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"5">The Order of the Eye

The the majority of Ioun's worshippers revere her through their passion and practice of magic, there are some of those who actively command her divine might against those who abuse it. Most of these holy warriors join the Order of the Eye. The primary focus of the Order is the capture and imprisonment or execution of dangerous magic users. Working through various temples, academies, and towers devoted to Ioun, the Order of the Eye has been given almost complete responsibility of this task.


Though most mages were initially happy about the Order's quest, knowing full well the danger magic can possess, increasing amounts of zealotry has begun to cause problems. Many knights in the Order see danger in mages where there is none and seek to root out anything insidious where the majority of the time there is no situation. Because of this, many mages have begun stepping lightly around members of the Order of the Eye and practice much of their magic in private.
The knights of the Order of the Eye are often known as Mage-Killers by the world at large; negatively by mage sympathizers, matter-of-factly by most others. The Order accepts the nickname in stride, often with a shrug, convinced of their need to protect the world from dangerous magic.


The organization has grown considerably quickly since the fall of the Nerath Empire. During the empire's time, magic-users had been in high standing and greatly respected, with nearly all of them registered to various guilds and universities. At this time, the wizards themselves dealt with any dangerous magic and rogue mages that got out but after Nerath's fall, the formerly well organized mages fell apart and became more secluded. It was at this time that the Order of the Eye was founded to fill in that gap.


The Order of the Eye practice many different styles in their hunt for dangerous mages but are trained as one to put their abilities together seamlessly in order to effectively fight in any situation with any of their allies.
Though some order members do choose to practice the arcane arts to better understand and fight against it, many more rely on the divine gifts of Ioun which they often augment with training in psionics. It is their belief that Ioun admires the power of the mind more than anything and that by training one's latent psychic ability, they are acting on the will of thir goddess. The Mage-killers most often see warlocks, sorcerers, and most users of primal magic in the same light as wizards.
Recruiters for the Order of the Eye move out across the countryside searching for any sign of signs of psionic ability or particular disdain for magic-users combined with an intense devotion to duty. Parellel to this, there are some groups who actively search for children showing early signs of magical talent and putting the fear of the Eye into them (and rumors tell of those who instead simply kill the children though there has been no evidence put forward to support this).

"4">General Information

Emblem: An eye of Ioun in gold, emblazoned on a red shield with a sword thrust down through the center.
Colors: Gold and Red
  • Master Commander
  • High Commander
  • Commander
  • Knight-General
  • General
  • Knight-Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Knight-Captain
  • Captain
  • Knight-Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Knight-Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Knight

The membership of the Order of the Eye is typically made up of paladins, clerics, avengers, ardents, and battleminds.