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Regarding humans, a grand majority of them hail from the massive empire of Rienia. They view themselves as the rulers of Carna, bred for nobility and power. They consider many of the other species “lesser” races. Made to serve or to be destroyed by their hands. Ever since recorded history the Human race has tried to conquer and commit genocide to the other intelligent beings of the planet. Although there are a few splinter groups and rebellions that work against them, the assumption that a human would most either kill or enslave another humanoid is very likely. Smaller settlements and kingdoms are found outside of the reach of Rein, attempting to escape the Rienians they have allied themselves with other nations, honor bound to their rulers. The people of Rienia appoint their leaders by the noble blood that flows through their veins, considered pure bloods, the eldest are chosen to be the King. If there is ever any controversy about a certain King being impure, the people will call upon the Worldseer to scry into the accused king to ascertain if they bear the blood. The Worldseer is the single most powerful mage at the time, dedicated completely to the study of magic and the support of the Empire, the mage is one of their most powerful tools. The current ruler of Rein, is the youngest king in the history of the Empire, Steffin Borgaerd. Rumored to have had the former King assassinated, he has lead his armies on a ruthless crusade against most notably the Dragonborne of Arkoshia.


Deep within the mountains, the Dwarven Clans stir, the Lands below the mountains reach for miles. Many of the surface races don’t realize how far the Dwarven Holdings stretch. These cities are inhabited by the 13 Dwarven Clans, whom constantly compete with the other clans for power. The final authority in Dwarvish society is their king, who is elected through trials of strength and politics chosen by the majority of the 13 clans. Tronjheim, supposedly the largest dwarven city sits the High Throne, located under the High Peaks. This is where the Dwarvish king holds his court and where you can find all of the 13 clans in one setting. The current king is Dumac ‘Stoneblessed’ Silverborn. An exceptional warrior and tactiful general, Dumac has lead several charges against intruders of the deep and the surface. Among the military ranks he is called Stoneblessed, for whenever he leads the charge; him and his allies emerge victorious.
  • 13 Clans
  • House Aeducan
  • House Dolvak
  • House Fangur
  • House Wildhammer
  • House Helmi
  • House Medur
  • House Batol
  • House Kildamak
  • House Stormpike
  • House Blacklocks
  • House Kundarak
  • House Ironfist
  • House Silverborn



The little folk of Carna are found most everywhere, they are able to somehow spread across the continent faster than historians can keep track of their movements. Majority if not all halflings are kind-hearted folk, they rarely stay close to their families when they come of age and leave to travel the world. The problem is not many of them take the time to sit down and record their travels. Its rumored between races that the small ones have traveled to the end of the world and back, but won’t speak of its secrets. Halflings use it as a way to board and eat for free, promising to tell their hosts’ about the unknown lands and magical secrets. The only known city of Halflings is the Commonwealth of Buckland, which is spread out between miles of land, separated into the Northfarthing, Southingfarthing, Westfarthing, and Eastfarthing. Many say that it’s not actually a city being that it is a just a few villages spread between stretches of land, but Halflings will argue against this.