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Skills: Latent Talents
Class Skills:
  • Arcana – You'll probably want to train this, especially if there's no other ritual caster in the group.
  • Bluff – Nice for skill challenges, but probably has limited combat use for you.
  • Diplomacy – Pretty DM dependent, outside of skill challenges it may be good for haggling.
  • Dungeoneering – You're taking this for monster knowledge, not so you can forage in underground environments.
  • History – Based off int, but lacks good uses.
  • Insight – Good skill based with some decent uses and based off a secondary stat.
  • Intimidate – Can be handy, especially for a telepath or shaper.
  • Perception – Arguably the best skill in the game. Every psion should consider training.

Non-Class Skills:
  • Acrobatics – You're not an athlete.
  • Athletics – You're not very nimble.
  • Endurance – You specialize in feats of the mind, not body.
  • Heal – A decent pick if you're a telekinetic and there's no healer. Retrain at higher levels though.
  • Nature – Might be decent if you're a telekinetic.
  • Religion – A good pick if you don't have a cleric in your party.
  • Stealth – Purple instead of red because you might want to pick this up if you're a gnome.
  • Streetwise – Could save you the money you'd have spent consulting a seer or using the seek rumor ritual.
  • Thievery – Just grab a knock ritual or a rogue.