by steverodriguez123, Aug 16,2010
This page is a ongoing description of the campaign I am running with my group. The Campaign has been named ChoasShard. The tagline is "The World WILL Change". The campaign is a serious campaign, however has small inserts of humour into the game. THIS CAMPAIGN WAS ORGINIALLY MADE OF FIRST TIME PLAYERS. The campaign starts at level 1. Races and classes are discussed later. Below is the brief description of the world

The World

The Known World

The world is an ancient place which has changed many times, empires have risen and fallen countless times and knowledge of such civilisations are lost in the sands of time and within old ruins of such lost times. Some of the more recent empires are still remembered such as the Last Empire, ruled by a mixture of races. Stories are told of how it was the greatest of all empires and was the only empire to bring together all races in peace, breaking down countless barriers of hatred from the past. It is said, in the latter days of the empire, that the numbers of monster began to swell, old and ancient evils arose set on the sole purpose of destruction. The empire and the monster races fought for many years with no sign of either coming out victorious. Many battles were fought and many lives were lost, both for the empire and for the monster races.
It was during this that the Eternal Winter began. The length of it is unknown but is thought to have lasted around twenty to thirty years. It was a time when the entire land became frozen, not melting once, crop grow became near impossible and travel was usually meet with fatal consequences. During this time the monsters were not seen be anyone and during this time the empire had no hope of staying together without any communication between towns and villages. The Empire pretty much dissolved the day the winter began. By the end of the Eternal Winter whatever towns and villages remained had became isolated units, unwilling to unite to any single authority due to a variety of reasons, including the belief that the monsters and then the winter were some kind of punishment for the ‘unnatural’ unity between the races of the empire. When the winter thawed, even the landscape appeared to have changed with new hill and forests arising in areas where there previously was none.
For as far back as stories go (up to an empire before the Last Empire), the Faewild/Feywild (the land of elves and elven type races) and the Lonewynd (land of humans and other non-fey/elven type race) were one, each just part of the same world. However, it is said that near the end of the Last Empire, or perhaps during the Eternal Winter, the Faewild/Feywild began to separate for the Lonewynd and became connected to the lonewynd through several Gates located throughout both the Feywild and the Lonewynd. After the Thaw, the Gates began to close off for unknown reasons and eventually all Gates between the Feywild and the Lonewynd were closed off and movement between the two were close to impossible. Due to the Last Empire however there are still Elven type races in the Lonewynd and non fey races in the Feywild.
It is now 49 A.E. (After Eternal (Winter)), most villages and towns as individually controlled through there is emerging a weak authority of power growing as rule over large sections of the Lonewynd. Little is known about this authority body, or at least not much in the small villages under its control. More may be known in larger towns. The authority claimed rule over many places often winning favour over the villages and town by supply goods, services and structures the settlements were unable to provide. Feywild settlements remain as individually ruled known as a council of a particual spirit (e.g council of the Wind), however still follow guidance from nature, believing/trusting in spirits of different aspects of nature to guide decisions. In each settlement the council is the person who communicates with a nature spirit/aspect of nature and each settlement often is dedicated to a single aspect of nature. And are there to preserve and nurture that aspect. Once per year the spirits of nature are said to transport each settlements council to The Sanctuary to discuss affairs. The
Sanctuary is said to be unreachable by anyone, except through transport by a spirit of nature.
With the end of the Eternal Winter, very few monsters remain in the Lonewynd. Most mosters perished in the Winter and the majority of monsters that remain a goblins which only sometimes pose a threat the settlements. Other than goblins, monsters are never really seen anymore, either due to death or having become too weakened to dare appear out in the Lonewynd. Even lower numbers of monsters have been seen in the Faewild, though the spirits have warned the Fey of ‘the darkness’ in the land. This has caused the Elven-type races to stay mostly within their settlements and not venture far.
Throughout the Lonewynd and the Feywild there are many Christian Churches and monasteries, dedicated to helping the needy and protecting the weak. Some people decide to take the very direct route of taking up arms against evil creatures and heal the hurt and become Paladin knights.
Magic is relatively common place in the world and has been for a long time. Some people believe it to be an evolutionary trait, while others believe it simply to be a gift that some are born with. It is now common to see a large number of people have some magical talents however only a few have put in the time and effort and have the necessary talent to become powerful mages.
Some towns and villages have had the skills of talents military persons pass down their teachings and skill learned during the days of the Last Empire. Even though there are few armies in the world today many people in settlements during the Eternal Winter started the tradition of teaching new generations skills of combat, tactics and endurance. Some villages have been luck enough to maintain the talents of the finest warriors and generals of the Last Empire and sometimes teachers of these skills would select a chosen one or few students for extra training. This intensive training has lead to many settlements of varying size to house a number of expert warriors and tacticians.

The Underdark

The Underdark is an area of underground caverns at least as large as the known world. Relatively little is known of it. It is known to be the home of many a dark creature, including the dark elves known as the Drow. It is know believe the Underdark is know closed off from the Feywild and the Lonewynd, possibly in a similar way the Feywild is closed off from the Lonewynd.

The Unknown

With the rise and fall of empires and so much else in the world, a lot of the world has been left relatively unknown. It is thought that people must have travelled beyond what is known, but no one can be sure, who or how many people have travelled out with the known lands is impossible to tell. Knowing how many made it to somewhere safe is another matter. The two main barriers/borders of the known world are the Mountains to the North and the great Forest to the South.

The Setup of the Campaign

Our overall Campaign is called “Choas-Shard”, and is split into several parts (which will provide me with a rest from DMing for a few adventures. Each part will contain several adventures/sessions (called chapters). The first adventure is the prologue. The second adventure will start “Part 1 – The Circle”.

Introduction – Before you start – Things to think about

You have all received a letter one way or another in your home settlements (be they villages or towns or cities, whether they are in the Lonewynd, the Faewild or the Underdark or wherever). You are unlikely have been living in the same settlement as each other, but it is slightly plausible that you live in the same settlement another member of the party (this is also possible if you live in a city). You may have meet before, you may not have, you may even be good friends or possibly pen pals or old childhood rivals or anything. You also don’t even need a home settlement, a letter reaches you anyway. However this letter reached you it feels a bit odd and mysterious. When you open it you read the following:

If you chose to accept you will not regret it my soon to be friends. Your lives as. If you chose to accept my invite, simple say “heymickeyyoursofine”, and you will be transported to the village. I must also point out that without your help the population of this village is doom as I cannot succeed at the task at hand.
An Invitation
You decide to accept this invite and the second you do you feel heavy rain crashing down on you, grass beneath your feet and a small village infront of you, which you will soon discover to be within the Harkenwold.

Character Information


Race: Human
Class: Paladin

Navaira Sorenfey

Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Druid


Race: Dragonborn
Class: Warlord