by kostchei, Sep 15,2009


Human , Tir Nan Og


Rogue , Artful Dodger


Small frame, dark leather armour, lots of daggers



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Background that the other players know:

Lucia is often on dubious missions on behalf of the druids.

Intro adventure:

Lucia was offered fifty gold to deliver a threatening message to a minor clan chief.
After sneaking into his bed chamber in the early hours of the morning she discovered he and his betrothed were dead. She considered asking his guards, thought better of it. She found a dark glossy feather at the scene.
In the light of dawn Lucia could see four figures nearby. One was dark and beaked. She shadowed until they entered a forest ruin. Minutes later the dark glossy bird man squirmed out of an out-flow and fled.
A minotaur, Relios, that Lucia had met before ran from the ruin yelling at the kenku...Lucia followed the two at a distance.