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Dungeons and Dragons Insider

Level Up Your Game—Here and Now

Improve your characters and campaigns with content, tools, articles, and applications you’ll find here at Dungeons & Dragons Insider.
  • D&D Compendium provides you with a searchable database of all the official material from every rulebook and every issue of the online magazines.
  • D&D Character Builder allows you to create and update characters quickly and easily. And a collection of Bonus Tools will help you spend less time prepping for your game and more time playing it. There is a demo version of the Character Builder that lets you build up to 3rd level characters.
  • D&D Adventure Tools is a premier suite of tools designed to help Dungeon Masters build their own D&D adventures. The first of these tools, the D&D Monster Builder, lets you customize existing monsters and create your own unique monsters.
  • Dragon Magazine provides support for Players.
  • Dungeon Magazine provides support for the Dungeon Master.
Every month, Dragon and Dungeon Magazines offer players and Dungeon Masters new material, options, encounters, and adventures.

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