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The year is 1479, and the wide continent of Faerun churns in the throes of unfettered magic, demonic corruption, and terrible battles. For the goodly nations fighting for survival, it is a time for heroes.


The Nentir Vale is a small, low populated valley nestled between the nations of Cormyr and Sembia along the edge of the Thunder Peaks. Although it falls within the geographical boundaries of Cormyr, only the westernmost town of Winterhaven accepts the rule of King Obarskyr. As the largest human establishment, Winterhaven maintains a standing army of about four-hundred strong, though each soldier is required to swear fealty and service to Cormyr in the event of war.
In the centre of the the Vale is the more racially diverse former city of Fallcrest. Ravaged by orcs just under a century past, Fallcrest has become a shadow of its former self, and its slums have become host to seedy gangs. It is rumoured the 'criminal' tiefling guild, the Fell Court, is also based here.
On the eastern edge of the Vale, at the base of the Dawnforge Mountains, is the wealthy dwarven stronghold of Hammerfast. The clan has reached a population of nearly 1,200, and its trade caravans loaded with iron and silver have have been instrumental in keeping the small outlying villages of Harkenwold and Nenlast from withering.
The other minor settlements in the area are primarily used as outposts by Winterhaven's military, but their populations rarely exceed a few dozen.

Map of The Nentir Vale:

[[Image:http://images.community.wizards.com/community.wizards.com/user/canadiusmaximus/786435fee89af206bb198aa6f168148f.jpg?v=241200|Map of the Nentir Vale and its Settlements]]

The Vale borders Cormyr and Sembia:

[[Image:http://images.community.wizards.com/community.wizards.com/user/canadiusmaximus/077660f3b5c7cd8897dca51ab25d0d2b.jpg?v=226350|The Nentir Vale rests between the nations of Cormyr and Sembia]]

Map of Faerun:

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