by dieffenbachj, Feb 14,2010
While the errata forums provide some means for the community to relay improvements Wizards employees, these scattered notes at worst get ignored or forgotten, or at best get put on the Wizards backlog and get fixed after a few months. This page aims to assist and unify this process.
This page provides a means for the community to create their own community errata sheet right on the Wizards website. It is formatted similarly to Wizards's own errata, and mostly deals with broken gameplay balance or typographical issues. Please do not enter things that are mere Dungeon Master preference, like increasing skill check DCs by 5 or editing the monster experience tables.
If you have a reasonable-sounding alternate solution, place it directly beneath the proper header in bullet-point form. For an example, see the astral seal power under Divine Power.
Disclaimer: Please refrain from removing other people's errata ideas. You may modify them if you think they are ill-formatted, or provide your own suggestions, turning that errata area into a bullet-point list. Use the discussion page if you wish to debate the merits of completely removing the errata.
All items in this list are assumed to be potentially wrong: it's unnecessary to post something to the effect of "This item does not need errata, it is fine."

Eberron Campaign Guide

Jorasco Field Medic

Page 217: Add "Saving Throws +5 against fear effects." All halflings gain this saving throw bonus as a racial benefit.

Divine Power

Astral Seal

  • Page 31: Replace the "Hit" line with the following: "One ally you can see gains a +2 power bonus to his or her next attack roll against the target until the end of your next turn, and on a hit which deals damage that ally regains hit points equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier." Astral seal was too powerful, granting a -2 penalty to defenses rather than the normal '+2 to a single attack roll from a single character' and the fact that the healing went to whoever hit the target first (even if it wasn't the intended healing recipient) meant that it both wasn't as useful for healing specific targets and too useful at keeping the entire party fully healed.
  • Page 31: On the "Attack" line, replace "Wisdom + 2 vs. Reflex" with "Wisdom vs. Reflex". As an alternative to the above, the strong desirability of astral seal can be reduced by making it harder to hit, coming closer to balancing it with other at-wills.

Dragon 373

Precision Ambush Style

Page 19: In the "Prerequisite" line, add the following prerequisite: "disheartening strike, footwork lure, opening shove, or twin strike powers". This is to restrict this feat's appearance in the Character Builder to only situations when the feat would be applicable.