by AdmiralRanger, May 25,2010

Monsters from D&D

Thanks to Derelictdroid for this contribution:
Monsters that fit well (taken from Adventure tools list):
  • Orcs (of course), goblins, hobgoblins. I'd re-purpose these. Orc would be Uruk Hai, Hobgoblins would be your run of the mill Orc -- goblins could stay as goblins.
  • Stone Giants
  • Hill Giants
  • Earth Giant (re-purposed as a mountain troll or some such)
  • Firbolgs (again, as weird trolls)
  • Troll, Troll worgmaster, Troll runt, Fell Troll, War Troll, Warren Troll
  • Ogres
  • Ettins
  • Formorians (troll substitutes)
  • wolves, winter wolves, Dire Wolf, Vicious Dire Wolf
  • Worgs
  • Werebears and Werewolfs

Forest beings:
  • Treant,
  • Blackroot Treant,
  • Elm Skirmisher,
  • Shambling Mound, Massive Shambling Mound,
  • Oak Brute,,
  • vine horror
  • wood woad

  • Trebuchet and crew (although perhaps too advanced technologically speaking for the books, it fits the movies)
  • a few chromatic dragons sprinkled throughout the world,
  • An angelic creature or two (sparingly)
  • An Aspect of one of the demon/devils could be used for Sauron (or modified).

For the various Undead within Tolkien's work you might use:
  • Astral Stalker, Astral Render, Astral Shade
  • Wights, wraiths, specters, Deathlock Wight, Mad Wraith, Lost Wraith, Moon Wraith, Oblivion Wraith, Sword Wraith
  • Ghost Legionaire
  • Death Knigts might make ideal Ringwraiths
  • Ethereal Marauder
  • Nightmares (for mounts of undead)
  • keening spirit
  • Nightwalker
  • Wailing Ghost, Watchful Ghost
  • Traitorous Spirit (a nice minion for the hosts)

  • One Demon (Balor) (as an additional Balrog the party can interact with)
  • Spiders
  • Dryad, Hamadryad
  • perhaps a few Wyverns
  • Gargoyle (while we never see any, they seem to fit in flavor)
  • Humans (and plenty of 'em), Thug
  • Lich (very rare of course -- Sauron in his earliest forms might have been something similar)
  • Raven Swarm re-purposed as Crebian.
  • will-o-wisp
  • Giant Squid (Watcher in the Water type creature)
  • Roc (repurposed, re-aligned (Lawful Good), and downsized (Large) for Giant Eagle)
  • Elephant

Note: Refrain from using the arcane/divine iterations of these monsters (Ogre Shaman, etc), except in very rare cases. One might encounter a shaman amongst the Pukel men in Southern Rohan for example.

That's my list of monsters. There might be a few more, but I think that's pretty exhaustive. I couldn't think of an appropriate winged mount for the Nazgul, but I'm sure there's one.