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DISCLAIMER #1. The primary target of this page are Magic players in the greater Fort Wayne area. Their main purpose is to support organized and casual play but also to be useful for the occasional visitor.
DISCLAIMER #2. Right now, this is mostly a c&p from a website; I'll edit it by and by.
Contents: Current – Recent – DCI Tourneys – Casual Play – Photo Album – Stores – Documents – Links – FAQ – Contact
  1. DCI-sanctioned Tournaments (DCI OP offered on a regular basis.)

  • Chimps Comix (Warsaw)
FNM, time ?? Admission: ??
  • Clem's Collectibles (Fort Wayne)
  • FNM: 6:00PM
  • Admission: $5.00
Note: no tournaments during the holiday season!
Collector's Box (Huntington)FNM and other tournaments FNM: 6:00PM Usually: booster draft, $14.00; end of every other month: 2HG Sealed Deck, $20

DZ Gaming (former BookNook, Decatur)FNM and other tournaments FNM: 6:00PM

IPFW (Fort Wayne)FNM and casual play thereafter We start gathering around 6:00PM, FNM starts at 6:30PM, EDH around 10PM See here for a schedule of Magic events We meet on the ground floor of Walb Union in the "Stomping Grounds" (= Cafeteria). Here are Driving directions to IPFW campus.  (In short, enter from Crescent Ave at the traffic light next to the pedestrian bridge, drive to the traffic circle, then park the car in the parking garage to your right and leave the garage through the back entrance. Walb Union is the building right behind the current construction site; take the first entrance, then the stairs to the ground floor, voilá, you found us!) Here is a campus map.  Walb Union is building no 9 on the map, the one the arrow points at; white areas on the map are buildings, grey areas parking lots, and the two grey areas with bolded outlines are parking garages; parking is free after 5pm.
The KeepFNM and other tournaments See here for a partial schedule of their Magic events

MCS Cards Comics & Gaming (Bluffton)FNM

Top Shelf GamesFNM "Win-A-Box" every Saturday

 Casual play      (Casual OP offered on a regular basis.)         (back to top)

    • Books, Comics and Things (TC location)
    • Collector's Box (Huntington)
    • DZ Gaming ((former Book Nook, Decatur)
    • IPFW
    • The Keep
    • TopShelf

 Photo Album      (Some shots from local tournaments.)         (back to top)

    • Summit City Spring Championship: A selection of photos from the tournaments.

    • I lost all other photos in a hard drive crash; sorry!

 Stores      (Some information on where to buy cards and stuff in the Fort Wayne area.)         (back to top)

    • A-Z Coins & Stamps         (back to top)
      • 4201 Coldwater Rd (= Glenbrook Square Mall), Fort Wayne, IN 46805
      • phone: (260) 483-3743;   e-mail (Daniel)
      • good and decently priced selection of singles, boosters, packs, etc.;   webpage

    • Books, Comics and Things         (back to top)
      • 2212 Maplecrest Rd, Fort Wayne, 46815 (Georgetown location)
      • phone: (260) 493-6116;   e-mail (Tracy)
      • 5936 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, 46804 (TimesCorner location)
      • phone: (260) 431-4999;   e-mail (Judy)
      • good selection of singles, boosters, packs, etc.;   webpage

    • Chimps Comix         (back to top)
      • 919 E E Winona Ave #4 & 5, Warsaw, IN 46580
      • phone: (574) 268-2274;   e-mail (Nick)

    • Clem's Collectibles         (back to top)
      • 4130 West Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46804 ( location)
      • phone: (260) 480-7087;   e-mail (Regan)
      • good selection of singles, boosters, packs, etc.;  trade lists available;  internet store

    • Collector's Box         (back to top)
      • 515 N Jefferson St, Huntington, IN 46750
      • phone: (260) 358-0690;   e-mail (Todd)
      • huge selection of singles (millions of cards!), boosters, packs, etc.

    • DZ Gaming (former Book Nook)         (back to top)
      • 155 S 2nd St, Decatur, IN 46733
      • phone: (260) 724-2665;   e-mail (Dan)
      • wide selection of old and new single cards, boosters, and boxes; store trades singles

    • Games & Gadgets         (back to top)
      • 1651 N. Wayne St. Suite 102, Angola, IN 46703
      • phone: (260) 572-0918;   e-mail (Renee)

    • The Keep         (back to top)
      • 1505 Goshen Road (Gateway Plaza strip mall), Fort Wayne, IN 46808
      • New location;  driving directions
      • phone: (260) 471-4336;   e-mail (Jane)

    • MSC Cards, Comics & Games         (back to top)
      • 107 1/2 W Wabash St, Bluffton, IN 46714
      • phone: (260) 824-4576;   e-mail (Brian)
      • great selection of singles, boosters, packs, etc.;  store trades singles; 

    • Sport Spot         (back to top)
      • 1015 E Coliseum Blvd, IN 46805

      • phone: (260) 482-5877;   e-mail
      • some Magic product, but still a good choice to buy penny sleeves, card boxes, etc.;  ebay store

    • TopShelf         (back to top)
      • 6742 E State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46815
      • phone: (260) 749-6669;   e-mail (Aaron)
      • decent selection of singles, boosters, packs, etc.

 Documents      (A selection of Magic-related documents.)         (back to top)

    • DCI (Magic)
      • Magic Tournament Rules:  pdf  (07/01/09; revised version)
      • Magic Infraction Procedure Guide:  pdf  (07/01/09; revised version)
        (The Universal Tournament Rules (06/20/07), the Magic Floor Rules (04/01/09) and the Penalty Guide (09/20/08) were discontinued and included to the MTR and IPG above.)
  • MTG
    • Basic Rule Book:  pdf  (10th Edition, Lorwyn Update)
    • Advanced Rule Book (Comprehensive Rules):  pdf  (07/08/09)
    • Two-Headed Giant FAQ:  pdf  (05/07/07)
  • Organized Play
    • League Game Tracking Sheet:  pdf
    • Deck Registration Sheet Constructed (fillable!): pdf (new format)  -   pdf (old format)

    • Deck Registration Sheet Limited (pdfs):
      • Core Sets.  M10;   10th Ed;   9th Ed;   8th Ed

      • 2HG.  2HG-Morningtide; 2HG-Lorwyn; 2HG-PlanarChaos/FutureSight; 2HG-Timespiral

      • Blocks.  Shards of Alara:  ALA - CON - ARB - CON/ARB ;    Shadowmoor:  Shm - Eve ;    Lorwyn:  Lor - Mt ;    Timespiral:  TS - PC/FS - TS Block ;    IceAge:  CS ;    Ravnica:  Rav - GP - Dis ;    Kamigawa:  CoK - BoK - SoK;  Mirrodin:  Mir - DS - 5thD ;    Onslaught:  Ons - Leg - Scr ;    Odyssey:  Ody - Tor - Jdg ;    Invasion:  Inv - Apo - Pls ;    Masques:  MM - Nem - Pro

(A selection of Magic-related links.)      

(back to top)
    • DCI         (back to top)
      • Magic Players Rewards Program sign-up page

  • MTG Cards         (back to top)
    • WotC:  The Gatherer  (the "official" card search engine, incl. official wordings and rulings if applicable)
    • WotC:  The Gatherer-β  (the new beta version)
    • WotC:  Spoiler and FAQ for each set
    • Alexis Ambrunn:  Magic Librarities  (huge database—mostly for collectors, though; successor to Ralph Herold's Magic Library)
    • CabalCity:  Tokens  (download a variety of token cards);
    • SourceForge:  Magic Set Editor   (create your own cards)
MTG Card Pricefinder         (back to top)Toad and Troll: 
StarCityGames:  Price Finder/Spoiler Generator  (embedded in the rich StarCityGames environment) FindMagicCards:  Price Finder  (compares prices of about 15 online stores)

MTG Fora         (back to top)WotC:  Fora MTGNews:  Frontpage  (the usual: news, deck building, strategy, trash talk, ...)
MTGSalvation:  Frontpage  (besides the usual probably the best source for rumors/information about new sets) StarCityGames:  Fora  (the usual: deck building, strategy, trash talk, ...)

MTG Game Play
        (back to top)WotC:  Basics and Trivia  (just a teaser) WotC:  Magic Academy  (weekly lessons on basic game play)
WotC:  Saturday School  (weekly articles on advanced game play; discontinued) StarCityGames:  Understanding Magic  (mostly basics, but usually unusually well-explained)

MTG Quizzes
        (back to top)WotC:  "What Color Are You ?" WotC:  "What Is Your Multiplayer IQ?" WotC:  Are you a "Timmy, Johnny, or Spike?"  (old version, March 2002)
WotC:  Are you a "Timmy, Johnny, or Spike?"  (updated version, March 2006) WotC:  Explanation of "Timmy, Johnny, and Spike"  (December 2006)

MTG Rules/Rulings         (back to top)WotC:  Rules Center  (a list of links arranged by level of experience) WotC:  Rules FAQ  (read only threads) WotC:  Rules FAQ  (read & response threads)
CrystalKeep:  MagicSite  (the attempt to create an one-stop location for all ruling-related issues) CrystalKeep: 
  (find all "official" card rulings as issued by WotC)
StarCityGames: Judge Archive  (discontinued) StarCityGames:  Before You Ask ... (The Top Ten Rules Questions)

MTG Tournament Play         (back to top)WotC:  League and Tournament Overview  (for newbies) WotC:  Tournament Center  (for the competive player) WotC:  Magic Youtube Channel  (entertaining news for everyone)

MTG Trivia
        (back to top)WotC:  Arcana Archive WotC:  Article Archive  (click the sortable list header to find what you want) WotC:  Ask@Wizards Archive
WotC:  Card of the Day Archive WotC:  Columns Archive WotC:  Magic Podcast Archive WotC:  Wallpaper Archive Matt Sestak:  Various Mozilla Plugins

The Larger TCG/RPG Community (buddy sites and such)         (back to top)UGA:  Universal Gaming Association (Fort Wayne, IN)

Last Resorts (if even Magic can't make you happy any longer ...)         (back to top)Torus Games  (a different sort of "planar chaos;" you find more of those here)
Pac Man 1000 Blank White Cards  (create your own card game)