by leodrik, Sep 14,2011

"5">The Tower of Iouna

Formerly headed by Archmagus Elmora, the Tower of Iouna was the largest and most powerful organization of wizards for hundreds of miles. Housing several hundred mages, the Tower acts acted as a school, home, and fortress for magic-users in the region. Hosting a full barracks of the Order of the Eye, the Tower of Iouna was one of the safest sanctuaries for wizards and scholars in all the world.

"4">Current State

The top third of the tower was recently destroyed by the rogue mage Tavus Magehand and Archmagus Elmora, along with several other mages, perished in the blast. Official statement is that he was practicing a dangerous ritual and planned to use Archmagus Elmora as a sacrifice but something went wrong and he was forced to flee. Tavus Magehand is currently being hunted by an elite squad of Mage- Killers who will stop at nothing to see him hanged.


Though only several months have passed since the incident, rebuilding is already heavily underway thanks to the efforts of the new Head, Archmagus Grumman, who promises to have the Tower fully operational again before the end of the year.


The Tower of Iouna raises mages in many of the schools of magic and though they prefer to keep as many of their secrets as they can, the students are free to move on after apprenticeship and graduation.
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Enchantment
  • Evocation
  • Illusion
  • Pyromancy
  • Transmutation


  • It is rumored that if you ask the right people, there are mages in the Tower who will take on apprentices for the schools of Necromancy and Nethermancy.
  • Some rumors tell of those in the Tower searching for a way to bring Archmagus Elmora back to life, unhappy with Grumman's sudden rise to power.