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World of Emira: Team Fenris

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Fenris Frankson the Chaste

Played by: Adam

XP to date: 2250

Fenris is a Bugbear Paladin who worships Hoar, the Doombringer. He was a member of a group that worked for a Necromancer named Malaketh with his Uncle Kurrash(also known as Frankie) until the group had turned against Fenris, chasing him down and almost killing him.
he has sworn a life debt to [[dnd:Thorgriff Tootall|Thorgriff Tootall]] for saving his life from Malakeths's goblins.
Fenris belongs to a Bugbear tribe that is local to [[dnd:The Island of Stohana|the Island of Stohana]].
When Fenris was no older than 3, he strayed from his Bugbear tribe. Playing in the bushes and trees with a severed limb of an animal, he was attacked by an Owlbear. Beaten and on the brink of death, the Owlbear was about to deliver the final blow when out of the bushes came his Uncle Kurrash (also known as Frankie). Kurrash struck down the Owlbear, defeating the creature with his bare hands and tearing the Owlbear’s beak from its face. Kurrash saved Fenris and fashioned a necklace out of the Owlbear’s Beak for Fenris.
Fenris's Reason for running away from Malaketh was that while away on a mission to track some Sapphiredge Cultists who were searching for an Artefact of the Eternals, Malaketh had ordered the slaughter of the Bugbear Tribe that Kurrash and Fenris belonged to as a way to win the favour of Urafan because these Bugbears refused to join the followers of Urafan. Kurrash found out about this and tried to kill Malaketh but was murdered by Malaketh. As Malaketh’s army listened to Kurrash entirely, he resurrected Kurrash as a loyal servent. Since then Kurrash has worshiped Baphomet. When Fenris returned he noticed that Kurrash had started acting differently.
Eventually Fenris learnt of this and left but was badly injured while fleeing, so much that he could not remember what happened to him over the few days before he met Thorgriff.
Eventually Fenris returned back to the Temple and was the one to finally destroy the undead corpse of Kurrash.
Once returning to [[dnd:Arborshate|Arborshate]] he helped defend the town from the monster horde but attempted to steal a family sword from [[dnd:Thoster Urthadar|Thoster Urthadar]]. This incited intense arguing in the pub and ended in a duel being issued between Thoster and Fenris. This duel was held the next morning and was just between these 2. While in the battle Fenris hit two of the townsfolk and [[dnd:Autian|Autian]] as well as calling two dragons to kill everyone.
As Fenris died at the hands of [[dnd:Thorgriff Tootall|Thorgriff Tootall]] a voice came to him offering him a chance to live again. Before finding out who the voice was or what the deal entailed he accepted. The voice turned out to be the deity Tiamat. She wanted him to help her lead her new Destrogar Wave and gave him even greater power. But she also gave him a requirement of him staying alive. He would have to kill a creature with a soul every 24 hours. If not he would return to death. The counter would reset after every kill so he would not be able to build up a surplus of time.
With this Fenris re-awoke and attempted to escape Arborshate but was killed again by [[dnd:dyck the ranger|Dyck the Ranger]].
As the Battle for Arborshate came to an end the Caravan which Fenris was aboard when he died the 2nd time ran off out of town.

Fenris was resurrected on [[dnd:the Spire islands of fate and fortune|the Spire Islands of Fate and Fortune]] when [[dnd:Amadi Prailer|Amadi Prailer]] spoke his name.