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by pauln6, Oct 9,2011

The Heroes of the Lance

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Following a recent poll, fans voted the realm that they would most like to revisit was Krynn and this dredged up happy memories of playing the original Dragonlance modules back in my youth. One of the things that I have found lacking in 4e is personality over mechanics. Why would any intelligent fighter exist in 4e when the class only gains a benefit from dexterity and wisdom? I wondered if it was possible to 'convert' the original Heroes of the Lance to 4e while staying true to the essential spirit of the characters. I realised that optimisation was off the menu but I was heartened by a recent series of playtests that said that a PC with a 16 in its main attack stat could function within the intended mechanics of the game. I tried to build the characters using the offline character builder but since that is no longer updated I had to tweak the stat blocks to add in more recent additions. I used inherent bonuses only because I have no recollection about what specific magic items the PCs found throughout the modules. The original characters (with the exception of Raistlin) were balanced against each other at the start (or balanced as far as 1e went) with a mix of stats and magical items evening the score in some cases. I've made some adjustments for 4e mechanics and some to reflect the ways that portrayal of the characters in the books didn't quite gel with their official stats but I've tried to remain true to the 1e concepts.
Tanis Half-Elven
Caramon Majere
Raistlin Majere
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