Level 9
Setup Avast ye land lubbers here be pirates! A band of pirates has come to the bar demanding swill and subservience from the locals. They loudly play a game of 3 dragon ante and demand the PCs take part in their game. The game is a level 12 social skill challenge of complexity 2. Succsess: Pirates are humbled, leave the bar and give the pcs their gold. Failure: Pirates attack. If the PCs refuse to play, the pirates attack
This encounter includes the following:
3 Human Pirate
1 Berserker Savage (Level 11)
1 Snaketongue Assassin (Level 11)

3 Human Pirate Level 9 Skirmisher Medium natural humanoid (human) XP 400 each
1 Berserker Savage (Level 11) Level 11 Elite Leader Medium natural humanoid XP 1200
1 Snaketongue Assassin (Level 11) Level 11 Lurker Medium natural humanoid (shapechanger) XP 600
4 PCs: -1 Human Pirate
6 PCs: +1 Human Pirate
Tactics Assassin avoids the main fray and seeks out lone ranged strikers or controllers. The Berserker savage immediately charges any leaders in the party taunting them for leading such a poor band of adventurers. It then spends and action point and attacks again. The pirates seek to surround defenders and bog them down. At least one pirate stays near the berserker to attain combat advantage. In addition, any creature will try and bull rush PCs out adjacent windows to remove them from the fight. Acrobatics check of 16 to get back in the window, Fail: take 2d6+5 from the broken glass and fall prone in a square inside the tavern.