by jazzdwarf, Apr 22,2010


These character backgrounds are unique to the setting of Corinth and can tie a character more closely to the setting. They are unique in that none of them are associated with a particular language or skill. These backgrounds are available in addition to others found in various printed sources. They are always considered an "active" background but do not count towards the number of backgrounds a character may receive skill bonuses or bonus languages from.

Scion of Prophecy

Before the empire fell, it was foretold that a child would be born that would come to shake the world and rebuild the empire in his own image. According to the signs of your birth, you very well could be that child. How you decide to rebuild the empire then, and even if you will do so is up to you.

Whispers in the Dark

Since just before your coming of age, you have at times heard a voice instructing you to do things. These are at times beneficial to you and your friends, at times only beneficial to you and other times extremely dangerous to yourself and potentially others. You do not know to whom the voice belongs or what it ultimately wishes to achieve. You do know that to disobey means facing unpleasant consequences.

The Destroyer

Since birth you have born a prominent mark upon your body. Someone, perhaps a wandering sage or a fortune teller, even your tribe's shaman named you, "Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds" upon seeing the mark. According to various legends, you are Zin'rokh born again, destined to bring the world to a cataclysmic end.

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