by arthur_dayne, Nov 21,2011

Set Guidelines

Card Pool

JeffEWDC-I'd like to talk about the card pool that we will be trying to achieve. First and foremost I need to mention the entire purpose of this set is to be drafted. Generally it will be drafted by 8 people, so the very minimum amount of cards that we need is 8 x 15 x 3 = 360. If we plan to have rarities, to represent them we could have multiples of cards based on their rarities. A simple way to do this would be 4 cards per common, 2 cards per uncommon, and 1 card per rare/mythic. This formula can easily be altered of course. Another way to represent rarities is to seperate all cards into rarity and build "packs" for drafting by taking 11 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare per pack. I do believe that it will be necessary to have multiples of cards so that we don't have to design 360 seperate cards. I propose to use both of these ideas in conjunction to represent rarities.
I'd like to do the math to figure out how many cards I believe we need to design. If we use the 11 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare/mythic model then to create a 8 person draft we need to print 264 commons, 72 uncommons, and 24 rares. If we have 4 printings of each common, 2 of uncommons, and 1 of rares then at the very least we need to design 66 commons, 36 uncommons, and 24 rares. That is 126 cards that need to be designed. Obviously drafting it would be a lot more fun if you didn't know every card that was going to be in the packs, so even more would have to be designed.
As discussed on on EWDC episode 33, We believe the number of cards that we should most likely design is 250. It just so happens that a large set such as innistrad has 249 cards in it, so we can take this as a basic guideline. [[Magic: East West Draft Cast Custom Set/Basic Guidlines/Innistrad Guideline | Breakdown of cards in Innistrad]]

Just thought I would suggest we adopt a common approach to how we comment. Signing your name to contributions makes it easier to keep track of conversations.

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