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by famoth83, Aug 29,2009

Famoth's Wizard Den

Well, Wizards is currently encouraging us to create a personal page where you can post your homebrewed monsters, magic items, characters, fiction, or anything else. While I expect all of this is going to have to be moved or deleted once they figure out the can of worms they've opened up, I'm going to use it while I have it. What am I using it for?

Eberron Campaign

Yes, I'm running an Eberron campaign... or at least I'm going to once I polish off the details of the first few encounters. The sessions will be covered in my blog, but anything mechanical that I feel might be of use to others I'll post here.

Spelljammer + Planescape

Spellscape? Planejammer? Whatever...

Yeah, names aren't my strong suit.
I'm one of the advocates of Planescape and Spelljammer merging together into their own setting. And while nobody can guarantee what Wizards of the Coast will do next beyond their product listings, I'm not waiting around for them. Mind that since I'm staying within the boundaries of the Content Guidelines it won't be a mimir on the subject, but it will at least work as a Game Bible for when I get around to running the setting after Eberron.
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