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This is a space for information on the varied lore, characters and stories of the world of Corinth, and the varied paths that lie within. Please note that this campaign setting is still very much a work in progress, so while there is not much to look at yet, more information will be coming soon.
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The World of Corinth

Corinth is an old world, having seen millennia of life. No one is completely sure how the world was created, but the generally accepted theory is that great, elemental beings called Primordials gave shape to the world out of the stuff of the Elemental Chaos. They then supposedly created the titans, giants and genasi to rule over the other various animals that started to inhabit the planet.
At some indeterminate point in this pre-history (which is often debated amongst scholars) it's said that the gods discovered Corinth while the Primordials were absent. Seeing a world in disarray, the deities set to creating their own peoples. Dwarves, elves, eladrin, dragonborn, humans and others all sprang up in the world. Shortly thereafter, the Primordials returned and were not pleased to see others tampering with their creation. A great war followed, which saw several gods and primordials slain. This war gave birth to the gods Bahamut and Tiamat, as well as the race known as the dragonborn. After the great elementals were all imprisoned, killed or beaten off, the gods left the world for their astral domains, watching from afar for more incursions by the primordials.
Or so the legends go. In truth, this is all conjecture agreed upon long ago by scholars of several different races. Inquiries posed to the deities about the war between them and the primordials (called the "Dawn War") are answered with cryptic riddles, if at all. The same is true of questions asked about the origins of the races. No one has a solid theory as to why the gods would not deign to share that knowledge, though a few suspect that there is something else that happened back during those ages that none of the gods wish to speak of. These theories range drastically and no one has agreed to any that have been put forth. Whatever it is, one thing is absolutely clear: the gods themselves are hiding something.

Recent History

Wars, plagues and whispered-about disasters have torn much of the varied countries, kingdoms and empires that dot Corinth apart. The death of the surface empires was nearly five hundred years ago. These were largely human cities and capitols. The dwarven kingdoms fell two centuries later to in-fighting and swarms of monsters from the Underdark. Accurate maps of the world are thus rare. As the years without a cohesive governing body between cities piled up, their collective views of the outside world got smaller and smaller. Now, most townsfolk on the surface of Corinth know only their own homes and maybe a few other towns within a radius of ten, perhaps twenty miles. Old roads and highways lay unused and unsafe. The world is blanketed in a darkness of ignorance. A few large cities still survive as self-sustaining city-states. These, however, are few and far between. For the most part, cities and towns on Corinth are small and alone against the threat of bandits, monsters and whatever else might lurk beyond their walls.