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Paragon Tier Powers: Journeyman Disciplines
Level 13, At-Will:
  • Brilliant Thought (PSP) – The only real reason to take this discipline is if you want to do radiant damage or are making a blaster build with some nova capability. The concealment granted is strictly worse than the -2 to attack rolls that mind wipe provides (even without psychic lock). The augment 1 option upgrades the concealment, making it non-conditional. However, that's still strictly worse than an unaugmented mind wipe. The augment 4 option changes it to an area attack which can blind targets, but only if you hit with both attacks. Making two attacks would be pretty sweet if you were a striker, but as a controller the augment 4 option is not enough to save this otherwise lackluster discipline.
  • Concussion Burst (PHB3) – Your first at-will area attack discipline that can prone targets unaugmented. Nice, but unfortunately the unaugmented version only does intelligence modifier force damage. The augment 1 option is a bit wonky, proning the creature again if it's hit by an attack against fortitude before the start of your next turn. I have a hard time seeing this come into effect very often. The augment 4 option simply increases the force damage, which isn't overly exciting.
  • Dual Hallucination (PHB3) (CHA) – This discipline combines distract with some psychic damage and can target two creatures up to 20 squares away. The augment 1 option adds a penalty to reflex defesne equal to your charisma modifier. This can be helpful for setting up a second power. The augment 4 option does increased damage and also dazes. Yet another discipline that works well with the psychic lock feat.
  • Inexplicable Attraction (PSP) (WIS) – The unaugmented version of this discipline is a single target attack that does psychic damage and slides the target 3 squares adjacent to any creature. The augment 1 option allows you to target an additional adjacent creature. The augment 4 option allows you to target two creatures, increases the psychic damage and offers some soft control. It's worth noting that this discipline is unique in that the augment 4 option has a wisdom rider, but it does psychic damage. A good strategical use of this power is to slide one or more creatures adjacent to your group's defender.
  • Kinetic Wave (PSP) (WIS) – Comparable to the wizard's thunderwave, but not quite as good since the unaugmented version doesn't scale with your wisdom modifier. The augment 1 option adds an effect which creates a zone of difficult terrain. Not bad, but it's not going to prevent an enemy for re-engaging you the round after you use it. The augment 4 option increases the size of the blast, the force damage done and adds your wisdom modifer in damage to creatures that end their turn in the difficult terrain zone. None of the augmentations make this discipline party friendly, making it somewhat tricky to use effectively.
  • Mind Wipe (PHB3) (CHA) – The unaugmented version is exactly like dishearten, except it does slightly more damage. The augment 1 option applies a penalty to the enemy's next attack that isn't a basic attack equal to your charisma modifier. Situational, but against the right enemy, it can be a serious debuff. The augment 4 option, while, again, doing more damage than the augment 2 option of dishearten actually has a worse effect and for double the cost. Still a sky blue pick, but dishearten is better overall.
  • Thunder Tether (PHB3) (WIS) – The unaugmented version is an area attack that can target up to two creatures in the burst and does thunder damage. It also offers a form of soft control, punishing creatures you hit for moving on their turn. The augment 1 option is the reason you'll want this discipline. It increases the effect to hard control in the form of a zone that prevents targets you've hit from leaving the zone on their next turn (even via teleport). This is an awesome ability to use on creatures without any ranged ability before they have a chance to engage in melee, providing excellent action denial. The augment 4 option, while doing increased thunder damage, unfortunately reduces the effect back down to soft control. However, the augment 4 option does remove the "moves on its next turn" restriction, so you can combo this up with forced movement to trigger the additional damage. This discipline becomes even better with the mark of storm feat. Rarely will a discipline get a sky blue rating based on only one of the augments, but this discipline fits the bill.
  • Void Shard (PSP) – After the September 2011 update, this discipline is now simply an upgraded static mote, making it an obvious retraining candidate. Creatures that start their turn adjacent to the shard are slowed for a turn and the close burst 3 attack that goes off at the start of your next turn does force damage a knocks targets prone. The augment 1 option adds an attack that pulls targets when the shard is first conjured making it great for slowing more creatures on their turn or following it up with an action point attack once they're all grouped together. The augment 4 option does not knock targets prone, but does increased force damage, dazes and slows targets until the end of your next turn. Like static mote, this discipline is an especially great option for a surprise round since creatures won't have a chance to get away from it before it goes off. Finally, a brooch of shielding and the nusemnee's atonement feat can help mitigate the party-unfriendly nature of this discipline.

Level 15, Daily:
  • Crushing Bludgeon (PHB3) – Slow from a level 15 daily discipline is pretty crappy, even if it does do nice damage. Oh, and it's also another one of those weird disciplines that targets AC.
  • Dominate (PHB3) – This daily is a single target discipline that dominates with an ongoing psychic damage aftereffect. Domination is the best condition to impose on enemies. The dominating mind feat will give a little more duration out of the effect, but it doesn't synergize very well with the psychic lock feat.
  • Forced Serenity (PSP) – A big area burst that does psychic damage and targets only enemies. The damage is pretty pathetic, but it does offer some soft control since the effect causes additional psychic damage when the enemy hits with an attack. The best use of this discipline would be to use it in conjunction with the aberrant mark of madness feat at the beginning of battle, catching the maximum number of enemies in the burst.
  • Imprison (PHB3) (WIS) – An area attack discipline that slides and immobilizes would be pretty nice if it weren't for the living barrage discipline also available at this level. It does target reflex, which is generally easier to hit and the initial slide is greater, but it's not party-friendly and the miss effect is significantly worse. Like living barrage it does work well with the targeting force feat.
  • Living Barrage (PSP) – A better version of living missile, this discipline is the perfect upgrade. Immobilization, sliding and knocking prone all wrapped up in a nice little area attack that targets enemies only. What more could you ask for?
  • Psychofeedback (PHB3) – Damage and dazing of two creatures. A lot like the augment 4 option of dual hallucination. Not all that exciting, but does work with the dominating mind feat. The temporary hit points are fairly negligible. An interesting discipline since it targets fortitude, but has the psychic keyword.
  • Summon Thought Warrior (PSP) – The first summoning daily discipline that can act as a pseudo-defender. It comes with a nice +4 untyped bonus to AC and a +2 untyped bonus to reflex. Its standard action attack does psychic damage and both slows and marks the target. It has the normal opportunity action attack that does psychic damage. But, it also has an immediate interrupt action attack that deals psychic damage and allows the thought warrior to shift which triggers if the marked enemy moves or shifts. If the enemy is shifting (or moving) into a square that you can instead shift into, you can possibly waste their move action (or at least one square of their movement). All the attacks target AC, but come with a +2 untyped bonus to make up for the fact that it's an implement power. The augment 1 option grants an additional +2 power bonus to opportunity attacks and adds a save ends to the marked condition of the standard action attack, which is well worth the augmentation cost.
  • Thought of Unmaking (PSP) – This discipline does ongoing untyped damage which increases if the target is bloodied. Since conditions last, on average, fewer than two rounds, the damage is hardly impressive. There is an aftereffect which dazes the target, but only for a round.

Level 16, Utility:
  • Dream Traveler (PSP) – Gain insubstantial, phasing and a +5 power bonus to stealth. The downside is that you're weakened. This discipline works well in conjunction with disciplines like betrayal and forced opportunity or for shapers who rely on summoned creatures to do their damage.
  • Freedom of Movement (PHB3) (WIS) – Reposition your allies and end conditions that restrict their movement. A great effect, but the fact that this discipline is a daily instead of an encounter keeps it from rating higher.
  • Kinetic Grasp (PSP) – Negating forced movement once an encounter can be pretty handy. Unfortunately, you can't use it on yourself and it's a ranged discipline instead of a close burst which could possibly provoke an opportunity attack.
  • Mind Blank (PSP) – Invisibility is great protection against ranged and melee attacks, especially invisibility that doesn't end when you attack. It also gives you and allies an offensive boost in the form of combat advantage. Just be wary of area and close attacks.
  • Precognitive Step (PHB3) – Reminds me of the bard's level 6 utility glimpse of the future. Having a d20 roll in your pocket for use anytime you want is awesome. Too bad it's a daily.
  • Psychic Chirurgery (PHB3) – Delay the inevitable, not overly exciting. But, there are certainly times when delaying an effect a round can be pretty helpful. I'd really like to rate it black since it's an encounter, but a range of melee touch keeps it purple.
  • Subjective Reality (PSP) – Ignoring terrain and cover, while great at times, is pretty situational. Plus, it only lasts a couple of turns.
  • Telekinetic Boost (PHB3) – An interesting discipline, but the power's range and that fact that you can't use it on yourself really limits its utility. There may be some neat trick besides creating an elevator for your friends that I'm missing.

Skill Powers:
  • Elemental Countermeasures (PHB3) (Arcana) – Damage reduction of five different damage types equal to half your arcana check once an encounter. With a decent arcana check that's some serious damage avoidance.
  • Indomitable Ally (PHB3) (Diplomacy) – An awesome little ability that keeps your allies on your feet. Nice because as soon as your allies go down, your enemies are coming after you next. It does require you to be a bit closer to the battle to use effectively though.
  • Insightful Riposte (PHB3) (Insight) – A great accuracy booster, available every encounter.

Leve 17, At-Will:
  • Cerulean Cage (PSP) (WIS) – This soft control discipline is strictly worse than the hard control available from thunder tether, unless for some reason you want to do force damage instead of thunder.
  • Crystalline Bonds (PHB3) (WIS) – A close blast that immobilizes but does no damage. The augment 1 option only adds your wisdom modifier damage but, the augment 4 option adds some respectable damage. Immobilization is great, however, as a close blast and with two of the augments doing little to no damage, it loses a lot of its appeal.
  • Forced Opportunity (PHB3) (CHA) – This discipline suffers from the double roll issue, but has the potential to do some good damage. Dependence on an ally with a good melee basic attack makes this discipline party dependent. Since it's an opportunity attack though, it becomes better if that ally is a fighter with a high wisdom.
  • Manifested Horror (PSP) – Another discipline that offers mostly soft control. Taking damage equal to your intelligence modifier just isn't enough of a disincentive to prevent an enemy from engaging you. The additional ally of the augment 1 option is only slightly better. The augment 4 option does offer some hard control, making it impossible for an enemy to keep you engaged in melee.
  • Psychic Brand (PHB3) (CHA) – Another discipline that can be used unaugmented as a ranged basic attack. This one has a range of 20, making it useful even if you are far removed from the battle. The unaugmented version is an upgrade from mind thrust, revealing creatures with concealment or total concealment (e.g. invisibility). The augment 1 option of mind thrust is more powerful, but psychic brand's is arguably better for the group overall. The augment 4 option is similar and noticeably better than the augment 2 option of mind break, but it does cost twice as much.
  • Shield Crack (PHB3) (WIS) – Finally wisdom-based psions get a power that outshines the charisma-based option at a level. The unaugmented version is an area attack that does lightning damage and gives a -2 penalty to AC. The augment 1 option allows the area to target enemies only. The augment 4 option increases the lightning damage and is a serious debuff to AC and reflex. If you have the mark of storm feat you'll even add some control to this power.
  • Telekinetic Haze (PSP) – A close burst 1 attack that does untyped damage and only offers concealment is pretty much a trap for a psion, even if it does only target enemies. The augment 1 option does add some control, but only the equivalent of an unaugmented force punch. The augment 4 option offers some decent untyped damage more defense, but is only really useful if you get swarmed. By this level you should have better options without having to sacrifice versatility.
  • Thought Guardian (PSP) (CHA) – If you took memory hole and plan on taking psionic veil then this discipline is for you. The unaugmented version is an area burst that does psychic damage and imposes a hefty -4 penalty (-6 with the psychic lock feat) to attack you. The augment 1 option offers even more disincentive to attack you by doing automatic psychic damage if they try to attack you. The augment 4 option tosses in a bit of control by adding a thought guardian conjuration that can do psychic damage and daze enemies that attack you or move away from the guardian.

Level 19, Daily:
  • Cerebral Phantasm (PSP) (WIS) – This daily discipline is largely unimpressive. It's a single target ranged attack that does psychic damage. The effect is nice, not because of the damage, but the big slide it gives you. But, it eats up your immediate actions. This discipline works best if your place in initiative is directly after the enemy you hit with it.
  • Crisis of Breath (PHB3) – A reliable ranged discipline that essentially does pure untyped damage. If you have something that keys off of targets doing ongoing damage you might be interested, otherwise pass.
  • Flowing Terrain (PSP) – This daily discipline is a large close blast that targets only enemies, does untyped damage, knocks enemies prone and restrains them. It's excellent for causing action denial or at least a -4 to attack rolls. On a miss you can even push the enemy outside the blast area. This is one of those disciplines that works really well with either the shaped consciousness or dream form disciplines so you can use it from afar.
  • Force Cube (PSP) – With this discipline you can conjure a cube of force which is good for trapping an enemy that likes to teleport or has phasing. Assuming they don't destroy the cube immediately, you can use it (and the creature inside) to attack the following round (or the same round with an action point) doing force damage and knocking enemies adjacent to the cube prone. Best case scenario, the enemy trapped wastes a round and does 40-49 damage to the cube. Then on the following round you can destroy the cube, making it explode and do additional damage. Too bad the duration isn't longer.
  • Psychic Crush (PHB3) – Mediocre psychic damage in an area burst that only targets enemies. But, how many of them are going to be bloodied so you can daze them? If you can get at least three creatures in the area and two are bloodied, great. Otherwise, psychofeedback is better.
  • Psychic Leech (PHB3) (CHA) – This power can hand you some serious temporary hit points, but doesn't work really well with the psychic lock feat. Regaining a power point even on a miss is nice though.
  • Shred Reality (PHB3) – A huge area attack discipline that does force damage and allows you to teleport targets. The teleportation is awesome for clumping enemies together which sets up an action point area attack follow up discipline. The secondary effect allows you to remove a creature from play for a round. Very strong effect.
  • Summon Mind Weirds (PSP) – An improved version of the summon phantasmal killer discipline. If you took that discipline, you'll most certainly want to upgrade to this. This power summons 3 mind weirds, which you can use to attack 3 different targets. What's great is that you don't lose a healing surge until all three mind weirds drop to 0 hit points. The augment 1 option of this discipline gives you and the mind weirds some serious mobility and is well worth the 1 power point cost.