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Deities and Demigods

Many of Corinth's deities are much the same as they are presented in the Player's Handbook. All deities there are available to a player to choose as their patron deity, should they choose to have one. However, Corinth is home to several demigods as well. These individuals were for the most part mortal servitors of a given deity that displayed a great devotion to their patron. In some rare cases, a god may have been so taken with a mortal they granted them divinity on their impressive skills and prowess alone, piety or no. Presented below is an alphabetical listing of the demigods of Corinth, as well as the deity they serve.

Altair Vorsenti, The Raven's Shadow, demigod in service to the Raven Queen

Altair Vorsenti, or more commonly simply Vorsenti is commonly called the "Patron Saint of Assassins." Oft-times this is said in jest, though it remains a true statement (albeit that calling him a "saint" is a bit of a stretch). He is sometimes at odds with the Raven Queen as the demigod urges his worshipers to defy what fate has planned for them. His way is his own and he expects his followers to carve their own paths as well. Despite this, he remains on good terms (usually) with the Mistress of Fate. He is her staunch ally, most especially against Orcus. Vorsenti is very quiet and is also a Revenant, though that is not something any scholar could tell you (see the Revenant racial entry for why). He has taken it upon himself to be the de facto patron of otherwise godless revenants, should they wish it. He also opposes Zehir.

Dal'ket, demigod in service to Bane

Dal'ket was a brilliant dragonborn general in life. He led the Arkhosian empire to several glorious victories in his time. A blackguard in service to Bane, he never shied from the battlefield. As is befitting one of his lifestyle, he met his end on the battlefield, surrounded on all sides by his enemies. Yet, rather than see him die there, Bane rose Dal'ket up as he rarely does, to serve him as his personal general. He now wages war on Gruumsh in the Astral Sea, at the head of Bane's armies.

Zaertoriix, demigod in service to Bahamut

A silver dragon sworn to Bahamut's service, Zaertoriix has the fiery temper of a dragon at best half his own age. He is always eager to fight and prove his valiance in battle. he steadfastly opposes Orcus for his tampering with the undead and his quest to usurp the Raven Queen's title. As such, he has found the Raven Queen to be an uneasy ally of his at times, as well as Vorsenti, though neither of the demigods seems to know how to react to one another. The silver dragon also urges his followers to fight against Zehir as well as Vecna. Centuries ago, Zaertoriix was also the sponsor of an order of warriors called the Order of the Silver Chalice. They were made up primarily of clerics, paladins and invokers, but took all sorts. They waged many battles against the evil forces at work in Corinth, but have been inactive or disbanded for more than three hundred years.

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