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Racial Paragon Paths: Species Evolution
Adroit Explorer (PHB2) – The human racial paragon path. The ambitious effort feature and bloodied greatness power don't work for a straight psion since you don't get encounter attack powers. However, if you're a hybrid character, this becomes a good paragon path.

Path Features:
  • Ambitious Effort (11th level) – This feature will not work for a straight psion. For a hybrid character though, this can be pretty good depending on the encounter power you're able to pickup.
  • Bloody Determination (11th level) – A +5 bonus to your next attack roll is awesome. The restrictions on the feature are the only things keeping it from being sky blue.
  • Heroic Action (11th level) – Gaining resistance when spending an action point is great.
  • Champion of Humanity (16th level) – Action points for the first three encounters is what makes this paragon path great. The only downside is that the stubborn survivor feat loses some of its appeal.
  • Destined for Greatness (12th level) – Absolutely awesome effect. The name of the power says it all.
  • Bloodied Greatness (20th level) – Straight psion characters won't get any use out of this daily power. However, if you're a hybrid character, it's good power, although it won't be as versatile as if you were a non-psionic class.

Astral Incarnate (PHB2) – The deva racial paragon path. This may be a good choice for telekinetics. Astral Incarnate's resurgent action has the same issue as Adroit Explorer's ambitious effort since there are no psion encounter powers.

Chameleon (EPG) – The changeling racial paragon path. If you ever felt envious of your party member's powers, this paragon path is for you. Basically you can co-opt their powers and use them as your own. Highly party dependent and will actually hurt your party's overall versatility, but not a bad pick for rounding out a 5 person group.

Crystalmind (D387) – This shardmind racial paragon path has a mix of good, bad and average features for a psion. telekinetics will probably get more use out of the path as it currently stands. However, it seems more suited to telepaths from a flavor perspective.

Path Features:
  • Psychic Network (11th level) – Training in a couple of skills is pretty solid. Nature and Religion are probably your best picks since they aren't class skills.
  • Shard Swarm Reflex (11th level) – Using your shard swarm for free when you use an action point is a great ability. Almost as good as the constant swarm feature of the shard disciple paragon path. There's several racial feats that improve your shard swarm power which can make this feature even better.
  • Psychic Channel (16th level) – A horrible feature for a shardmind psion. You may not even have a 1st-level at-will attack power, and if you do, it most likely already does psychic damage. Right now, this feature is pretty worthless.
  • Saw It Coming (11th level) – At best, this power could be used to negate a melee attack. However, that's the best case scenario. There will be several encounters where you never get flanked. You'll most likely need an at-will power that can be used as a basic attack to make any use of this power (e.g. mind thrust. This power becomes better if you have the long step feat.
  • (12th level) – The only teleport power that you're guaranteed to have is shard swarm and you're going to want to attack immediately after using it in order to get the most out of the combat advantage that it grants. That would, of course, negate the invisibility. This power becomes better if you have a more reliable way of teleporting (e.g. boots of teleportation).
  • Perfect Knowledge (20th level) – This power is pure damage and no control. It's strength lies in the ability to enable a party nova round. In order to get the most of it you'll need one or more multi-attacking party members.

Fey Beguiler (PHB2) – The gnome racial paragon path. The features and powers fit well with a telepath who focuses on invisibility and stealth.

Path Features:
  • Disappearing Trick (11th level) – Using an action point to gain invisibility for two rounds isn't bad.
  • Skill Learning (11th level) – Essentially skill training only restricted to wizard or rogue class skills. Solid.
  • Clever Versatility (12th level) – There's some great utility power choices from either the rogue (e.g. chameleon) or wizard (fire shield), especially if you haven't multiclassed yet.
  • Sneaky Gnome (16th level) – Rolling twice for stealth checks is great. Helps make up for the fact that you won't be pumping dexterity.
  • Bedazzling Orb (11th level) – Daze is a nice effect and the invisibility allows you to retreat out of melee before you attack.
  • Beguiling Bolt (20th level) – Nice damage and inflicts a good status condition. The real nice part of this power is the effect of getting back your fade away racial power. Psychic keyword mean it'll work in conjunction with the psychic lock lock feat too.

Gatekeeper (D387) – A shardmind racial paragon path. The control features and powers of this paragon path are pretty amazing. Unfortunately, you'll need to get into melee in order to get the most out of them. Since currently the only melee psion discipline is force punch, this paragon path is less than ideal for a psion. I expect this paragon path to get better as more melee disciplines become available.

Path Features:
  • Dangerous Threshold (11th level) – This feature has some great synergy with the force punch discipline. Unfortunately, force punch is not good enough to want to keep your entire career.
  • Gatekeeper's Action (11th level) – This is a nice feature that'll help keep enemies off of you. However, it's really designed for melee types who are in the thick of things.
  • Gate Ward (16th level) – Getting a second use of chosen threshold is handy since it's a strong controller power. Additionally any enemies within or adjacent to the wall grant combat advantage.
  • You Shall Not Pass (11th level) – There's some synergy with the dangerous threshold feature and immobilization is a great condition. However, the pull effect combined with the trigger puts a big damper on this power. You'll need the stars to align to make the most of this power.
  • Chosen Threshold (12th level) – If only enemies were immobilized for starting their turn in the wall, this power would be awesome. As is, it still does have its uses though. You can use it to block off an entrance, preventing enemies from getting in or you can use it to block off an exit, preventing enemies from escaping. You can also use it to escape yourself, covering your exit. A 4 square wall is pretty small, but for an encounter power it isn't bad.
  • Gate to Nowhere (20th level) – Removing a target from play as an effect is awesome. The trigger is a little annoying since you'll need an ally to have some sort of forced movement ability to make the most of the power. You don't generally want to use it on the enemy's turn since they can save immediately at the end of their turn.

Infernal Eye (PHRT) – A solid controller path with a splash of leader mixed in. The highlight of the path is the infernal visions feature which is great when using single target daily powers.

Path Features:
  • Infernal Visions (11th level) – Quite possibly the best action point feature ever. This feature is great for making sure you don't waste a daily power (or an action point) with a missed attack roll. Great for powers like dominate.
  • Mantic Eye (11th level) – This feature will probably end up being a pretty decent boost to your insight and perception skills.
  • Paragon Power Points (11th level) – Gain two additional power points. The standard for psionic paragon paths so you can augment your 11th level encounter attack power without penalty. Since this is a racial and psionic paragon path, it makes sense.
  • Shared Prescience (16th level) – Untyped bonuses to initiative are always nice. This one also extends to your allies.
  • Vision of Death (11th level) – Not bad for an out of turn attack. Combos well with the psychic lock feat. The augment 2 option adds a nice effect that, at the very least, will increase your attack accuracy for a round.
  • Prescient Thought (12th level) – Great for making sure that your allies hit with the daily powers.
  • Hellfire Gaze (20th level) – Automatic fire and psychic damage combined with a debuff is pretty good. The downside is that you have to keep the enemy with 5 squares of you. This power becomes better with the psychic corruption of malbolge feat.

Rrathmal (PHB3) – The githzerai racial paragon path. Probably more suited to the monk class, but it may work for a telekinetics who wants to keep force punch their entire career.

Shard Disciple (PHB3) – A great paragon path for either shardmind telekinetics or shardmind telepaths. You'll want to take feats like liberating shard swarm and rejuvenating shard swarm to get the most out of this path.

Path Features:
  • Perfect Shard Swarm (11th level) – An increased area for your shard swarm effect combined with a greater distance of your teleport. Perfect for setting up an area or close attack on a group of enemies that have surrounded you.
  • Swarm Action (11th level) – Take half damage from melee and ranged attacks for a round when you spend your action point. Solid defensive feature, but not quite as good as the Uncarnate's flicker into nothing feature.
  • Paragon Power Points (11th level) – Gain two additional power points. The standard for psionic paragon paths so you can augment your 11th level encounter attack power without penalty. However, since this is a racial paragon path, it's a nice added perk.
  • Constant Swarm (16th level) – Use your shard swarm racial power one additional time per encounter. Very nice, especially if you've taken feats to improve it. Synergizes very well with the perfect shard swarm feature.
  • Irruption of the Living Gate (11th level) – The best use of this discipline is using it in the opening round of combat to delay enemies from engaging. The augment 2 option increases the area, but the teleport option isn't all that useful since you probably won't want to teleport into an area with a lot of enemies.
  • Recrystallize (12th level) – This is a great ability that allows you to not only heal yourself up, but to get out of danger as well.
  • Shard Storm (20th level) – A big close burst discipline that targets enemies only. The zone it creates is awesome, giving you some great protection the form of half damage from ranged and melee attacks. In addition it does auto-damage to enemies that end their turn in the zone. To top it all off, you can teleport within the zone as a move action.

Seer of Endings (D387) – A tiefling racial paragon path that requires the gaze of ruin feat. The highlight of the paragon path is the 11th level feature, weakness of the hale. Nothing else is overly exciting though and if you don't intend to keep a mind thrust (or some other 1st level at-will power that targets only one creature) your entire career, you won't be getting the full effect of the 11th and 20th level powers.

Spiere Knight (PHB2) – The eladrin racial paragon path. For those who want to teleport even more. Not overly exciting seeing as their 16th level ability is only slightly better than the feywild protection feat which any eladrin can get once they hit paragon. The two do stack though.

Turathi Highborn (PHB2) – The default tiefling racial paragon path. Some nice bonuses to damage. The two attack powers pretty much pale in comparison to what a telepath can already do.