by christopher_perkins, Sep 12,2009

The Monday Chronicles: Heroic Tier

Each episode of the Iomandra and the Dragon Sea Monday campaign constitutes one or more sessions of play. The heroic-tier chronicles of the Monday night group are summarized below. For more information about the Monday campaign, see the Monday campaign main page.

Episode M-101: “Kheth”

Campaign Date: 9 Shivrah 1474
Trouble comes to Tyrak’n when the Dragovar warship Javanvashir drops anchor in Tyrak’n Bay and the first mate, Taazhon, notices that the town drunk, Johias Ilum, carries a Fang of Ardyn. Taazhon attempts to apprehend Ilum, and when the heroes intercede on Johias’s behalf, Captain Zahkijin of the Javanvashir clashes with Magistrate von Zarkyn over Ilum’s fate. Meanwhile, two passengers traveling aboard the Javanvashir disembark and secure cabins aboard the Talisman: a female dragonborn researcher and her elf manservant.
Notes: Balasar (Shawn Blakeney) also arrives aboard the Javanvashir. Johias Ilum is Bartho’s (Matthew Sernett) uncle. Magistrate von Zarkyn is forced to banish Johias from the island after his allegiance to the Knights of Ardyn is verified. Andraste (Michele Carter) learns that her aunt, Alethia, is imprisoned in Zardkarath for treason, due to her suspected ties to the Knights of Ardyn. Johias Ilum gives Andraste a pearl taken from Alethia’s lost talisman and tells her, “Look to the moon for answers.” Alex (Jeremy Crawford), one of the orphaned survivors of the Morrow’s Folly, learns that the ship was destined for Anchordown before it ran aground on Kheth. The heroes overhear that the Javanvashir is traveling west to join a fleet of Dragovar warships headed to Myrthon.

Episode M-102: “Morrow’s Folly”

Campaign Date: 11 Shivrah 1474
Captain Morrow’s dark past catches up with him when a dragonborn researcher named Serusa and her manservant, a one-armed elf named Faerdan, try to exterminate all survivors of the Morrow’s Folly. Serusa, a member of the Shan Qabal, feigns interest in the wreck to draw attention away from her true agenda. Serusa’s manservant, Faerdan, kills Captain Morrow and Errol, one of the surviving orphans, but another orphan named Kyoshi escapes and flees into the jungle.
Notes: Alex (Jeremy Crawford) learns that the Morrow’s Folly was one of two ships transporting children to Anchordown, and he learns that the second ship was named the Tempest. At this time, the heroes have no proof linking Serusa and Faerdan to the recent murders or Kyoshi’s disappearance. Serusa has peculiar spectacles that enable her to see auras around the orphans of the Morrow’s Folly. Eventually, she reveals that the surviving children are all “failed experiments” that must be terminated for the good of the Dragovar empire.

Episode M-103: “Rune”

Campaign Date: 12 Shivrah 1474
The heroes help the town guard scour the jungle for Kyoshi, unaware that she’s a prisoner of the Ghost Giant. Along the way, they encounter cloaked apes, a web-strewn hillock haunted by ettercaps, and a band of Firespear orcs from the northern island of Vorkon, who are determined to forge an alliance with the Ghost Giant, who turns out to be a crafty, 400-year-old stone giant named Rune. The giant catches the heroes by surprise as they explore his lair, only to learn that a terrible accident claimed Kyoshi’s life. The heroes negotiate an uneasy truce with the guilt-ridden giant and succeed in driving off the orcs of Vorkon.
Notes: Bartho (Matthew Sernett) befriends a baby cloaked ape. Beneath Rune’s caves, the heroes stumble upon a large cavern containing an ancient, damaged yuan-ti portal. Bartho’s baby cloaked ape is killed by a poison trap on the portal’s dais. In Tyrak’n, Alex (Jeremy Crawford) helps Andraste (Michele Carter) activate the pearl given to her by Johias Ilum, freeing her Aunt Alethia from the prison of Zardkarath. Alethia appears in a blast of moonlight, her head covered with an eyeless helm and her hands and ankles bound in chains and shackles.

Episode M-104: “Ship of Blood”

Campaign Date: 16 Shivrah 1474
The magistrate asks the heroes to investigate a derelict ship anchored off the north shore of Kheth. Closer inspection reveals that the galleon, formerly a Nerathi vessel, is covered with battered iron plates, its hull lashed with human corpses, and its sails soaked in blood. Aboard the vessel they encounter a pack of bloodthirsty Sanghor goblins hiding aboard, and as battle erupts, a copper dragon swims up to the vessel, lands on the deck, and is provoked into attacking heroes and goblins alike. Desperate, the goblins ignite the oil in the cargo hold, causing the ship to explode, break in two, and sink. The copper dragon claims to be the protégé of Irindol, the island’s previous dragon overlord, and arranges a secret meeting between the heroes and Kheth’s exiled rival.
Notes: The goblin kingdom of Sanghor lies far enough to the west that goblin sightings in this part of the world are uncommon. How the goblins slipped through the Dragovar ship patrols to get this far into Arkhosian waters is anyone’s guess.

Episode M-105: “Serpent Hill”

Campaign Date: 18 Shivrah 1474
While Alethia contends with her newfound freedom, Aiven Niri is haunted by nightmares of an evil cauldron hidden beneath Serpent Hill and disappears, leaving behind a journal. The heroes decide to explore the ruins atop Serpent Hill despite the dragon overlord’s demand that no resident of Tyrak’n may go there. The heroes find the hilltop guarded by kobolds loyal to Kheth but manage to sneak their way into a stone shrine, wherein they discover a secret staircase leading down into a dungeon temple beneath the hill. They fend off undead Zennadi cultists, iron cobras, and other threats before locating the dreaded Harrowfang Cauldron. The voice of Zehir himself demands that they “offer a sacrifice to the cauldron, lest the curse of the soulless consume all!” Before they can destroy the cauldron, an earthquake threatens to trap them inside, and Melech removes a ring from the hand of a Zennadi mummy and dons it. The ring teleports him away, forcing the other heroes to don similar rings and follow him.
Notes: Alex (Jeremy Crawford) and Melech (Bruce Cordell) come face-to-face with the halfling Kynt, a childhood friend who now haunts Serpent Hill as a wraith. The heroes learn that the Zennadi cultists are worshipers of Zehir. Alex (Jeremy Crawford) finds a golden scroll tube and opens it, releasing the trapped spirit of Eseleth, an exiled yuan-ti prince of the Syakanthar royal line. The spirit takes up residence in Alex but doesn’t control his actions.

Episode M-106: “Venomite Mine”

Campaign Date: 19 Shivrah 1474
The heroes teleport into a deep venomite mine under Serpent Hill and must fight their way past a black dragon and its wyrmling brood to gain their freedom, not to mention a gang of kobolds who have abandoned Kheth and fallen in with the evil black dragon. The heroes follow sounds of water to a point where the mines exit into a flooded seaside cave. They exit the cave and make their way back across the island to Tyrak’n. Along the way, they catch sight of the majestic Golden Boar of Kheth. Meanwhile, Magistrate von Zarkyn receives a warning: a crate containing the severed head of an albino goblin with a five-pointed star painted in blood on its forehead. The severed head animates and orders the magistrate to evacuate Kheth before year’s end or face the wrath of Haxar Zasha, a warlord of Sanghor.
Notes: Venomite is a poisonous greenish metal that the yuan-ti used to make weapons. The black dragon, Lurinok, sought to usurp Kheth and become the island’s new dragon overlord. Lurinok planned to hide in the venomite mines under Serpent Hill until his brood was old enough to help him seize the island.
The severed albino goblin head speaks the following warning: “The glorious kingdom of Sanghor claims your island as part of our ancestral realm. As the winds of Ashardalon yield to the ashen heart of Falazure, so must you yield to the Kingdom of Blood. Leave our island before year’s end or be destroyed. All who remain will fall under the blade of Wyrmlord Haxar Zasha and be fed to his dragon, the great and terrible Gûlzeran!”

Episode M-107: “Siege of the Dead”

Campaign Date: 24 Shivrah 1474
Melech is abducted by Vecna worshipers operating secretly in Tyrak’n and comes to realize that Lady von Zarkyn is one of them. Meanwhile, the curse of the Harrowfang Cauldron causes the dead to rise on Kheth. The bones of hundreds of creatures that have perished on the island over the years suddenly rise, and their animated skeletons converge on the town of Tyrak’n. The heroes are first attacked at Aiven Niri’s cabin outside of town and forced to abandon it. They retreat behind the town’s wooden palisade and join forces with the local militia to hold back the undead tide, which includes a bone naga and a skeletal blue dragon. As the heroes discuss the worsening situation with Magistrate von Zarkyn, the spirit of Eseleth suddenly leaves Alex and takes up residence in the magistrate.
Notes: Following Melech’s (Bruce Cordell) abduction, the heroes learn that Lady von Zarkyn’s servants are doppelgangers.

Episode M-108: “The Harrowfang Cauldron”

Campaign Date: 26 Shivrah 1474
With no way to excise Eseleth’s spirit from the magistrate, the heroes ask Sister Alyson Rivers to devise or procure a ritual that might help. Meanwhile, they return to Serpent Hill to destroy the Harrowfang Cauldron and find Aiven Niri. They fight the kobolds atop the hill, including several winged ones and a kobold champion mounted on a rage drake. They destroy the cauldron and plunder the surrounding vaults. Kynt, the halfling wraith who haunts Serpent Hill, confounds the heroes with hit-and-run tactics until he is finally destroyed. The heroes also free Aiven Niri from the clutches of some vine horrors.
Notes: A clay scout homunculus spies on the heroes at Serpent Hill. Alex (Jeremy Crawford) learns that Serpent Hill once held gateways to three ancient yuan-ti fortress-cities named Ressykar, Syakanthar, and Zauth Harkus.

Episode M-109: “Washed Up”

Campaign Date: 1 Ashardalon 1474
Five shackled criminals wash up on the shores of Kheth after escaping from a prison ship headed to Zardkarath. Shortly after making their way to Tyrak’n, the criminals take over the Talisman and threaten to kill townsfolk unless they are given safe passage off the island. One of the criminals, a halfling named Oleander, betrays his evil cohorts and joins forces with the adventurers sent by Magistrate von Zarkyn to defeat the criminals. Andraste tries to negotiate with the criminal leader, Eightson Bilger, and accidentally kills Balasar during the inevitable fight aboard the Talisman.
Notes: Oleander (Peter Schaefer) officially joins the party. He ingratiates himself to the party by helping Andraste (Michele Carter) remove her aunt’s shackles. Balasar (Shawn Blakeney) dies. An earthquake rocks the island of Kheth, and Lady von Zarkyn warns Melech (Bruce Cordell) that the Obsidian King is stirring deep beneath the island. Eightson Bilger has seven brothers. His next-to-oldest brother, Sevenson, figures prominently in the paragon-tier campaign.

Episode M-110: “Armed and Dangerous”

Campaign Date: 3 Ashardalon 1474
Oleander breaks into Serusa and Faerdan’s cabin on the Talisman and finds a narrow, locked box that he cannot open. Realizing that someone has been in their cabin, Serusa and Faerdan advance their timetable. Faerdan removes an insectoid arm from the locked box in his cabin, attaches it to his shoulder, and corners Alex in the temple of Avandra. Alex barely escapes with his life, Faerdan is killed in the temple, and Serusa is later arrested and imprisoned in the town’s garrison tower, although she denies any involvement in the murders. The heroes purloin Serusa’s magic spectacles and learn that Alex casts a pale aura when seen through them.
Notes: Magistrate von Zarkyn makes arrangements to deport Serusa as soon as a ship arrives to take her away. Serusa tells Alex (Jeremy Crawford) that he and the other orphans of the Morrow’s Folly were part of an aborted experiment funded by the Shan Qabal and implies that the orphans are a threat to the security of the Dragovar empire.

Episode M-111: “The Blue Anvil”

Campaign Date: 4 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes fear that the green dragon Kheth has learned of their recent incursions to Serpent Hill. They head to the south shores of the island to meet secretly with Irindol the copper dragon and then head for Rune’s lair. While traversing the south beach, they come upon a wrecked ship—the Blue Anvil—and follow a trail of footprints into the jungle. The footprints lead to an abandoned encampment erected by five survivors of the Blue Anvil. All are missing save one—the first mate, Tahama Daarsen, who has dyed her skin green as camouflage and shoots arrows at the heroes, mistaking them for the forces that kidnapped her comrades. Oleander manages to gain Tahama’s trust, but not before the heroes encounter those responsible for the abductions: a half-undead elf named Karsian Tolus and his mixed band of Winterleaf Coster elves and shadar-kai. During a stand-off, Karsian warns the heroes not to explore the heart of the island upon threat of death. He and his retinue then depart in an invisible flying skiff, and Tahama accompanies the heroes to Rune’s caves.
Notes: Melech (Bruce Cordell) retrieves a magic astrolabe from the wreck of the Blue Anvil. The Winterleaf Coster is a large elven seafaring trade consortium. Shortly after returning to Tyrak’n, the heroes learn that Lady von Zarkyn’s first husband, Torel, is one of the Lords of the Winterleaf Coster.

Episode M-112: “Secrets”

Campaign Date: 7 Ashardalon 1474
The magistrate and his wife leave the island to visit Io’calioth and bring word of the goblin threat to the viziers. Meanwhile, the heroes offer to deliver the monthly tribute to the green dragon Kheth as a pretense to learn more about the dragon, its lair, and its motives. En route to Kheth’s lair, the heroes rescue a dragonborn paladin who’s being chased through the jungle by elves, shadar-kai, and an undead black dragon under the command of a half-undead elf named Vantra Tolus. The dragonborn introduces himself as Te’ruk and claims to be an emissary of the Temple of Bahamut sent to verify reports of a terrible evil hidden in the heart of the island—a black pyramid brought to Kheth from another plane nineteen years ago. Grateful for their assistance, Te’ruk quickly falls in with the heroes and is convinced to travel with them. The heroes’ soon reach Kheth’s lair—a small cave complex cluttered with yuan-ti relics and statuary plundered from the island—only to find the dragon distrustful, paranoid, and unwilling to entreat with them. As they leave Kheth’s lair, they spot a Winterleaf Coster ship anchored off the north shore.
Notes: Te’ruk (Jeff Alvarez) joins the party. Aiven Niri confides to Alex (Jeremy Crawford) that she originally came to Kheth because of rumors that the island is a powerful planar nexus. She seems to be the only one on the island who remembers a magical event on the island that occurred nineteen years ago and caused the wreck of the Morrow’s Folly.

Episode M-113: “Vorkon”

Campaign Date: 11 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes travel to the nearby island of Vorkon in a small fishing boat. While they are eager to collect an old bounty placed by Magistrate von Zarkyn’s ancestor on the head of Kr’rovash, the orc chieftain of the Firespear tribe, the heroes primarily seek answers to the mysterious quakes on Kheth. The heroes reach Vorkon, navigate a river crevasse, and pull ashore on a thin beach dominated by a stone altar. The heroes interrupt a sacrifice in progress, fighting off orcs and freeing a half-orc bard named Azuropholi from the sacrificial altar. Beyond the beach, rough-hewn steps lead up to a ranshackle stone fortress at the top of the crevasse.
Notes: Azuropholi (Shawn Blakeney) joins the party, but only after he narrowly escapes being sacrificed by his orc kin. The half-orc tells his newfound comrades that the Firespear orcs have forged a tenuous truce with some humans who live on the north shore of the island, and that Chieftain Kr’rovash is trying to get his hands on an artifact called the Obsidian Eye, which will grant his people elemental powers.

Episode M-114: “Ashes to Ashes”

Campaign Date: 12 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes shun the dilapidated keep that blocks passage to the interior of Vorkon, instead taking their small fishing boat to the eastern shores of the island. Trusting in Azuropholi’s familiarity with the island, the heroes leave their boat behind and head inland across cinder-scorched fields, sneaking past orcish watchtowers overlooking the beaches and coming face-to-face with a pack of intelligent hell hounds and an ill-tempered firelasher. In an ash-filled ravine at the base of the volcano, they encounter an orc necromancer named Torolok the Bonecatcher, his undead dire boar mount, and a small army of orc skeletons.
Notes: Melech (Bruce Cordell) uses crown of madness to turn Torolok against his dire boar mount. Torolok kills the mount, and as it dies, the boar makes a gore attack on Torolok and in turn kills the necromancer.

Episode M-115: “Dust to Dust”

Campaign Date: 16 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes enter the Hall of Araksaradan, an underground temple complex at the foot of the volcano, in search of the Obsidian Eye, hoping to find it before the Firespear orcs do. Phantoms haunt the desolate halls, and Alex concludes that they are not undead but the echoes of acolytes trapped in the past. In the heart of the temple, the heroes recite an ancient verse and complete a ritual that awakens Zonjar the Fire Dragon from its ancient slumber. The gargantuan fiery dragon manifests before them and transports them back in time to when the temple was active with elemental cultists.
Notes: The heroes learn that Zonjar is the immortal herald of a powerful primordial named Araksaradan, the Obsidian King, whom the gods bound to the world after the Dawn War. The heroes conclude that Araksaradan is the source of the recent earthquake on Kheth, and perhaps even the volcanic activity on Vorkon. The Draconic verse that summons Zonjar translates to “Blood begets fire/Fire begets wisdom/All knowledge comes with time.”

Episode M-116: “Time’s Eye”

Campaign Date: 15 Io’lor 1183
The heroes battle the leaders of the elemental cult in their bid to secure the Obsidian Eye, so that the primordial Araksaradan can never be released. However, the Eye is well guarded by elemental cultists who seek to break their master’s chains, and the four elemental priests who preside over the temple are able to assume raw elemental forms. The heroes attempt to turn the four priests (Krosin, Fenem, Tarashi, and Voniver) against one another, and in the course of battle, Oleander plunges down a shaft into molten lava and dies a hero’s death. The heroes regroup and plead with Zonjar to send them back in time shortly before Oleander’s demise. The dragon acquiesces, and upon returning to the past, the heroes encounter themselves.
Notes: In a bizarre turn of events, two Andrastes (Michele Carter) survive the adventure. A temporal duplicate of Andraste’s aunt, Alethia, also survives.

Episode M-117: “Zonjar”

Campaign Date: 1 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes save Oleander from death while fending off elemental cultists before returning to their own time, more or less. The heroes’ interference in the cultists’ affairs precipitate changes to the timeline, such that when they return to the present, they find the Hall of Araksaradan overrun with orcs infused with elemental power. After fighting their way through the orcs, they learn that Zonjar has somehow freed himself and become the island’s dragon overlord. The heroes head back to their boat, only to find that a goblin shipwreck survivor named Ute has claimed it as his new home and damaged it beyond repair.

Episode M-118: “The Element of Surprise”

Campaign Date: 2 Ashardalon 1474
Trapped on Zonjar, the heroes learn that the Dragovar empire has some kind of agreement with the island’s fire dragon overlord, allowing them to raise a fortified Dragovar town along the north coast. The heroes also learn that the Dragovar have a secret operation underway to the south. As they head inland, they spot Dragovar fire gliders overhead and a patrol of dragonborn soldiers riding an elemental earth sled. While Alex heads north to the Dragovar town of Tejad’n, the earth sled’s trail leads the others to a secret foundry built into the southern cliffs. The heroes talk their way inside, but to their dismay, they discover that the foundry is under the control of the Shan Qabal. Masking their hatred of the Shan Qabal and claiming to be emissaries of the Magistrate of Kheth, the heroes talk their way to freedom and are taken back to Kheth on experimental water chariots, one of which cartwheels and crashes on the open sea, the other of which slams into Tyrak’n’s pier. Alex befriends General Armagan, the Dragovar commander in Tejad’n, and persuades him to surrender one of his experimental fire gliders, which Alex uses to return to Kheth. When the heroes return to Tyrak’n, they notice that the garrison tower is clenched in thick, grasping vines of unnatural origin. Aiven Niri determines that the vines wrapped around the garrison tower are native to the Feywild, and Alex (Jeremy Crawford) verifies that someone is trying to create a fey crossing from the Feywild to Tyrak’n.
Notes: The heroes’ meddling in the past frees Zonjar from his duty to Araksaradan. The island of Vorkon becomes the island of Zonjar in the new timeline, and the fire dragon rules from an obsidian fortress floating above the island’s volcanic caldera.

Episode M-119: “Shackles of Zardkarath”

Campaign Date: 7 Ashardalon 1474
Zardkarath guards arrive in Tyrak’n to recapture Andraste’s aunt, Alethia, as well as those responsible for her prison escape. The leader of this retinue, Tanika Graylock, meets with Magistrate von Zarkyn, but he refuses to relinquish Alethia into her custody. Following an altercation with Graylock and her allies in the garrison tower, the temporal duplicates of Andraste and Alethia agree to surrender themselves, provided Graylock leaves the rest of the party alone. Tanika Graylock agrees to these terms. The “real” Alethia and Andraste are allowed to remain free.
Notes: While imprisoned in the garrison tower, Serusa meddles in the battle between the heroes and the forces of Zardkarath, but survives.

Episode M-120: “The Hand of Vecna, Part 1”

Campaign Date: 12 Ashardalon 1474
Fearing that Melech is being used as an unwilling spy by the Vecnites in Tyrak’n, the heroes decide to expose Lady von Zarkyn’s activities. They sneak into the von Zarkyn’s manor at night and discover a secret temple to Vecna in the cellar. The heroes confront the von Zarkyns with the truth, only to learn that Thariel von Zarkyn has already confessed her sinister affiliations to her husband, and he has forgiven her. With information given to them by Lady von Zarkyn, the heroes head off into the jungle to find the Black Pyramid, accompanied by Tahama Daarsen; however, the Vecnites are alerted to their plans and send forces to intercept them.
Notes: Forced to choose between her religion and her husband’s love, Thariel von Zarkyn betrays her fellow Vecnites. She reveals that the cult’s activities revolve around a black pyramid hidden in the darkest jungles of Kheth and that the pyramid was brought to the island from the Shadowfell nineteen years ago. The pyramid’s sudden appearance triggered the magical storm that wrecked the Morrow’s Folly. Lady von Zarkyn reveals that the leader of the Vecnites—a tiefling named Kytherion Shadowhorn—ordered a full-scale attack on the town and used a creature called a “memory devourer” to erase all memory of the storm (and the subsequent attack) from the minds of Tyrak’n’s inhabitants.

Episode M-121: “The Hand of Vecna, Part 2”

Campaign Date: 13 Ashardalon 1474
The Vecnites at the Black Pyramid send Vantra Tolus and a squad of shadar-kai and undead elves to intercept the heroes. A battle erupts inside an ancient, overgrown amphitheater in the jungle, and Vantra’s forces are defeated, but not before Vantra unleashes a flesh golem upon the heroes and flees into the jungle. The golem, made of the stitched remains of Tahama Daarsen’s former crewmates, goes berserk and overwhelms the heroes, leaving them unconscious and bleeding to death before running off into the jungle with Tahama in pursuit. The heroes are found by member of the town guard and returned to Tyrak’n.
Notes: This adventure featured the first “TPK” in the Monday campaign, although technically none of the heroes died. Azuropholi (Shawn Blakeney) was instrumental in helping the town guards locate and retrieve his companions, since Shawn was absent from the session.

Episode M-122: “Dragon Orb”

Campaign Date: 15 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes recover in Tyrak’n, and Te’ruk (Jeff Alvarez) befriends a morose elf named Ramiel who claims to be on “an impossible quest” for his lord, the Magistrate of Rasalas. The heroes learn that Ramiel is seeking a fabled dragon orb, which his magistrate can use to protect the island of Rasalas against the threat of Wyrmlord Haxar Zasha’s blue dragon, Gûlzeran. Fearful that Kheth the green dragon is gunning for them and concerned about the goblin threat to their island, the heroes seek out the dragon orb on their own after Ramiel divulges its whereabouts in the Feywild. With the help of Aiven Niri, the heroes locate a portal on the island that leads to Tyr-Caliosa. The heroes cross over into the autumnal glades of the Feywild and are ambushed by militant eladrin belonging to the Order of the Silver Harp. After surviving the ambush, the heroes reach the Sylvan Spire. Within the courtyard of Tyr-Caliosa, the heroes do battle with several banshrae apparitions that haunt the grounds, as well as a leafless treant and two harpies.
Notes: The hammership Toth-Mejar stops at Tyrak’n bearing members of the Deeplantern Guild. Their leader, a dwarf named Arkyn Tavor, recently lost two of his crew exploring the sunken ruins of Harth Fantaro and comes to Tyrak’n seeking guidance from an old friend—Sister Alyson Rivers. Meanwhile, Magistrate von Zarkyn makes arrangements with Captain Kamatoth of the Toth-Mejar to transport Serusa off the island.

Episode M-123: “Songs of the Sylvan Spire, Part 1”

Campaign Date: 17 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes fight their way into the Sylvan Spire, past the fomorian witch’s cyclops guard, banshrae servitors, and satyr attendants. They also run afoul of her quickling companion, who evades them at every turn and warns Gargathûl of the heroes’ invasion. As the heroes scour the spire for a way to reach Gargathûl, a large band of bugbears on a hunting expedition arrives at Tyr-Caliosa and confronts the heroes. Their leader, a vicious barghest, proves a cunning match for the party, but the heroes ultimately prevail. In the battle for the tower, Oleander is killed, and Andraste (Michele Carter) utters a prayer to Sehanine to watch over him in the afterlife.
Notes: Tyr-Caliosa, the Sylvan Spire, is located in the Feywild hundreds of miles from the eladrin kingdom of Cendriane. Valan Zolerii, an eladrin thane from Cendriane, built the tower (then named Tyr-Zolerii) as a retreat for him and his wife, Turue. However, Valan fell prey to devious bets and was forced to sell his tower to the Caliosa, a secretive cabal of eladrin wizards. These wizards built a curtain wall around the tower to fortify it and placed magical wards on the tower to prevent unwanted intrusion.
Within Tyr-Caliosa, the eladrin wizards began to research “song magic” in private, using portals to travel back to the eladrin city of Astrazalian for supplies. A cunning Astrazalian lord named Loray Starfeon nearly succeeded in overcoming the tower’s magic with the aid of soem faerie dragons, but Starfeon was deceived by the dragons’ true master, a fomorian witch named Gargathûl, herself a servant of the formorian king Thrumbolg. With the tower’s defenses weakened, she led a full-scale assault on Tyr-Caliosa and succeeded in conquering it, but not before the eladrin hid or removed nearly everything of value.
Gargathûl, exiled for her “failure,” locked herself in the tower and surrounded it with perpetual winter, reflecting her mood. Great crystal bells that once rang songs of love between Valan and Turue Zolerii now play a solemn tune pleasing to Gargathûl’s ears, but maddening to the ghosts of those who had died within earshot of the tower’s belfries. These phantoms now haunt the tower ruins, serving the fomorian witch as guards.
Even though the Sylvan Spire has served as Gargathûl’s home in exile for years, she can find no peace. Years ago, as an offering to Gruumsh, the fomorian witch plucked out her eye and replaced it with a dragon orb. This item gives her command over the faerie dragons, and her enemies would like nothing more than to wrest it from her.

Episode M-124: “Songs of the Sylvan Spire, Part 2”

Campaign Date: 18 Ashardalon 1474
Oleander “awakens” near a moonlit pond in which the goddess Sehanine bathes. She gives him a magic ring and tasks him with keeping it from an eladrin named Starlord Evendor. Meanwhile, in the realm of the living, the heroes are joined by a taciturn dwarf druid named Hirgrim who helps them activate a portal that leads to Gargathûl’s lair in the Sylvan Spire. The fomorian witch confronts the heroes in the guise of an eladrin but casts aside her disguise once the battle is joined. The heroes are defeated, and after watching his comrades fall in battle, Bartho surrenders. He learns about Gargathûl’s exile and promises her power in exchange for sparing the lives of his comrades.
Notes: Hirgrim (Peter Schaefer) joins the party.

Episode M-125: “Shards of Winter”

Campaign Date: 19 Ashardalon 1474
Gargathûl shatters her staff of winter and implants its shards in the heroes’ bodies as part of a ritual. She warns the heroes that if she dies, anyone implanted with a shard dies as well. She then orders the heroes to lead her to the island of Zonjar, where she expects to find a “dragon of flame that can send people back in time.” Armed with the goal of undoing her exile, Gargathûl allows the heroes to leave Tyr-Caliosa and lead her out of the Feywild and back to Kheth. Once they arrive in Tyrak’n, the heroes secure a large boat for the return trip to Zonjar. The heroes lead the fomorian witch into the heart of Zonjar and encounter a Dragovar patrol traveling overland in elemental earth sleds. They incite the dragonborn soldiers into attacking, and Gargathûl is knocked unconscious in the battle. Eager to have the shards inside them removed, the heroes allow themselves and the fomorian witch to be taken into custody. They are taken to the Dragovar foundry overlooking the southern cliffs.

Episode M-126: “Death’s Grasp”

Campaign Date: 22 Ashardalon 1474
Iojad, the Shan Qabal wizard in charge of the elemental foundry, reluctantly agrees to help the heroes remove the pieces of Gargathûl’s staff lodged inside them. The heroes realize that Iojad is distracted by the presence of some goblin emissaries interested in procuring elemental weaponry, which is why he leaves the heroes in the care of Nedam, the foundry’s sympathetic priest of Bahamut. Nedam conducts the ritual to remove the shards of winter, but things go awry as he removes the last shard from Alex. Gargathûl dies suddenly, and her death nearly kills Alex. As Alex clings to life, Serusa appears with the dragon orb (newly ripped from Gargathûl's eye) in hand. Having learned of the heroes’ arrival and killed the fomorian witch to eliminate Alex once and for all, Serusa brings all of the foundry’s defenses to bear against the heroes. The heroes activate a self-destruct spell placed in the foundry by the Shan Qabal. Serusa flees on an earth sled moments before the foundry collapses into rubble, and the heroes leap onto their own earth sled and chase her through the jungles of Zonjar, right off the edge of a cliff. Serusa is plucked out of the air by a Dragovar fire glider, but Alex kills her in mid-air and catches the dragon orb as it falls from her hand.

Episode M-127: “The Forgotten”

Campaign Date: 25 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes return to Tyrak’n to discover five missing townsfolk, including Sister Alyson Rivers. However, no one in the town seems to have any memory of the missing townsfolk except the heroes. Suspecting that Kytherion Shadowhorn and the Vecnites are responsible, the heroes journey into the heart of the jungle and locate the Black Pyramid. A magical field surrounding the pyramid causes the heroes to age and wither, and they have no recourse but to press on in their elderly state. The pyramid’s occupants suffer no such debilitation, and the half-undead Tolus siblings lead the defense. Karsian and Vantra flee into the pyramid when the battle turns against them, and the heroes must rest before pursuing.
Notes: Nedam, the dragonborn priest of Bahamut, survives the destruction of the foundry on Zonjar and accompanies the heroes back to Tyrak’n. The heroes learn that the abduction of the five townsfolk (Alyson Rivers, Dalkon Ratley, Nilus Coldshore, Rosalyn Stavenger, and Algar Feck) is tied to the festival of Soulharvest, which is fast approaching.

Episode M-128: “Soulharvest, Part 1”

Campaign Date: 28 Ashardalon 1474
The heroes enter the Black Pyramid, defeat a talking otyugh called The Charnel Lord, and fight their way into Kytherion Shadowhorn’s library, where they encounter a floating eye that causes the library’s books and scrolls to animate and attack, as well as several “eaters of knowledge” whose attacks cause the heroes to forget their powers. After destroying these foes, the heroes force open a set of magically sealed doors and gaze upon a 10-foot-tall undead creature—a memory devourer—in the chamber beyond. In a flash of light, the heroes awaken in their beds back in Tyrak’n.
Notes: Kytherion Shadowhorn needs to sacrifice five souls to activate the pyramid, and Soulharvest is the only day of the year when the pyramid can be activated in the natural world.

Episode M-129: “Soulharvest, Part 2"

Campaign Date: 1 Falazure 1474
The heroes awaken with amnesia, but gradually their memories begin to return, up to the point when they opened the doors leading to Kytherion Shadowhorn’s inner sanctum. Lady von Zarkyn believes their memories were ‘eaten” by Kytherion’s memory devourer, and she brews an elixir that will render the memory devourer invisible to them but also protect them from its memory-draining gaze attack. The heroes learn that that the Black Pyramid was designed to devour souls, and that anyone who dies on the island after the pyramid is activated will be gone forever. The heroes confront Kytherion and his allies in the inner sanctum of the Black Pyramid, and although Vecna cultists deliver coups de grace against the five sacrificial townsfolk, two of them (Sister Alyson Rivers and Dalkon Ratley) survive and are rescued. Kytherion is slain and transforms into a wraith, which is then destroyed. The heroes also destroy the invisible devourer and descend into a lower chamber containing the pyramid’s power source. Several of the heroes are drawn inexorably toward the pyramid’s soul-consuming core, but Te’ruk destroys the pyramid by hurling himself into the core, enabling his comrades to narrowly escape.
Notes: Oleander (Peter Schaefer) reappears on the eve of Soulharvest, under the light of the full moon. Of Hirgrim (Peter Schaefer), there is no sign. Nedam takes Sister Alyson Rivers place as spiritual advisor in Tyrak’n, but only briefly. An elf spy named Carydion, who reports to Kytherion, kills Nedam in the Temple of Avandra on the eve of Soulharvest, shortly before the heroes depart for the Black Pyramid. Te’ruk (Jeff Alvarez) dies saving his friends and destroying the pyramid.

Episode M-130: “Thrill of the Hunt”

Campaign Date: 8 Falazure 1474
An arrogant dragonborn noble named Kreytzen Garzhak arrives in Tyrak’n with a small retinue of wilderness guides, determined to find and kill the Golden Boar of Kheth and gain a favor from the Emperor. Among those in his retinue is an elf ranger named Kithvolar, whose dislike of the dragonborn noble compels him to abandon Garzhak and seek out better company. Kithvolar befriends the heroes, and together with Ramiel they make plans to determine the source of the giant vines entwining the town’s garrison tower. Guards near the tower claim to hear wolf howls from within, yet the tower is abandoned and empty. Before the heroes head return to the Feywild, Oleander sneaks into Garzhak’s cabin aboard the Talisman and secretly disables a set of magic staffs that the expedition intends to use to trap the Golden Boar.
Notes: Kithvolar (Jeff Alvarez) officially joins the party. Sister Alyson returns safely to the temple of Avandra in Tyrak’n and performs last rites on Nedam. Andraste (Michele Carter) convinces Arkyn Tavor of the Deeplantern Guild not to return to Harth Fantaro until his team is prepared to deal with the aboleth(s) believed to lair there.

Episode M-131: “The Lodge”

Campaign Date: 9 Falazure 1474
The heroes spot a firbolg lodge perched atop a crag overlooking the thick forest of the Feywild. Believing the lodge to be abandoned, they climb to the top of the crag to gain a view of the countryside. They spot plumes of smoke several miles distance but decide to make camp. Cautious examination of the old firbolg lodge reveals the presence of several sleeping goblins, their giant bat mounts, and some prisoners held in wooden cages. The heroes launch a surprise attack. Reinforcements arrive in the form of a pack of bugbears hidden in a secret cellar, and they prove difficult to overcome. Ramiel allows a demon bound within him to surface as he slaughters the bugbears. Afterward, he reveals that the demon trapped inside of him was placed there by wizards working for the Magistrate of Rasalas. The heroes rescue one of the prisoners, a human named Lyfalia, who proudly declares that she’s a werewolf.

Episode M-132: “Fey Crossing, Part 1”

Campaign Date: 12 Falazure 1474
The heroes learn that hundreds of goblins have entered the Feywild and erected a formidable stockade in a location parallel to the town of Tyrak’n in their world. The heroes correctly surmise that the goblins obey Wyrmlord Haxar Zasha and are creating a fey crossing so that they can conquer the island of Kheth. Lyfalia leads the party safely through the Feywild toward the walled stockade, which is under constant siege by dryads and treants. The heroes forge an alliance with the fey and use them to create a distraction while they sneak inside. Atop the walls of the compound, the heroes see a crown-shaped ring of twisted vegetation similar in form to the vines wreathing the garrison tower of Tyrak’n, and within this “crown” goblin shamans have summoned an earth titan to weave a fey crossing to the natural world. The heroes also see that the goblins are well-armed for war and have secured the loyalty of an iron dragon to transport supplies and personnel to and from the compound.

Episode M-133: “Fey Crossing, Part 2”

Campaign Date: 12 Falazure 1474
After the iron dragon departs, Ramiel and Lyfalia engage the goblins on the stockade wall while the heroes confront the goblin shamans overseeing the creation of the fey crossing and the myriad defenders within the compound itself. A hobgoblin named Captain Erak harries the party from the back of his pet chimera. Azuropholi is killed when Erak orders the chimera to grab the half-orc’s unconscious body and drop him on a wall of spears. The heroes destroy the goblin shamans’ control staffs, causing the earth titan to sink back into the ground, ending the lengthy fey crossing ritual. Although he allows his inner demon to resurface, the bloodthirsty Ramiel is persuaded to flee the stockade with the battered heroes, but Lyfalia stays behind to buy time. The heroes flee into the wilderness on an earth sled, chased by goblins riding giant bats. One by one, the pursuing bats are taken out or driven off, and Ramiel leads the heroes through a portal back into the natural world.
Notes: Azuropholi (Shawn Blakeney) dies.

Episode M-134: “Assassins”

Campaign Date: 13 Falazure 1474
The characters return to Tyrak’n and take time to investigate the death of Nedam, and all clues point to an elf named Carydion. Although most people in town consider him a resident, the von Zarkyns don’t know him, and the heroes learn that memories of him were implanted by the Vecnites to conceal the fact that Carydion is a fairly recent arrival. The heroes corner Carydion in the streets, render him unconscious, and learn that he reports to Captain Lorak Summergale of the Dryad’s Fury, a Winterleaf Coster ship that frequently anchors off the northern tip of the island. Lady von Zarkyn sends one of her doppelganger servants to the Dryad’s Fury in the guise of Carydion to gather information and stall the ship while the heroes make preparations to attack it. That night, dragonborn assassins of the Kurik-Othzar (a sect within the temple of Tiamat) sneak into town from the sea and attempt to assassinate the heroes, starting with Alex. They are killed, but their leader—a black-scaled priest of Tiamat named Nazir—escapes.
Notes: Oleander (Peter Schaefer) chooses to divulge nothing about the events immediately following his “death” in the Sylvan Spire. Hirgrim rejoins the party, but under the control of a different player (Shawn Blakeney). The morning the heroes depart for the Dryad’s Fury, the garrison tower in Tyrak’n collapses as the vines gripping it begin to wither and die.

Episode M-135: “The Dryad’s Fury”

Campaign Date: 14 Falazure 1474
Believing that the Winterleaf Coster has reached some kind of accord with the island’s green dragon overlord, the heroes travel overland toward Kheth’s lair. Near the entrance to the dragon’s cave, the heroes capture a tiefling woman named Excellence who claims to be a member of the Dryad’s Fury crew—albeit a temporary one. She has no love for her crewmates and offers to aid the heroes any way she can in exchange for helping her escape; however, the heroes are reluctant to believe her. Excellence tells them that a dragonborn priest named Nazir has convinced Kheth that Magistrate von Zarkyn has formed an alliance with the heroes against Kheth, possibly to reinstall Irindol as the island’s dragon overlord. She guides the heroes down to the Dryad’s Fury and helps them get aboard, interrupting a meal between Captain Lorak Summergale and the dragonborn Nazir. Battle erupts on deck as the heroes face off against Captain Summergale’s first mate, a half-elf wereshark named Remora, and the crew. Nazir escapes and flees to Kheth’s cave while Captain Summergale, a reasonable man, orders his crew to stand down. Not wanting to make lifelong enemies of the Winterleaf Coster, the heroes agree to let Summergale and his crew go, but not before plundering the ship’s cargo with the aid of an oversized bag of holding loaned to them by Arkyn Tavor of the Deeplantern Guild.
Notes: Among the items removed from the hold of the Dryad’s Fury is a sealed sarcophagus that Alex (Jeremy Crawford) determines was crafted by a Turathi archwizard named Samantia Carnago hundreds of years ago. Andraste (Michele Carter) dimly recalls that this device may have been used by the lords of Cendriane to trap an immortal lamia queen named Venefiq. Summergale reveals only that he was transporting it for the Shan Qabal. Oleander steals a Winterleaf Coster chalice from Captain Summergale’s cabin.

Episode M-136: “Catch of the Day”

Campaign Date: 16 Falazure 1474
With Venefiq’s sarcophagus safely stashed in the Deeplantern Guild’s bag of holding, the heroes return to Tyrak’n to find the Talisman gutted by fire. Lucien Vezetus recounts how a gang of mercenaries from the Dryad’s Fury showed up looking for a missing crewmember named Excellence and torched the place when Lucien proved uncooperative. Excellence rekindles an old friendship with Lucien while the heroes head off in search of the miscreants who set his tavern ablaze. Excellence confesses that the mercenary leader—an insanely possessive tiefling named Incerion—is her former lover. The heroes use their earth sled to catch up with Incerion’s skiff, which is headed north back to where the mercenaries expect to find the Dryad’s Fury. Melech manages to bait Incerion, and once his gang is lured his gang ashore, the heroes slaughter them.

Episode M-137: “The Back Door”

Campaign Date: 19 Falazure 1474
Armed with the dragon orb, the heroes decide to confront Kheth. They find a secret passage at the base of the dragon’s hill and follow the winding tunnel up toward Kheth’s lair. Two medusas lie in wait within the tunnel, and half of the party is turned to stone. The rest are forced to withdraw and return to Tyrak’n for help. On the return trip from town, Bartho accidentally drives his earth sled over a gorge, and both he and Melech plummet nearly one hundred feet. At the bottom of the gorge, two of Kreytzen Garzhak’s wilderness guides stand over Melech, marveling in the fact that he’s still alive. They recount a harrowing tale of how they were ambushed by rage drakes after failing to catch the Golden Boar. Garzhak fled into the wilderness as the guides fought the drakes, only to fall prey to kobolds while trying to take a short rest afterward. Two of them were captured and taken to the dragon overlord. Bartho and Melech manage to restore their petrified comrades to flesh.
Notes: The two scouts who happen upon Melech and Bartho return to Tyrak’n and eventually ingratiate themselves to the townsfolk by helping to fortify the palisade wall.

Episode M-138: “Coup D’état”

Campaign Date: 21 Falazure 1474
As the heroes confront Kheth in his lair, the dragon accuses them of betrayal and assures them that Magistrate von Zarkyn will not live to lament their deaths. A glorious battle ensues, in the middle of which Irindol appears along with three of his copper dragon protégés. Though greatly outnumbered, Kheth manages to take down Alex, seize the dragon orb, and use the orb to turn Irindol against the heroes. The dragon overlord’s advantage is eventually lost, and Kheth dies by the heroes’ hands. Irindol is elated and allows heroes to freely plunder Kheth’s lair before they head back to Tyrak’n to check on the magistrate.

Episode M-139: “Assault on Von Zarkyn Manor”

Campaign Date: 22 Falazure 1474
While the heroes battle Kheth, Nazir travels to Tyrak’n with a band of Winterleaf Coster elves and seizes control of Von Zarkyn Manor. The magistrate and his wife are taken prisoner, and a bold frontal attack by the heroes proves costly. Lady von Zarkyn’s throat is cut, driving the magistrate to seek bloody vengeance, and the heroes’ refusal to surrender triggers a brutal battle. Ultimately, Nazir and his followers are killed. After prevailing without Irindol’s assistance, the heroes are confronted by a young man asking for Alex. The man introduces himself as Kandor Thunderye, one of the children of the Tempest.
Notes: The Tempest was one of two ships transporting children across the Dragon Sea from Io’halador to Anchordown. The other ship was the Morrow’s Folly.

Episode M-140: “Death Becomes Her”

Campaign Date: 25 Falazure 1474
While Lucien Vezetus oversees repairs to the Talisman and the town comes together to rebuild the fallen garrison tower, Cyrik von Zarkyn mourns the death of his wife. Thariel’s body is taken to the temple of Avandra, but Sister Alyson’s attempt to raise her from the dead fails. Moreover, the very attempt causes the temple to partly phase into a shadowy demiplane in which Sister Alyson and the heroes are accosted by Vecnites, including a powerful robed wizard riding a skeletal horse and a chorus of whispering phantoms who claim ownership of Thariel’s soul. The heroes drive off the undead, causing the temple to phase back into the natural world. The next day, Melech comes into possession of Lady von Zarkyn’s secret journal and turns it over to Alex for further study, but it’s written in an indecipherable language.
The town attends Lady von Zarkyn’s funeral as her body is set on a funeral boat and committed to the sea. After the funeral, the heroes are told that during their recent excursion to Io’calioth, the magistrate and his wife procured a black pendant—a receptacle suitable for containing a life force. They conclude that Lady von Zarkyn attuned herself to the gem in anticipation of her death, to prevent her spirit from falling into Vecna’s clutches. The heroes release her spirit from within, freeing her from Vecna’s grasp and sending her into the afterlife. Honoring his wife’s final request of “no more secrets,” Cyrik confesses to the heroes that he and his wife allowed the spirit of Eseleth, the yuan-ti prince, to inhabit a Dragovar vizier in Io’calioth. He also presents a letter stipulating that the heroes inherit all of Thariel’s shares in the Winterleaf Coster.
Notes: The rider on the skeletal horse issues a dire warning to the heroes before departing: “You ruined our plans once. Pray you don’t cross us again.” Kandor Thundereye tells Alex (Jeremy Crawford) that he came to the island looking for survivors of the Morrow’s Folly, after he learned that the wreck was recently discovered on the island of Kheth. Kandor also knows that the Shan Qabal have been quietly tracking down and eliminating the orphans of the Tempest, but he won’t say why. He claims to be a Dragovar agent working for Vizier Sartakh Arlore of Io’calioth, charged with rooting out Myrthon sympathizers within the Shan Qabal, and he asks for help rooting out these “rogue elements.”

Episode M-141: “Unwanted Guesssts”

Campaign Date: 14 Garyx 1475
Irindol assumes lordship of the island and quietly confers with the magistrate. Weeks pass without any ships coming to Kheth. Not even the Lantheon arrives bearing its monthly delivery of supplies. This causes great consternation in Tyrak’n, inciting fears about rumors that the Dragovar and Myrthon empires are at war, and the magistrate asks Irindol for help. The dragon promises to send his protégés out to gather information and much-needed supplies, but this barely allays the town’s fears of trouble brewing elsewhere. Meanwhile, Irindol asks the heroes to deal with an unwanted incursion: A mixed group of yuan-ti and snaketongue cultists have gathered at one of the island’s many ruins, and Irindol wants to know where they came from and wants them off the island. The heroes oblige and confront the yuan-ti, who seem to be performing some kind of ritual to Zehir. At the end of the battle, an old foe lumbers out of the jungle, drawn by the sound of battle: The flesh golem made from crewmembers of the Blue Anvil has returned!
Notes: A dragon’s claim on any island in Arkhosian waters must be validated by a Dragovar official before its name can change. Consequently, the island’s name remains “Kheth” and not “Irindol” for the time being, although folks in Tyrak’n begin referring to it as “Irindol.”

Episode M-142: “Irindol”

Campaign Date: 15 Garyx 1475
The heroes destroy the rampaging flesh golem that nearly wiped them out several weeks before. Afterward, as the heroes take a short rest, a centaur mysteriously appears via a portal. The centaur, Thursk, says he was chasing a werewolf in the Feywild when he suddenly appeared in the jungle, and he’s at a loss to explain what happened. The heroes point him in the direction of a stable portal back to the Feywild, and Thursk is grateful. That evening, back in Tyrak’n, a corruption corpse zombie steps through a portal into Bartho's cabin, and a few more appear in the streets. The heroes conclude that portals are inexplicably opening and closing all over the island, but the mystery goes unsolved, and eventually the problem subsides. Several weeks pass until, finally, Andraste begins to suspect that Irindol is behind the missing ships. After she shares her concerns with Magistrate von Zarkyn, he confronts Irindol and learns, much to his chagrin, that the dragon has been deliberately steering ships away to prevent the heroes from leaving, so that they will continue to serve as his island’s protectors. His cowardice exposed, Irindol is forced to capitulate and allow ships to visit to the island again. Kandor informs Alex of an informant in Io’galaroth who can help them track down the rogue members of the Shan Qabal, and the heroes make plans to leave the island when the Lantheon arrives.
Notes: Much to heroes' chagrin, Kreytzen Garzhak returns to Tyrak'n having survived the perils of the jungle without finding hide nor hair of the Golden Boar. Kreytzen can't wait to get off the "wretched island" and tries to book a cabin on the Lantheon when it arrives. However, the heroes secure all of the available guest cabins for themselves, leaving Garzhak stranded on Irindol.
The adventure continues at paragon tier!