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4E Character Optimization Guides
This section is dedicated to easily referencing the general guides and build discussions for whatever type of character you want to play. Use the menu links above to select your archetype, then find your main class and secondary class, if any, and enjoy some of the best guides and builds that the Character Optimization Board has to offer!
(Special thanks to the creator of The_Collective for the original thread this wiki page is based on!)
  • Defenders - Battlemind, Fighter, Paladin, Swordmage, and Warden
  • Leaders - Ardent, Artificer, Bard, Cleric, Runepriest, Shaman, Warlord
  • Strikers - Assassin, Avenger, Barbarian, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock
  • Controllers - Druid, Invoker, Psion, Seeker, Wizard
  • Races - Want to pick your race first? Check out these guides to being the best you can be!
  • Essentials - A listing of handbooks covering the Essentials-style classes, including the Heroes of Shadow book.

Build Collections


  • A brief guide to making builds copy-pasted from the Character Builder look good on the wiki.
  • To all handbook builders: [[Dnd:CharOp/Adding_Guide_Links|Adding Guide Links]] to your handbook.
  • Discussion Forums