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Adventuring Companies

In the FORGOTTEN REALMS, adventurers often band together under a common cause or motivation. These groups are commonly called adventuring companies, but they really could represent any collective of adventurers organizing as a long-term group; for example, they could be part of an extended family or clan, a small religious sect, or a special team in a military organization.
In the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, you can form such a group with fellow players, declaring your affiliation with other characters that share your character’s goals and motives. Here’s how it works.

Adventuring Company Requirements

Your first step is to get together with fellow players that want to form an adventuring company. You might create a group of characters that all share a common background, or you might just decide to form an adventuring company with existing characters that have a previous connection with each other or are banding together for practical reasons.
One person or a small council should act as the scribe for the adventuring company, in charge of maintaining the company’s roll. This could be as simple as typing up a spreadsheet of all the character’s names, or a complex as maintaining a website with forums and chat functionality. It’s up to you.

The Great Adventuring Company List

As most adventuring companies were created prior to this wiki's existance, many are only listed on the Great Adventuring Company List. Hopefully, those entries will migrate to the wiki over time.

Current Adventuring Companies in the Living Forgotten Realms

(alphabetical order)
  • Bonesetters - for fanatical worshipers of Kelemvor who want to scour Toril of undead and Thayans
  • Company of the Sundered Hall - for dwarves interested in the East Rift.
  • http://community.wizards.com/four-fs FOUR Fs - Tactical Formation Group - A company of adventurers with links with Akanul who study & employ tactical battle-techniques.
  • Sons of the Steel Fang - for those who worship Tempus and are unaligned.
  • Lions of Cormyr - an adventuring company for aspiring Purple Dragon Knights dedicated to the defense of Cormyr.
  • Nemesis - A secret brotherhood aiming to impede the evil plans of the Twelve Princes and the expanding darkness of the Shadovar.
  • Westgate Adventurers' Guild - for all who call the Dragon Coast home or have adventured in the City of Westgate!
  • The Righteous Defenders of Elturel - A company of adventurers sworn to defend Elturgard and the city of Elturel against all enemies both without and within, even unto death.
  • Caravan of Carnage - In 1480DR a great race was called in the desert of Calimshan. The City State of Almraiven recruited a group of powerful adventurers who called their company the Caravan of Carnage. They dashed across the Calimshan wastes, smashed all opposition, seized victory, and wrote a song about it!
  • The Masters of Dragonspur Keep - The Masters of Dragonspur Keep are band of Dragon Coast adventurers who wrested control of an ancient fortress in the Giants Run Mountains from the forces of evil.