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Ravok Goliath Battlemind (Warden)/Son of Mercy/Reincarnated Champion

Ravok's spiritual advisors are Rhashir (rah-SHEER) the storm genasi and Grathynder (gra-THIN-der) the githzerai.

Rhashir's Story: Rhashir was a genasi slave belonging to the efreeti pasha Fumeran, but he possessed such a keen wit that the efreeti promoted him to advisor. During his time in that role, Rhashir has many dealing with agents of the Far Realms seeking to curry favor with the pasha. When the djinni sultana Zephyria hired assassins (a.k.a. adventurers) to dispose of Fumeran, Rhashir died defending his master and lord. After watching the battle unfold through her crystal ball, Zephyria was so inspired by Rhashir's bravery that she wrote a song about him that became quite popular in the City of Brass.

Grathynder's Story: Grathynder was a member of the Sha'sal Khou, a subversive group of githyanki and githzerai who believe the two gith races should be reunited, for only then would they be strong enough to rid the multiverse of the mind flayers. A treacherous githyanki h'r'acknir (warmage) named Khazal, who professed allegiance to the Sha'sal Khou, was actually a spy for the githyanki lich-queen Vlaakith. She betrayed and murdered Grathynder.

ORDER OF THE BRAZEN DAWN This order of Pelor-worshipers maintains a secret abbey on the island of Sytheron, west of Gar Morra and east of the Myrthon Regency. Members of the Order who are known to Ravok include:

Zeverian Bright: Male human. A devout priest of Pelor and the leader of the Brazen Dawn.

Aurelia Stormrider: Female human. A paladin of Pelor determined to bring the sun's faith to the good people of Bael Nerath. Zeverian's wife.

Goldryk Graymantle: Male dwarf. A cleric of Moradin who has joined forces with the Brazen Dawn to help elevate the "new gods."

Luvien: Female half-elf cleric of Pelor.

Mortigar Bilgewater: Male human cleric of Pelor.

Dristan Vannister: Male human. Paladin of Pelor.

Yuri Dalarko: Male human. Paladin of Pelor.

Thewart Boldshore: Male human. Paladin of Pelor.

Szydreon Shadowvein: Male human. Wizard whose defenses protect the abbey.

Szilvia Shadowvein: Female human. Szydreon's daughter and apprentice.

Szilroy Shadowvein: Male human. Szydreon's son and apprentice.

Vaazh: Male dragonborn. Captain of the Mariska, a tradesman (ship) allied with Sea King Valkroi that the Order relies on for supplies.

Borbala Bozri: Female dwarf. She is the chief architect of the abbey, and her work never seems to be quite finished.

Zoltan Thunderforge: Male dwarf. He's a hired armorsmith and weaponsmith who lives in the abbey.

Dezlo Diavarro: Male tiefling. An independently wealthy tiefling who helps fund the Brazen Dawn's activities abroad. He resides at the abbey. ("Hides" might be a better term, for it is known that Dezlo has many enemies, and he relies on the Order for protection.)

Kazim: Male gnome. Dezlo's manservant.


The Hekilla are fierce warriors, most of whom live on the great island of Torokszantir in western Gar Morra. The island is ruled by a thunder-spewing adamantine dragon, and so the "thunder tribe" of goliaths feels at home there. Noteworthy members of the Hekilla include:

Akau'wah (ah-KOW-ah): The Eldest. Wise and sincere, she rules the tribe with a stone fist. Though missing her left arm, she still climbs mountains.

Io'kona (EYE-oh-koh-nah): The free spirit. Her name means "dragon's heart." In Ravok's mind, she's the one that got away. She's a homebody who likes to fish along the shore using a net. Her father Hoa'taka considers Ravok the most promising of her many courtiers. Her stepmother, Kilva'naia, on the other hand . . .

Hoa'taka (ho-ah-TAH-kah): The Firespeaker. He communicates with other tribes using mountaintop bonfires (called the "fires of heaven"). He is father to Io'kona.

Kilva'naia (kil-vah-NYE-ah): Io'kona's icy stepmother. Hoa'taka is her third husband (the previous two died).

Aruna (ah-ROO-nah): Io'kona's younger sister. She idolizes Ravok but is too young for him.

Tana'mok (tah-nah-MOK): Eldest son of Kilva'naia. When his father died and his mother remarried, he became Io'kona and Aruna's stepbrother. He's particularly competitive and foolhardy.

Kanaka (kah-NAH-kah): Ravok's rival, and a champion of the tribe. He wears a necklace of dragon scales bequeathed to him by the priests of Torokszantir.

Yamoa'kai (yah-MOH-ah-kye): The tribal high priest, who ardently worships the dragon overlord Torokszantir as a living god. Dragon worship is a fairly new concept among the goliaths, and only a small number of tribesfolk have embraced the notion. He is seen as a challenger to Akau'wah's authority.


The island of Torokszantir is considered part of the dwarven regency of Gar Morra. Thus, it's not surprising that Ravok has had a great deal of contact with the dwarf clans of Gar Morra. In fact, it was a dwarf cleric named Goldryk Graymantle (of the Graymantle clan) who first introduced Ravok to the Order of the Brazen Dawn. Goldryk, a devout cleric of Moradin, was sent to meet with representatives of the Brazen Dawn and find common ground upon which to stand, with the ultimate goal of spreading and solidifying faith in the "new gods" (although dwarves balk at the term).

Ravok has many allies within the Graymantle clan, as well as friends and acquaintances through the various clanholds. Goliaths, in general, are held in high esteem within the regency of Gar Morra. It's likely that Ravok has worked for the Ironstar Cartel as a mercenary and enforcer on occasion, in which case he probably has allies within the Dreadhelm, Magmagard, and Stonemarrow clans as well (since all three clans jointly possess controlling interest in the Cartel). Clanlord Venefer Magmagard, a high-ranking member of the Ironstar Cartel (his son oversees the iron shipyards on Severasa), is Ravok's sometime patron and benefactor.

Being epic level, Ravok is friends with the following dwarven clanlords:

Lurinda Dreadhelm: Female dwarf. The Dreadhelm clan specializes in armorsmithing and weaponsmithing.

Moristo Graymantle: Male dwarf. The Graymantle clan specializes in stonemasonry and statuary.

Venefer Magmagard: Male dwarf. The Magmagard clan specializes in iron mining and shipbuilding.

Tynzar Stonemarrow: Male dwarf. The Stonemarrow clan specializes in oil farming and iron forging.


Ravok was rescued from a block of ice in the hold of Vantajar's ship, the Maelstrom. As you might recall, Vantajar stole the Maelstrom from a shipyard owed by Sea King Valkroi. Until recently, Valkroi was the only Sea King known to have traveled to the Elemental Chaos and returned alive. It was there where Valkroi obtained the knowledge to build elemental warships. Valkroi was planning a return trip to the Elemental Chaos when the ship was taken, along with its cargo.

As it turns out, one of Valkroi's captains (a dragonborn named Vaazh) delivers supplies to the Order of the Brazen Dawn. Valkroi also has a good friend in the Order (the priest Zeverian) and agreed to help the Brazen Dawn transport "a valuable cargo" to the githzerai city of Zerthadlun, in the Elemental Chaos. That cargo was Ravok, who was entombed in ice as part of a ritual. It was the Order's intention that Ravok meet with the githzerai mindlords and learn all there is to know about fighting mind flayers. The "tomb of ice" was created by Ravok's mind. It put him in a physical and mental trance, allowing Ravok to prepare himself for the tests that the githzerai would surely impose upon him (to judge him worthy of the knowledge they possess).