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I agree, it's a bit bold to interfer with already existing Planes but I created this editon as "Kamigawa" was released. In the beginning I thought of it as a isolated story but since the release of "Zendikar" the pieces have fallen into place. This story describes the events on Zendikar long before the offical story of the Zendikar set.

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Venom (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to another creature put that may venom counter on the damaged creature. During your upkeep each player lose life equal to the number of venom counters on all creatures he or she controls.)
Divinitygrip (During your upkeep you may pay the Divinitygrip costs. If you do put a divinity counter on this permanent. You can’t pay the Divinitiygrip costs if there’s already a divinity counter on this permanent.)
Pac (Whenever this creature comes into play you may search your library for up to three exact copies of that card and put them into your hand)
Legacy (Pay the Legacycost and exile this card. Look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and exile the other one.)
Recall (Whenever you play an instant or sorcery spell and this card is in your graveyard , you may pay it’s recall cost to return that card to your hand.If you do remove target card in your graveyard from the game.)
Vapor (Pay the Vapor costs and discard this card. Until end of turn target creature is unblockable)

Bashra: [[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
One of the oldest Planeswalker, Bashra has observed the history of the Multiverse for centuries. Unlike many other Planeswalkers, Bashra has never been a mortal beeing. She’s the godess of the Eldrazi and is always looking for weak and faroff Planes to nurrish the neverending hunger of her offsprings. Bashra is a strategic Warmonger. All Familars that ever appeard throughout the Multiverse have actually been Bashra’s spies. When she gathered enough infromation through her Familiars, Bashra send her Eldrazi’s to feast upon the chosen plane.
- Colors
White - Familiar; Leader: Dechoan [[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
Red - Barbarians; Leader: Krana [[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
Green - Elemental; Leader: Jill [[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
Blue - Drakes; Leader: Sedlon [[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
Black - Shades; Leader: Sakira [[Image:|Gallery Photo]]

- Conception (Set 1)
White - Main agressor. Dechoan is tricked by Bashra’s familiars to destroy Sakira.
Red - Main antagonist. Krana is suspcious of the War waged by Dechoan and starts to build an army to defeat his troops. Blugor, Kranas father and Shaman of the Barbarians warns his daughter to wage war against this foe and leaves the tribe.
Green - Neutral. Jill refuses to interfer because she only tends to her groove.
Blue - Colaborateur. Sedlon realizes the sheer power of Dechoans army and decides to join his troops.
Black - Second antagonist. Sakira claims to rule this land and opposes Dechoan’s appeal for superiority.
- Conception (Set 2)
White - Bashra arrives to reinforce Dechoan and starts her tyranny. Everything that refuses to submitt to her and her new order is considered to be an enemy.
Red - Krana is gravely injured by Bashra in her attempt to destroy Dechoans army. Whitout a leader the remaining Barbarian tribes fall apart and scatter througout the plane.
Green - Not having any allies Jill has to face the entire force that Bashra can obtain. Her groove is destroyed and Jill subdues to Bashra. Bashra shows no mercy and enslaves Jill and her people.
Blue - Beeing part of Bashras army all along the Drakes are granted freedom and serve Bashra. They search the plane for any resistance and supply Bashra with tactical information.
Black - With Sakira gone the remaining survivors fight for survival in the hostile land they’re exiled to. Wandering Shades arise from the many slain by Dechoans forces. Sakira is trapped in the Orcus and learns the true meaning of his existence.
- Conception (Set 3)
White - Bashra becomes afraid of Dechoans influence and dispells him into exile. With no force to controll her actions, Bashra can finally start to unleash her Eldrazi.
Red - Mira, Kranas daughter picks up the fight of her mother and swears to destroy Bashra. She seek out her grandfather Blugor, who has vanished long ago and persuades him to rejoin the battle.
Green - Having no other choice, the remaining Elementals serve Bashra as Executive. Jill dies in custody.
Blue - Seeing what have become of this world, Sedlon commits suicide and is reborn as Phylax who joins Mira in her attempt to restore the old ways.
Black - Sakira returns as Ajura and seeks out Dechoan to find out about Bashras true intensions. Ajura swears to protect his Kingdom and faces Bashra’s Eldrazis. Ajura realizes that he has the spark of the Planeswalkers and becomes Gideon Jura.
Summary (Set 1)
The Plane of Zendikar is ruled by a strong, white kingdom. The king, a sweet-tempered but naive ruler grants everbody the freedom to chose wether they want to live under his rule or not. There are a few that deny the ways of the kingdom and join the Barbarian tribes in the Mountains of Zendikar. The seas are controlled by an ancient beeing. Sedlon, ruler of the Drakes keeps good relations with the kingdom and offers to help every time the King seeks him. The vast forest of Zendikar are controlled by powerful elemantal beings, who are considered to be gods by many followers of the kindgom. They have great respect for the elementals that inherite the forests and offer them goods and sacrifices. The Swamps of Zendikar, however are controlled by a tyrann called Sakira. He lives deep in the cursed regions of Zendikar and convokes all kinds of outlaws and renegades. As the bandits attacks on the kingdom grew more intense, the king sends out his envoys to seek for a Warlord that is able to defeat the never ending assault of Bandits on the borders of his kingdom. Near the Borders of the Swamps the royal ambassadors find a young Warlord named Dechoan. Despite the fact of a small army Dechoan controlls, he is able to withstand the persistant attacks of the bandits. The King offers Dechoan the position of the first Warlord in his kingdom and Dechoan accepts.
Over the years, Dechoan becomes more and more powerful. The King listens to every single of his commands and Dechoan becomes the true ruler of the kingdom. As the king is getting older, Bashra, an ancient and powerful Planeswalker realizes her chance to start an invasion and persuades Dechoan trough on of her familiars to attack Sakira. Dechoan, who has always trusted the wisdom of his familiars sees an opportunity to free Zendikar from the tyrann Sakira and starts to gather troops for an attack. He seeks out Sedlon, to ask for guidance. Sedlon confirms his loyalty to the kingdom and grants Dechoan all his knowledge about the cursed regions of Zendikar.
[[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
Meanwhile, Blugor, Shaman of the Barbarian tribe has a vision of a cruel war that will wash out the Plane and warns his daughter Krana to not interfer with the ongoing war. Krana however won’t listen to her father and starts to gather an army troughout the different barbarian tribes on Zendikar. Blugor can’t stand the certanty of his daughters gruesome faith and decides to leave his tribe. Krana is aware of the true power of Dechoan and is afraid that he will force her people to return to the kindgom. Waiting for Dechoans troops to attack, Krana seeks out the elemental beings in the forest of Zendikar to ask for their support. Being an elemental herself, she is granted to enter the forest and meats with Jill, ruler of the forests of Zendikar. Jill however denies to join Krana and sends her back to her tribe.
[[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
Knowing the location of Sakira secret hideaway, Dechoan and his troops travel deep into the swamps of Zendikar. On his journey Dechoan is indoctrinated by his familiars. They show him the terrifying nature of Sakira and Dechoan swears to destroy every single of Sakiras followers. As he enters the black stronghold, Dechoan orders his troops to block all exists and kill anyone who attempts to flee. As they infiltrate the stronghold, Dechoan and his troops realize that the fortress is mainly inhabited by women and children but Dechoan shows no mercy and kills them all. Sakira tries to interact but is slain by Dechoan. But Sakira is not dying. He becomes trapped in the Orcus and starts his journey through the twilight, where he becomes aware of his true destiny.
[[Image:|Gallery Photo]][[Image:|Gallery Photo]][[Image:|Gallery Photo]]
END OF THE FIRST BOOK. To be continued.
Ps.: Pardon my bad english.