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Paragon Tier Feats: Journeyman Metapsionics
  • Agile Athlete (PHB) – Shores up one of your major weaknesses. You're probably better off spending your feats on increasing your strengths though.
  • Anchoring Push (PSP) – This feat adds even more control to the forceful push power. Unfortunately it doesn't allow for optional slowing of the target, making it less useful when targetting allies.
  • Battle Psion (PSP) – This would be a nice feat for adding damage to your powers if only it wasn't a feat bonus. As is, you're better off taking implement focus since it'll almost always translate into more damage.
  • Body and Mind (PSP) – Untyped bonuses to your defenses are pretty rare. This +1 untyped bonus applies to all your defenses and only requires the fragment conjured by your shaped consciousness power to be within 5 squares of you.
  • Combat Anticipation (PHB) – A nice bonus to what should be most common forms of attack against you.
  • Confusing Distraction (PSP) – This feat seems like it could be mildly useful. However, since distract is a ranged attack, an adjacent target will still get an opportunity attack against you for using it.
  • Corrosive Thoughts (PSP) – Blaster builds may be interested in this feat for piling on damage when targets fail their saving throws against your effects. Others will probably want to pass since the feat strictly increases damage.
  • Critical Reserve (PHB3) – Regain a power point when you critical. Only once an encounter and only when you critical with an unaugmented at-will though. Still, if you specialize in area attacks, this may be worthwhile.
  • Danger Sense (PHB) – If you took improved initiative in heroic, retraining it to this is a solid choice. If you really want to ensure that you go before your enemies, you can take both since they stack. It also stacks with quick draw if you took that instead of improved initiative.
  • Desperate Renewal (PHB3) – If you're bloodied, chances are you'll want the hit points from a second wind. However, if you get some other benefit besides the +2 to all defenses for using second wind (e.g. shifting fortunes), it may be more appealing.
  • Dominating Mind (PHB3) – You'll want to pick this up at some point if you are using a lot of disciplines that daze, dominate or stun and have a save ends condition. This feat will increase you chances of having the condition last more than a round.
  • Empty Vessel (PSP) – A +2 bonus to attack and all defenses is great. However, this only comes into effect the first time you drop to zero power points in the encounter. Characters who like to burn through their power points quickly will see the most benefit from this feat. Other builds may hardly ever see it come into play.
  • Evasion (PHB) – A solid feat since you will probably have a high reflex defense. The dex 15 prerequisite means you probably won't qualify until epic (if at all).
  • Expansive Burst (PHB3) – This seems like it'd be a good feat, however you can usually position your burst attacks so that targets don't have cover in the first place.
  • Eyes in the Back of Your Head (PHB3) – Only really worth it if you find yourself being flanked often.
  • Fleet Footed (PHB) – A decent pick for those races whose speed is only 5 squares (e.g. gnome) so they can be on par with the rest of their allies.
  • Inescapable Force (PHB) – A nice effect, but pretty situational. Only useful for telekinetics. Take if you find yourself fighting a lot of insubstantial creatures, you can always retrain later.
  • Liberating Teleport (PHB3) – Not a bad feat if you have a reliable way to teleport (e.g. boots of teleportation.
  • Opportunistic Withdrawl (PHB3) – This feat combined with the distract discipline can create some great maneuvering opportunities.
  • Opportunity Sidestep (PHB3) – Your opportunity attacks are most likely not very good, and trying to make them such is usually a trap.
  • Overwhelming Critical (PHB3) – Knocking enemies prone on a critical is a great effect and synergizes well if you've chosen a lot of burst or blast attacks.
  • Paragon Defenses (PHB2) – This feat has been replaced by the improved defenses feat which is strictly superior.
  • Power Surge (PSP) – Trading daily attack powers for power points (or what essentially amounts to encounter powers) is almost certainly a trap unless you have some highly situational daily powers.
  • Predictive Defense (PHB3) – It's feats like these that save the day when you're out of daily disciplines and power points. Becomes even better if you have a lot of close attacks.
  • Prescient Dodge (PSP) – A +2 untyped bonus to all defenses until you act in an encounter isn't bad, but spending power points to increase you defenses seems like a trap.
  • Psionic Rush (PSP) – An additional power point every other encounter doesn't seem like it's worth the cost of a feat. However, if you're a human adroit explorer who plans on taking the demiurge epic destiny, this feat becomes much better.
  • Psionic Staff Focus (PSP) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, take staff expertise instead.
  • Psychic Lock (PHB) – A -2 penalty to attack is a great debuff if you specialize in disciplines that do psychic damage. There's no reason not to take this feat as soon as you hit paragon if you're a telepath.
  • Psychic Wail (PSP) – Psions have a plethora of psychic attacks, however since you're not a striker you won't be seeing this feat's benefit as often as you might like. Blast builds that do psychic damage may be interested though.
  • Puppeteer (PSP) – Only your daily psion attack powers are likely to force your enemy to roll saving throws so you're not likely to get a ton of use out of this feat. It's stock increases however if you've selected daily disciplines like summon phantasmal killer and summon mind weirds.
  • Quick Recovery (PHB2) – You're better off taking durable, although the two do stack.
  • Repel Charge (PHB3) – This feat is pretty much a trap for you. Not only is being charged highly situational, but your opportunity attacks aren't going to be that great.
  • Reserve Maneuver (PHB2) – The best use of this feat is to replace a bad paragon path encounter attack power with a good class attack power. However, since psions don't have any encounter attack powers, this feat is currently useless.
  • Roll with It (PHB3) – Having some sort of recourse for being moved against your will is nice, however if you become immobilized at the end of the forced movement, this feat is worthless.
  • Solid Sound (PHB) – A nice boost to the non-AC defense that you need the most when you use a power with the force (or thunder) keyword. Good pick for a telekinetic.
  • Secret Stride (PHB) – This feat is essentially fleeting ghost that anyone who is trained in stealth can take. A solid pick if you're building a character around invisibility and stealth.
  • Targeting Force (PHB3) – A +2 untyped bonus to attack is pretty nice if you've specialized in disciplines that immobilize (e.g. force grasp) or restrain (e.g. claws of force).
  • Threefold Fortitude (PSP) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, consider improved defenses or great fortitude instead.
  • Threefold Reflex (PSP) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, consider improved defenses or superior reflexes instead.
  • Threefold Will (PSP) – If you're thinking about taking this feat, consider improved defenses or superior will instead.
  • Unexpected Escape (PHB) – You're better off taking skill training in either athletics or acrobatics if you're worried about being grabbed.

  • Ascendant Lineage (PHB2) – Make sure you actually get use out of your memory of a thousand lifetimes racial power.
  • Astral Renewal (PHB2) – A bonus to attack when you take radiant or necrotic damage from an enemy. Good bonus, but highly situational.
  • Immortal Resilience (D374) – Requires the immortal skill feat. Allows you to take the average on a below average roll of your memory of a thousand lifetimes racial power. Only usable if you're modifying a saving throw though. Needed for the immortal prowess feat.

  • Fey Death (D373) – Another immediate reaction use of your fey step. This one happens when you reduce an enemy to 0 hit points. Even if you focus on a lot of ongoing damage powers, the chances of this happening and it being useful at the same time are practically nil.
  • Fey Step Trailblazer (D366) – Useful for getting an ally out of a sticky situation (along with yourself).
  • Feywild Protection (PHB) – For psions, fey step will most likely be used in a defensive fashion rather than offensive. This feat is a good boost either way.
  • Reactive Fey Step (D366) – I'm not sure how you negate forced movement as an immediate reaction. Even assuming they meant interrupt, it's still only situational.

  • Stoneguard (FRPG) – Since you're not a front line combatant, this AC bonus should come into play quite often. A good pickup for those genasi manifesting earthsoul.
  • Stormrider (FRPG) – A bonus to speed is nice, but the only fly discipline for psions already allows you to hover. Handy once you get some zephyr boots though.

  • Energy Transference (D378) – This feat is a nice add-on to your racial power. Especially if you get hit with an attack that does ongoing damage. You'll probably want to retrain to iron body at epic levels though.
  • Githzerai Mobility (D378) – A huge untyped bonus to defenses against attacks of opportunity means you don't have to worry about positioning or using area and ranged attack disciplines in melee.
  • Githzerai Planeswalker (PHB3) – This feat really doesn't have any business in an optimization discussion. If it at least halved the cost of those rituals it might be worth looking at.
  • Iron Hands (PHB3) – Only worth taking if you have the force punch discipline.
  • Shared Danger Sense (PHB3) – A solid racial bonus to initiative for your party.
  • Tempered Iron Mind (D378) – This feat doesn't make your racial power all that much more useful, unless you've somehow increased the usefulness of it (e.g. wind's fortunes).
  • Wind's Fortunes (PHB3) – Being able to teleport instead of shifting is great when you've been grabbed.

  • Fade Ally (PHB2) – A neat trick, but chances are that you're going to need the invisibility more than your ally.
  • Surprising Disappearance (PHB2) – A solid pick simply because it punishes enemies for attacking you.

  • Action Recovery (PHB) – Free saves versus each effect on you that a save can end when you spend an action point. I think this feat is better than timely respite but others might disagree.

  • Dual Mind Reserves (D385) – Gaining a power point when you use your second wind is a pretty nice ability, better if you can figure out a way to use your second wind as a minor (or free) action or have the ability to use it more than once an encounter.
  • Quori Backlash (EPG) – A nice damage boost, but it doesn't really synergize that well with dual soul or the bastion of mental clarity racial power. Only telekinetics should consider this feat.

  • Reactive Jaunt (D372) – A good feat for minimizing the chances you'll get ganged up on.

  • Buffeting Shard Swarm (D387) – This feat is great for clumping enemies together so that you can hit them with an area attack.
  • Expanded Fragments (PHB3) – By itself, this feat isn't very good. However, if you have the epic level feat, clarifying presence, this feat becomes much better.
  • Guarded Mind (PHB3) – With this feat your resistance to psychic damage is starting to approach immunity to your own psychic attacks. Helpful when you get caught in your own area attacks.
  • Healing Fragments (PHB3) – For the shardmind telekinetics who wants to dip a little into the leader role. Not that great by itself, but there is some synergy to be had when you combine it with expanded fragments, psionic rejuvenation and the epic level feat, rejuvenating shardswarm.
  • Perfect Fracture (D387) – Using your shard swarm racial power as an immediate reaction when you become bloodied doesn't seem all that useful. Might be a little better if you also have the warding shard swarm feat. Keep in mind though that using shard swarm as an immediate reaction essentially shortens its duration by a round.
  • Psionic Rejuvenation (PHB3) – If you find you're using your second wind often, regaining a power point is a nice benefit.
  • Shard Constrict (D387) – The amount of poison resistance is pretty impressive. However, poison resistance isn't all that common, making this feat pretty situational.

  • Baalzebul's Desperate Gambit (PHRT) – This is a great feat for those that healing surges to burn and like to be in melee. Unfortunately, you are neither. Still a free healing surge when you become bloodied is a nice ability.
  • Bel's Impending Victory (PHRT) – A +1 untyped attack bonus for allies is pretty sweet. It seems like more of a leader type ability though.
  • Blood of Levistus (PHRT) – You probably aren't going to have any cold powers to take advantage of the +3 feat bonus to damage. However, the scaling cold resistance is very nice.
  • Dispater's Iron Discipline (PHRT) – The +2 feat bonus to Will won't stack with either superior will or improved defenses. However, gaining a huge bonus to saving throws to end effects that daze, stun and dominate is pretty awesome.
  • Fiery Rebuke (PHB) – A minor damage boost when you use your infernal wrath racial power.
  • Glasya's Charming Words (PHRT) – The +1 feat bonus to attack rolls with charm powers won't stack with other feat bonuses (e.g. staff expertise). However, dominating when you critical with a charm power is awesome.
  • Hellfire of Mephistopheles (PHRT) – There is currently only one discipline with the fire keyword so this feat is of limited utility. However, it's interesting to note that you don't actually have to hit an enemy with a fire power to reduce their fire resistance with this feat.
  • Mammon's Theft of Health (PHRT) – This feat might be worth it if you've done some optimizing of your second wind. Most should pass on this feat though.
  • Ruin of Flesh (D387) – Giving your intelligence modifer damage vulnerability to the creature that is wearing or wielding the object that you use the gaze of ruin feat power on is a pretty good setup for a party nova round.
  • Secrets of Belial (PHRT) – There's a lot of great utility powers out there that would make this feat worth it. Level 6 is a bit weak as is level 16.

  • Aberrant Sight (PSP) [Foulborn Bloodline] – Darkvision can come in handy. However, it's not nearly as useful as it was in previous editions.
  • Body Fuel (PSP) [Elan Bloodline] – Regaining a power point when you use your second wind is pretty nice, especially if you've already optimized your second wind action (e.g. taken the returning resilience feat).
  • Returning Resilience (PSP) [Elan Bloodline] – Regain the use of your elan resilience power when you use your second wind. Very nice when used in combination with other items (e.g. cloak of the walking wounded) and feats (e.g. body fuel).