by kostchei, Sep 15,2009


Eldarin , Longsword caster


Wizard , Controller


Blue robes, light hair, longsword



Links to others:

Imizael had previously asked the minotaur to guard a smoking meteor that landed near his ruins
Lucia had turned up at Stardust's tower asking to buy Stardust. She left frustrated.

Background that the other players know:

A spellcaster from the fey-wild. She often comes through into TirNanOg on tasks from her mentor, Stardust.

Intro adventure:

Under instructions from Stardust to delay, stop or divert human refugees coming into the feywilde Imizael accepted the Low-wood gate key and headed through it into TirNanOg. Where she came out was a ruined portal in an ancient structure. A mob of human rabble were coming up the slope towards her.
During some negotiation Imizael locked the portal. Not having much success convincing the farmers and warriors that traveling to Avalon was a bad idea, she scarpered. She then went in search of the prince Lonach who was not only suggesting that the refugees flee to Avalon but also giving directions how to breach into the fey realm.