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Adventures will be described here:

First Adventure (date not recorded)
Arriving in the Chaos Scar, Ereven immediately had a job for the party: securing samples of bullywug mud for the warlock Nyron Darkspell. Despite Thomenyel earning himself a reputation for being reckless, the adventure is concluded successfully with new weapons being obtained by Linnea, Minerva, and Tavus.
Ereven informs Aylissen that he needs to head back to Fallcrest to research the Students of Aurtus.
September 19, 2011
Continuing into the ruins of an old death cult's temple, Linnea arrived only a few minutes late, the other heroes still wiping spider blood from their weapons.
Heading down a hallway, the party investigated an old bedroom, searching every nook and cranny for treasure but to no avail. Moving back out into the hall they are suddenly met by a small group of lesser demons. Three dretches and two maw demons fight almost to the last, nearly downing Minerva once but in the end they were defeated and one lone dretch ran off into the darkness.
Once they were ready to continue a second bedroom (also empty) was examined before they cam to the third. Tavus noticed flickering flames glowing beneath the door so the party prepared themselves and burst in. Minerva lifted the heavy iron bar and they entered, coming face-to-face with two boneshard skeletons and a blazing skeleton. The party fought well, but this time, taking the majority of the damage, Minerva did fall, only to be brought back to consciousness by Ereven in the nick of time. Tavus' wintery whirlwind seriously weakened the skeletons and a particularly nasty blow from Thomenyel's mace caused one to explode in a terrible burst of bone and metal. As the fiery skeleton fell next, only one boneshard was left. Minerva hit hard, dealing more damage than any so far that fight, leaving the undead monster only moments from blowing. After feeling the sting of the last blast, Linnea was the last to run from the room even as Tavus launched his cloud of daggers. The skeleton exploded in a brilliant magical blast that fortunately hit no one. From the wreckage of the room, the party pulled a flaming mace from the rib cage of the (formerly) blazing skeleton.
September 26, 2011
Continuing farther into the temple, the party found a storage room and after a bit of searching around discovered a hidden room holding a chest. After checking for traps, Thomenyel opened it and pulled out a sack of coins, a beautiful garnet, and a small. black statue of a barking dog. Tavus spent several minutes examining the statue after feeling the magic within it and before long, a large, black mastiff materialized from the smoke that fell from the model. Fondly naming the hound Aylissen in tribute to their friend missing this particular adventure, the party moved on.
They came into a ritual chamber whose purpose no one wanted to know but after a little discussion, the party realized that the circle could be modified to become one of cleansing. Five troughs led to the arms of the circles pentagrams but the fifth was hidden behind a massive stone door that was barred from the other side. Minerva, in a feat of impossible strength, kicked it open anyway. This lead the party into a fight with a demonic dretch necromancer and its skeletal followers. Besides Thomenyel falling and beginning his decent into death, the fight went well and before long the heroes were claiming their treasure. Unfortunately, Aylissen(the dog) also fell during battle but only to return to his home in the Astral Sea. Looting a bronze crown, a bag of silver pieces, and a shroud of protection the adventurers moved on to the actual reason they were in the temple, to retrieve the mysterious artifact.
Moving through the bare library, they find a book that could prove useful in the cleansing ritual but nothing else, Nyron probably having taken it all. Following this, Thomenyel, Linnea, and Minerva make several failed attempts at being stealthy while exploring the bedchambers on the east hall but their is nothing to be found. The next chamber beyond the library was probably the high priests bedchamber and as the party moves forward to explore, the floor falls out. Luckily Linnea is able to jump forward and avoid the trap. Thomenyel jumps over next. When Minerva goes to cross, however, she isn't so lucky and falls down the deep pit. Barely injured, she has better success climbing back out while Tavus and Ereven merely stand outside the room and chuckle. Placing the key they had been given in the wall's keyhole, the vault door opens. It contains a golden rod, socketed on each end with gears running spiraled down its length. Thomenyel grabs a bone statue of Orcus on his way out. As they jump back over the pit, Linnea falls this time but with a dextrous landing avoids much most of fall's damage.
With Tavus and Ereven leading the ritual, they explain that a blood sacrifice will be needed to activate the circle and only then will it be malleable enough to modify. Spending several minutes chanting, praying, and scrawling on hands and knees, the heroes successfully purify the temple, closing the hole to the Abyss and as an added bonus, completely restore it to it's former glory.
Coming back to the surface, the adventurers happily tell Nyron of their success despite no one having any idea what the artifact rod even does.
October 26, 2011
Ereven is greeted by the sight of Aylissen, newly names Ayven Wryless, coming up the road towards Nyron's house. The two talk for a moment before going in to awaken the others. Though several weeks have passed, it does not account for the heavy beard Ayven now wears after his time studying in Fallcrest.
Over breakfast, the party discusses the pieces that they're searching for, connecting the globe Ayven obtained to the rod they had aquired the night before. As that conversation reached a dead end, Erevan announced that the lord of Restwell Keep wished an audience with the party. Tavus gives everyone a brief history on Restwell Keep as they finished breakfast. Setting out for the short trek, Thomenyel forgot to grab the onyx dog statue.
Arriving at the Keep, Erevan gets everyone in with a note from the lord despite Thomenyel's managing to almost bar the party's entry. Escorted by guards to the gatehouse, everyone is relieved of weapons but for a single dagger each by Corporal Fallek and signed into the Keep by a strange mute young man named Syradon. Everyone is escorted through the outer bailey towards the inner gatehouse where they are met by the bad-tempered sergeant of the guard, Garrick Blackoak, who almost gets into a fight with Thomenyel.
Finally arriving at the Keep's fortress, Lord Peridin Drysdale introduces himself as the Lord of Restwell Keep and proud paladin of Erathis. After introductions (and possibly a bit of blackmailing information used against Tavus) Lord Drysdale explains his hopes for the Keep and the plight he faces with the rift between inner and outer bailey. The people of the outer bailey do not want the structured civilization that Lord Drysdale wishes to lay down in Erathis' name. They prefer the lawlessness that was in place before Drysdale defeated the Six Blades of Fortune. The commander explains that he wants the heroes to mingle amoung the keep's inhabitants and see what they can do to get more people on his side. He finally offers treasure if "the goodness of your hearts" does not suffice. On the way out of the audience, Elessan, Drysdale's second-in-command, stops the party and asks them to check into the traveling priest, Benwick.
The rest of the daylight hours are spent asking around town about how everyone feels about Lord Drysdale's wish of turning the Keep into a place of law. Most of those in the outer bailey are opposed or simply don't care. The heroes are able to sell off some of their treasure as well and they find out that the priest will be at the Stumbling Giant that night.
Arriving that night, the party receives drinks from Mother Aran, the tavern's owner and barkeep. She offers free rooms for their support (feigned or not) of Lord Drysdale. Eventually, the priest comes in. He's a jolly fat man who explains that he's a traveling priest come to the Keep to experience new things and preach about the goddess Sehenine. Ayven immediately buys him a drink and after several hours most of the party is at least a little inebriated. Knowing how drunk Benwick must be, those who are still conscious begin asking the priest questions. He begins to answer strangely before passing out. Thomenyel and Ayven begin to plan searching him but Mother Aran tells them they better do it upstairs. Up in a room with the unconscious priest, they find a tattoo of the snake god Zehir on his chest. They immediately plan a way to get Benwick out of the Keep and out to Nyron's house for interrogation. They revive those who passed out drinking and put the plan into action:
Benwick is stripped down and wrapped in sheets while Linnea takes his clothes and assumes his appearance. Erevan talks to Mother Aran at this point and let's her know that what is about to happen is all under control as he passes her a small pouch of gold. Tavus walks to the center of the common room, screams "Fire!" and uses prestidigitation to make the illusion of a fire appear. The patrons panic and run from the tavern. During the panic, the others take the still unconscious Benwick and sneak him through alleys to a little-known side door. Tavus casts his memory to mist and wipes the single guard's memory as Erevan knocks him out. They smuggle the priest away, leaving behind their gear and Linnea in the guise of Benwick. As the chaos of the tavern "fire" settles, the captain of the Keep's guard, a dwarf named Gorn Hammerfall,approaches Linnea and thinking she was Benwick, tells her that they need to meet tomorrow evening and that he'd be in touch.
Restwell Keep Part 2
While Minerva and Linnea stay behind, Erevan, Thomenyel, Ayven, Tavus, and Elmora drag Benwick back to Nyron's house to interrogate him. After a couple hours sleep with Benwick tied up in the living room, the party wakes up to question Benwick. However, before the interrogation can begin, Benwick, still naked, breaks free of his ropes, steals Thomenyel's dagger, and summons a swarm of vipers at his feet. Licking the blade to poison it, Benwick strikes!
After finally knocking Benwick out and killing his snakes, he's firmly tied back up to the chair (the legs of which Aylissen had been gnawing on). Through a back and forth "good cop"-"bad cop" with Erevan and Thomenyel while Ayven joined in with the physical harm, the party was able to get answers out of Benwick; truthful answers as Tavus was able to learn by watching his reactions. Three important pieces of information were learned from the priest of Zehir:
  • He was the advance agent of a large force of Yuan-ti and was preparing Restwell Keep for invasion.
  • Gorn Hammerfall is the only one who knows anything about it but they hold each others' secrets: Gorn is the last living decendant of Greysen Ramthane and has access to his treasure.
  • His acolytes are going to know he's missing and the other party members are in danger.
Following this, Ayven knocked Benwick out again and they stuck him in a specially prepared cold room created by Nyron, ready to stay behind and watch him. With the new information in mind, they set off to warm Minerva and Linnea.
Meanwhile, Minerva and Linnea went off in search of information from Lord Drysdale. Given permission to find out what they could about Gorn Hammerfall, the captain of the guard, they headed out to find his place of residence. They were quickly assaulted by two petty thieves whom they mercifully let live. Even as they finished the two off, however, a large group of robed men entered the alley. One of the larger men explained that they had seen Father Benwick with them last night and that they hadn't seen him since and that they wanted answers and were more than happy to take them by force. Minerva decided this was a good time to egg them all on and the battle began.
Restwell Keep Part 2 (Cont.)
As the battle with Benwick's acolytes was beginning, Thomenyel, Erevan, and Tavus arrived back at the keep. While Erevan and Tavus created a distraction, Thomenyel sneaked into the guardhouse and retrieved everyone's weapons. They showed up for the fight in a flanking position and immediately Thomenyel threw himself into the fray. The acolytes spread off to better defend themselves and the fight began in earnest. Erevan skipped, jumped, and Fey Stepped his way across the battlefield as soon as possible to deliver Minerva's and Linnea's weapons and join in on the fighting on their end. Early on in the first few moments of the battle, Tavus cast an Icy Terrain spell that took out several opponents and knocked one of the leaders to the ground. Unfortunately it also caused Thomenyel to fall on his face and take frost damage. Shouting threats and curses at Tavus, Thom was soon back in the fight. Linnea delivered a brutal stab to the head acolyte that likely took a lung in it's fierceness. The foe kept going for a bit longer but the assassin soon had it on the ground, a puddle of blood pooling from it's pinpricked form. Erevan had to throw out a Majestic Word to Minerva as the combined assault of four enemies began to wear her down. Thomenyel and Tavus were keeping three opponents busy by themselves, two of them leaders. Thom had one cowering in fear even while he smashed his mace back and forth into the man. Tavus worked at back-pedaling and swinging his staff as opponents got too close. Finally, the acolytes were worn down to just one of the leaders and Erevan delivered the final blow that sent the cultist tumbling to the ground.
As the party caught their breath and caught up on what had happened, Thomenyel came forward to get revenge on Tavus but after the mage waggled a few fingers, Thomenyel promptly forgot the last ten minutes. Soon, a large squad of Restwell Keep's finest arrived to arrest them. Minerva came to the front and quickly did some fast and diplomatic talking that calmed the guards and convinced them that this was purely self-defense and that they would all be dead if they had not had their weapons. The commanding officer agreed but still said they would all need to be brought before Lord Drysdale, but allowed them to keep their weapons as they were escorted.
Arriving at the fortress, Drysdale looks the party over and charges them for crimes committed during their stay at Restwell Keep. From the advice of his lieutenant, he is giving a chance to explain the actions that have lead to this. Before beginning the trial, however, he calls out Thomenyel and threatens to throw him in jail immediately for his relation to one of the two surviving members of the Six Blades of Fortune, a fact that Thomenyel did not know.
Restwell Keep Part 2 (cont.)
The party argues their case before Lord Drysdale and despite a few interesting occurrences (Minerva trying to intimidate him in his own hall and Thomenyel somehow convincing Drysdale he had never heard of Benwick) the group narrowly convinced the Lord of Restwell Keep that their intentions were good. Given a group of four armed guards, the party sets off for their arranged meeting with Gorn Hammerfall.
The meeting begins by explaining what is known from Benwick about Gorn and that his reasons for being in the keep are less than savory. Believing the party to be the only ones who know about his treasure, he at once raises his hand to call in his guards who had been surrounding the area. Ready to issue an attack, Thomenyel intervenes and after a very lengthy debate, eventually talks Gorn down and they agree to work together to retrieve the treasure and protect the town from the Yuan-ti.
Lord Drysdale arrives and explains that after some consideration, the crimes have been forgiven and that the party is trusted enough to be allowed to carry weapons. He gives Minerva a golden amulet in the shape of a cog, telling how it is of unknown origin and very old.
As everyone is grouped together talking, Linnea suddenly disappears for a few minutes. She returns and much to Thomenyel's annoyance, she doesn't explain where she had gone, though she and Erevan exchange a knowing look.