by Maganothrom, Mar 6,2011

Kailin Dart's Page of Sundry Pen and Paper Stuff!

Hi! I'm Kailin Dart, and I've been playing D&D since I was seven. My dad ran regular weekend games for his friends every winter for as long as I can remember, instilling in me a deep love of gaming. Growing up, I played AD&D, 2nd Edition and GURPS with my two brothers and whatever friends we could muster (my older sister was rarely interested, unless her current crush was playing).
In my teens, my dad instated 'Family Night', which became 'D&D Night' via popular vote. Switching to 3rd edition, and later 3.5, my brothers and friends soon found themselves playing until 5 in the morning, subsisting mainly on Eggo's and Whipped cream.
These days, I play 4e and Star Wars Saga Edition with my wife, brother and friends. I'm usually the DM/GM though I'm getting pretty tired of the wordy side of the screen. I hope to teach my kids how to play some day, so the cycle can continue.

Adventures, NPC's, Maps and Monsters

Coming soon, I hope to share some of my original settings and ideas for both SWSE and D&D 4e.