by dragoniss, Oct 15,2010
Remballa, The planeswalker arms race has become a race for survival.
Designed by Anthony Figueroa,, posted 10/14/10

Caught among a world rebellion, each planeswalker must become the commander and chief of a vast army. In a block where creatures and tokens stand prominent, managing your forces becomes essential.
The black mana planeswalker alliance, using the Phyrexian army which has taken Mirrodin, continues to spread. They set their sight on recruiting a demon planeswalker who holds dominion on the plane of Remballa.
Gideon Jura has gathered a group of planeswalkers to counter the enemy threat. He moves his allies to Remballa in order to assist the native angel planeswalker, Kianna, spark a rebellion and release Remballa’s people from the tyranny of Rezzicco, the demon Planeswalker.

Block summary
Remballa: The planeswalkers working with Gideon Jura rally the oppressed cultures from all over the world, though allegiances with their kings and generals, into a massive army that challenges the might of Rezzicco. Gideon Jura shows great interest in a aven warrior general named Lellevin. He believes the general, whom hails from Kianna’s floating city Paiavail, has a planeswalker spark within.
Awakening: Remballa is consumed by war as the world rebellion gains great momentum. Rezzicco unleashes the full fury of his masses and achieves a great victory when the hero Lellevin falls in combat. Gideon is defeated and prepares to join his protégé in death. An unlikely merfolk ally named Viomila assists Gideon in escaping as she surprises both factions by awakening her planeswalker spark.
Tribulation: The tyrant Rezzicco has overrun Paiavail only to be betrayed by his planeswalker allies. The black mana alliance uses a powerful artifact, called the Aether Lock, that could trap their enemy planeswalkers within the blind eternities if they attempt to planeswalk. An undead army guards the Aether Lock’s location while the remains of the demon hordes, now acting against Rezzicco’s will, continue to slaughter the survivors. Gideon, Kianna, and Vilomila move their forces, abandoning their respective continents and risk everything to destroy the artifact.
The merfolk armies sink the demon capital city of Breen into the oceans giving the alliance a major advantage. Kianna first sacrifices Paiavail sending it crashing into the undead legions. She next sacrifices herself, planeswalking with the Aether Lock in hand and committing herself to being lost in the blind eternities, so that her allies can continue to fight against the black mana alliance. Rezzicco planeswalks from remballa, vowing revenge on the planeswalkers who betrayed him. Gideon Jura is overwhelmed by Kianna’s lost. He abandons his allies in search for a way to save her. Vilomila, who has proved to be a tactical master, joins the allied planeswalkers quest to purge the black mana planeswalker alliance.

Remballa Mechanics: Leadership: Creatures with leadership grant the adjoining ability or pump effect to creatures you control that share a type with the card.
Armada: You have Armada if you control five or more creatures. Armanda grants the adjoining effect or pump ability.
Possession: Sacrifice a permanent with possession to take control of target creature token.
Awakening Mechanics: Rank: Rank creatures come into play as recruits. At the beginning of your upkeep add a deployment counter to creature. Creatures with three deployment counters become regulars. Creatures with five or more deployment counters become veterans.
Redeploy: Triggers an effect if four or more creatures entered the battlefield under your control this turn.
Tribulation Mechanics: Retreat: A player may pay a retreat cost in order to return the creature to the top of its controller’s library.
For a cause: Triggers an effect if four or more creatures under your control were removed from the battlefield this turn.

Five colors:
Plains: A floating continent serves as home for the Angels. They are governed by their ranks and they hope to regain control of the main land from the demon hordes. Aven soldiers pledge loyalty to the angels and have earned the right to live among them.
Islands: Sismones is the island chain of populated by two cultures in symbiosis that span the world’s oceans. Human artificers live atop the islands. They build machines and tools to trade with other cultures. Merfolk wizards maintain a living under the islands as the water pressure is too strong on the ocean floor.
Swamps: Endless ruins are surrounded by graveyards and swamp lands. The demon hordes have destroyed the once flourishing human kingdoms on the main lands. They continue to torment the remaining cultures of Remballa along with their zombie slaves as they battle the angels. The demon capital city is Breen.
Mountains: The Kavant are a crimson skinned humanoid people that have evolved to their life on the side of the Najeef mountains. The shins and forearms of the Kavant have developed a hook like quality that allows them to traverse the mountain surfaces with great ease. Their structures are vertically placed on the mountain side. The goblin clans control the mountain base. Each clan lays claim to leadership of all the goblins and so their royalty has short life expectations.
Forrests: The Qualupp forest is a wooden and stone fortress protecting what remains of the elvin culture and human druids. Outside the fortress, the once vast forests have been stripped and all natural life is dead. The demons ignore the happenings within the fort as they view it as a prison.

Sample Cards:
Legends: White: Lellevin, Champion of Paiavail (Rare) 4W Legendary Creature-Bird Soldier 3/4 flying Whenever Lellevin attacks, put a 2/2 white bird soldier creature token with flying into play tapped and attacking.
Brizzline, Omnipotent Archangel (Mythic Rare) 4WW Legendary Creature-Angel 5/6 flying, first strike Leadership- Lifelink (other creatures you control that share a creature type with this card have Lifelink)
Blue: Viomila, Formation Strategist (Rare) 1U Legendary Creature-Merfolk Wizard 0/2 Whenever a creature enters the battle field, target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.
Il-emit, Arms Architect (Rare) 1UU Legendary Creature-Human Artificer 1/3 Tap an artifact, add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

Black: Daelone, Overlord of Breen (Rare) 4BB Legendary Creature-Demon Warrior 4/4 Whenever Daelone attacks, target player sacrifices a non-token creature.
Osshk, Faceless Assassin (Mythic Rare) 2BBB Legendary Creature-Shapeshifter Demon 2/2 Tap: Osshk becomes the creature type of your choice until end of turn. 3: Destory non-legendary target creature that shares a type with Osshk.
Red: King Freph, Born of Lava flow (Rare) 4RR Legendary Creature-Kavant Warrior 3/2 Haste Leadership +2/+1 (other creatures you control that share a type with this card get +2/+1)
Muedlie, Goblin Treasurer (Rare) 3R Legendary Creature-Goblin Mercenary 2R: Put two 1/1 Red Goblin creature tokens into play. Armada – instead put four 1/1 Red Goblin creature tokens into play. (you have Armada if you control five or more creatures)
Green: Se-du, The honor of the woods GGG (Rare) Legendary Creature-Human Druid 1/3 When Se-du comes into play, put a 1/1 green Elf Solder token into play for each forest you control.
Jareem, Keeper of Qualupp 3GG (Rare) Legendary Creature-Elf Warrior 3/3 Vigilance Leadership- +0/+3 (other creatures you control that share a type with this card get +0/+3)
Cycles: Correspondents (Common) 1UU Sorcery Draw two cards, put a 0/2 colorless thopter token with flying into play.
Kianna’s Blessing (Common) 1WW Sorcery Gain 3 life, put a 2/2 white bird soldier creature token into play with flying.
Fortifications (Common) 1GG Sorcery Creatures you control get +1/+1 and vigilance until end of turn, put a 1/1 green elf warrior creature token into play.
Smoke Signal (Common) 1RR Sorcery Smoke Signal deals four damage to target creature, put a 1/1 red goblin creature token into play.
Rezzicco’s Gambit (Common) 1BB Sorcery Target player discards a card, put a 2/2 black zombie creature token into play.
Sismones Wave Changer (Uncommon) 2U Creature-Merfolk Wizard 0/2 Tap: tap or un-tap target creature. Armada, Tap: return target creature to its owner’s hand.
Paiavail Virtue (Uncommon) 3W Creature-Angel Warrior 2/3 Flying Armada, Paiavail Virtue gets +2/+3
Qualupp priestess (Common) 1G Creature-Human Druid 1/1 Tap: target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. Armada, Tap: target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.
Kavant Ash Maker (Common) 2R Creature-Kavant Berserker 4/2 Armada, Kavant Ash Maker has haste. Breen Reaver (Uncommon) 3B Creature-Demon Berserker 3/2 Deathtouch Armada, Breen Reaver gains Intimidate.
Mystical Teacher (Rare) 3U Creature-Merfolk Wizard 0/2 Leadership- cost 1 colorless less to cost (creatures that share a creature type with this card cost 1 colorless mana to cast)
Seraphim Sergeant (Rare) 2WW Creature-Angel Soldier 2/3 Flying Leadership-Firststrike (creatures that share a creature type with this card have first strike)
Natural Believer (Uncommon) 2G Creature-Human Warrior 2/2 Leadership-trample (creatures that share a creature type with this card have trample
Goblin Lava-eater (Mythic Rare) 4R Creature-Goblin Berserker 3/2 Leadership-tap: deal 1 damage to target creature or player (creatures that share a creature type with this card have tap: deal 1 damage to target creature or player)
Execution Master (uncommon) 2BB Creature-Demon Shade 2/1 B: Execution shade gets +1/+1 Leadership, B: this card gets +1/+1 (creatures that share a type with this card gain pay B get +1/+1)