by magicbeardo, Dec 8,2011
After many attempts to create an actual poll here, I have decided to stop trying and let people vote by just putting which theme they want on the page with their name next to it.

Vote below for either of the three themes left in the World Ideas section of Flavor Discussion

My vote is for the Egyptian/Graveyard theme.

I like the orwellian setting the most, but I think it could easily incorporate the Depletion/Reclaiming mana. Seems like pretty good subtext for a power struggle.

I like the Egypt and Orwellian worlds best. I am giving the Orwellian world a slight edge because I think the Egyptian themed world could get a bit limited by a sense of history. If we were going to do the Egyptian theme, it might be better to take the gods and change their names, blur the whole "Egyptianess" of the set a little to give more creative freedom.

I agree wholeheartedly with Troy. Egypt is great and all, but flavor-wise it feels a bit limiting. I think if you stick hardcore to actual ancient Egypt, you marginalize people that are uninterested in it. If you go for a fantastic world based loosely on Egypt, you end up with a Northern Africa version of Ice Age's Nordic theme. These feeling were what led me to suggest splitting the color pie amongst the Egyptians, Romans and Celts... just a way to broaden the vision of the world. Love the various ideas for graveyard-based mechanics, just not the world setting.
Also, really like the mechanical pieces of the 'disease plane' that you were exploring, just don't think it's big enough to be an entire set's theme. Certainly bears including as a subtheme in whichever world you go with...
My vote: Orwellian dystopia.
I think the 'impel' mechanic is awesome.
The dynamics of good undergrounders vs bad surface-dwellers is super.
Even the timeliness of (dare I say) the 1%-ers iron grip starting to legitimately break down...
This is the world that got me the most interested.
That said, I'm excited to contribute to this project no matter which street you end up driving us down!

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