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"5">Chevalier Knights

The Chevelier Knights are an order of gallant knights holding up the highest tenets of chivalry, honor, law, and order.


Most see the Knights as good for the world. In a place so dark and dangerous, it is good to know that there are some who seek to fight it. Many Knights travel the roads their entire lives seeking to make them safe for the masses and the masses appreciate that. There are some, however, who see the Knights as being too righteous and would prefer that they leave everyone alone. Typically it is the more unsavory sort that have these views but many of the poor and destitute don't see the Knights doing anything to help them so they join in with the criticisms.


The Chevelier Knights were established in the years leading up to the rise of Nerath and they had a major impact on the establishment and governing of the empire, proving an indomitable wall against all who would oppose the king and a shining beacon to all who needed leadership.
Lord-Justicar Maximus Shieldwall was the founder of and head of the Knights until his death in the 40th Year of Nerath. He died on the battlefield single-handedly holding off an enemy force attempting to sneak through the Northern Pass leading to the city of Nera. Over 1000 men lay at his feet after three full days of fighting before he finally succumbed to his wounds, falling to the ground where he continued to fight for several hours. He held the enemy force off just long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Witnesses said that as soon as he saw the approaching allies, he fell back and closed his eyes with a smile on his face. He died with his sword in his hand. The Northern Pass was renamed Shieldwall Pass in his honor.


The stereotypical "knights in shining armor", the Knights understand the value of a stong and brave mount. All Knights are to train and develop a deep connection with their mount whether it be a warhorse or something more exotic such as a griffon, hippogriff, or pegasus. These are not the strangest recorded mounts, however.
The primary barracks and training grounds of the Chevelier Knights is far to the south of the Nentir Vale, north of the ruins of Nera. They train warriors in the use of light and heavy blades but never for use in a deceitful nature so daggers and other small weapons are seldom used. Plate armor of any kind is the preferred armor of the Knights but not necessarily required.

"4">General Information

Emblem: Two horse heads, black and white, flanking a golden lance set upon a silver shield.
Colors: Gold and Silver
  • Lord-Justicar
  • Justicar
  • Guardian (1st Order)
  • Guardian (2nd Order)
  • Guardian (3rd Order)
  • Warder (1st Order)
  • Warder(2nd Order)
  • Warder (3rd Order)
  • Defender (1st Order)
  • Defender (2nd Order)
  • Defender (3rd Order)
  • Protector (1st Order)
  • Protector (2nd Order)
  • Protector (3rd Order)
  • Keeper (1st Order)
  • Keeper (2nd Order)
  • Keeper (3rd Order)
  • Gallant

The Chivalrous Code
"The chevalier seeks always to conduct himself or herself in a chivalrous manner. The concept of chivalry embraces courage on the battlefield, justice and fealty in the service of others, and courtly manners and fair speech. In short, it is a philosophy or way of life as well as a code of conduct. Details of what constitute chivalrous behavior vary from culture to culture, but most chevaliers would agree that the following precepts are a good start".
  • Serve your liege lord with valor and faith.
  • Protect the weak and defenseless.
  • Give comfort and charity to those in need.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Live by your code of honor.
  • Despise wealth for its own sake.
  • Seek foes worthy of you.
  • Obey those placed in authority.
  • Eschew injustice, cruelty, and deceit.
  • Speak the truth always.
  • Persevere to the end in any enterprise.
  • Never refuse a challenge from an equal.
  • Never turn your back upon a foe

Members of the Chevelier Knights are most typically lawful good fighters, paladins, and warlords, though they accept members of any race and class who can prove themselves chivalrous, honorable, and dedicated to the cause.


  • Though recovered at the Battle of Shieldwall Pass, Maximus Shieldwall's sword disappeared shortly thereafter though it's been said to have shown up several times since then in the hands of brave paladins, fighters, and other righteous warriors.