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Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook

Your God(s) wants you to go forth out into the world and wreck havoc/bring peace/do something to the world, depending on who you choose to serve. Many beings may worship your god, but you are invested with divine power as a leader and your god expects that you will be out there in the thick of battle. Your profession has several options in battle from smashing stuff to shooting lazers out of your holy symbol to preaching at your enemies to summoning stuff to doing all of these at once. You tend to be better at healing than other leaders and no matter what choices you make healing will always be some part of your abilities. But if you want to, you can be the best at this. You can be strong, wise, and/or charismatic. Finally, what god you choose to follow will effect what you can do to a huge extent as well. You have lots of choices ahead of you. So choose wisely!
Rating System:

  • Red - Don’t take this, there is always something better
  • Purple Might be useful sometimes, but there are almost always better options
  • Black Good enough
  • Blue Good choice and might be the best depending on different factors.
  • Sky BLue Almost always one of the best choices
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So Why Play A Cleric? The Warlord is great at granting extra attacks and damage, the Shaman gets lots of tactical tricks, the Bard gets to multiclass a lot, and the artificer gets to spread healing surges. What do clerics offer?
You can heal like no other: Clerics are the best class out there for healing, particularly surge free healing. You have to try to make your cleric not good at this. You are pretty good at most other things a leader is good at too like boosting allies hit chances and granting saves.
Versatility: Clerics have some of widest variety of build options out there, from front line guy cutting orcs down with a big sword to the back line healer who never directly hurts an enemy. Your channel divinity and domain options further help to make sure no two clerics play quite the same.
Great Team Player: Everyone wants a cleric on the team. Your teammates will thank you and you will be able to help make everyone else play better by leading as well as debuffing enemies and providing some additional help with controlling or defending. Whether helping your barbarian to hit more often with righteous brand or using sacred flame to let your wizard make his ongoing damage save before his turn starts with everyone will be glad you are there.