by MephitJames, Jan 20,2010
This space will be used to connect players and DMs to my projects here and on my external wiki. I will be updating the Cities of Khorvaire project through my own page for the convenience but other projects will stay here.

Cities of Khorvaire Project

Did you think that adventure was limited to Sharn and Stormhold? Not anymore.
  • Fairhaven, City of Lights, is the capital of Aundair and a city full of illusive twists and turns. Exotic traders, Eldeen separatists, and the warring influences of two dragonmarked houses create enough drama to attract the attention even of city residents who have seen every arcane miracle to be found in Khorvaire.
  • Taer Valaestas, City of Thorns, is the only elven city on the continent of Khorvaire. Unlike the alien feyspires Taer Valaestas is very much of the mortal realm, although it guards its secrets as tightly as any eladrin city.

Fourth Edition Sarlona

The realm of the Inspired is updated for D&D 4e to be used with all the wonderful stories in Secrets of Sarlona.